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You’ll be surprised how much there
is to discover with Britannica Online
Academic Edition!
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Schools may duplicate as needed.
Britannica is your source for
quality content on the Internet.
• Content written by experts
• Safe environment for Internet
• Structured and organized content
• No advertising or promotions
• Neutral, unbiased
• Reliability for you
and your students
Just an encyclopedia?
Britannica has over 124,000 encyclopedia articles PLUS:
Thousands of illustrations, photos, & maps
Downloadable video & media pieces
Recommended web sites
Current magazine & journal articles
World atlas, dictionary, thesaurus
And many other special features:
New Workspace feature to save your research
World Data for studying and comparing countries
Web 2.0 linking & sharing features
Advanced Search feature
Welcome to Britannica Online Academic Edition.
Includes new research tools and current news headlines.
Searching in Britannica Online is fast and easy.
Explore in-depth articles with authoritative information.
Britannica has automatic citations in MLA and APA formats.
The Quick-Click Dictionary finds definitions instantly.
Choose from thousands of video and media clips.
Britannica’s media includes colorful maps and photos.
Britannica recommended web sites help expand your search.
Britannica includes over 700 current magazine and journals.
Customize your queries with Advanced Search.
Quick access to thousands of Merriam-Webster definitions & synonyms.
Save your research by clicking the SAVE button.
Organize your research with the Workspace feature.
Read about culture, politics, and news from years past.
Atlas features
World Atlas
of continents,
of different
& oceans.
Explore quotations on topics from Achievement to Zeal.
Select classic essays by choosing the subject or writer.
Use World Data Analyst to learn about other countries.
Choose the countries you want to compare and contrast…
…then choose the statistics and format you want.
Create tables and reports comparing various countries.
Generate colorful charts and export them to Excel.
Join the Britannica Dialog
• Britannica Blog features
an open discussion on
current topics and issues.
• Readers can offer input on articles by
clicking “Comments or Suggestions.”
• Try the new linking and sharing
• Online webinars and training help
librarians stay up to date.
Britannica is used over
3 million times every day!
• Over 75 million users at colleges, universities,
libraries, and schools across the U.S.
• Includes major institutions such as Harvard
University, Princeton University, University of
Chicago, University of Texas, Ohio State
University, New York Public Library,
San Francisco Library
• Statewide networks in,
Georgia, Arkansas,
North Carolina, Hawaii,
Maine, Wyoming,
Texas, Alabama
Complementary Print Products
• Encyclopædia Britannica
• Compton’s Encyclopedia
• Britannica Illustrated Science Library
• Gran Enciclopedia Planeta
• Great Books of the Western World
• Merriam-Webster’s
Dictionaries & Thesauri
Britannica Online subscribers receive
10-20% discounts on all orders!
Start using Britannica Online
Academic Edition today!
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or call Encyclopædia Britannica at
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