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VCAT Online training presentation

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The purpose of this presentation is to inform and refresh
VCAT online users as to the functions of the service and how
it can be best used. This is a brief overview of the services
VCAT online can provide its users.
This is the login page. Enter
your user name and password
that was issued by VCAT when
you registered. Details are all
lower case with no space. You
can change your password
yourself in the menu screen.
To create a Notice, click on
the �Notices’ link and then
�New Single Notice’. For
example, rent increases and
Notice to Vacate.
Notice to Vacate
This is the “Notices”
screen. These are some
examples of the various
types of Notices you can
serve via VCAT Online.
For example, if you
want to serve a Notice to
Notice to Vacate
These are some examples
of the various Notices to
Vacate you can serve.
Simply select the reason
and follow the prompts.
VCAT Online will
automatically calculate
the required minimum
days for you.
This is an example of how your
Notice to Vacate should look like.
The most vital information on this
NTV is this Notice number. You will
need to use this notice number to
generate an Application.
To make an Application, click on
the “Applications” link and then
“New Applications”. You will not
be able to generate an Application
until the correct service period
has passed. Manual Notices
cannot be entered into this screen.
Instead, manual Notices must be
attached to manual Applications.
Applications that require a Notice Number
This is the Applications page.
To make an Application
according to the Notice to
Vacate you MUST enter in the
Notice number and then click
“Continue”. To make
Applications such as Bond or
Compensation, simply leave
the field blank and press
VCAT Online
automatically matches
your Notice number to
the relevant application,
Act and section. Follow
the links to make the
Applications with that do not require a Notice Number
To make an Application
that does not require a
Notice number click on
“New Applications” and
click “Continue”.
These are some examples
of various sections you can
apply for without having
to serve a Notice. Follow
the links to create an
You can check on the progress of
your Application by selecting
“Enquiries”, then go to
“Application and Order
Enter in the reference
number without the slash
between the numbers
then click “Search”.
Now click on the �View’ link to
check on any orders, upcoming
hearing dates etc.
Notices not used as part of any
type of Application will be stored
on VCAT Online for up to 90 days.
Once you have clicked View,
VCAT Online will display the
PDF Document List for the
This is the “Fee Report
Page”. You can check on
any payment records by
entering the dates.
For Alternative Procedures: go to
the drop down menu and select
“Make Application”. Visit the
VCAT website under the
Residential Tenancies List section
for further details on the
Alternative Procedure process.
These are the ONLY two
applications you can make under
Alternative Procedure.
To create an affidavit, select the
“Create Affidavit” link.
Enter the file number without
the slash in between the
To request a Determination of
Alternative Procedure, Select
“Request Determination” link. A
detailed description of Alternative
Procedures is available on the
VCAT website.
Enter the reference number
and select “Continue”
Fill out the mandatory
fields and click
•You can:
•You can not:
•Create Notices
•Lodge Applications
•Request a Warrant of Possession
•Renew a Proceeding
•Extension of Warrant request
•Withdraw Application
•Change Password
•View details of manual or Tenants
•Adjournment request
•Subsequent Warrant requests
•Request a Review hearing
•Miscellaneous submissions
•Update your VCAT Online account
This is what VCAT Online can
do; all other requests need to be
lodged in writing via facsimiles,
e-mail, mail or in person.
• VCAT Online not recognising references numbers
References numbers should be typed without the slash ( / ) ie.
• Access old notices and fee reports
1. Notices not used as part of an application will be stored on VCAT
Online for only 90 days.
2. All applications are stored permanently on VCAT Online while your
account is active.
3. You are able to view notices, applications and fee reports for up to
90 days at a time.
• Respondent’s residing interstate
1. Lodge application via VCAT Online
2. Send Form 4 (only available on (
and a copy of the application to the interstate Respondents.
3. You must complete the affidavit and then send it to VCAT
• Hearing dates not scheduled immediately
Hearing dates are not always scheduled immediately you would
need to view VCAT Online at a later time on the Application and
Order Enquiries link.
•Application details not appearing on the What’s New screen
Information in the “What’s New?” screen is not permanent
hence can only be viewed once. If your office has multiple
users accessing VCAT Online checking the What’s New screen,
it will no longer be accessible for the next person.
-Check your VCAT Online account
-Notify VCAT Online Manager of
any changes in Bank details and/or
Trading/Company Name.
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