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Mergent Online - Douglas and Judith Krupp Library

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Mergent Online
Samantha E. Cabral
Douglas & Judith Krupp Library
Bryant University
Fall 2007
Contact the Reference Desk
• Phone: 232-6299
• E-mail:
• Chat with a Reference Librarian – ask your
research questions via AIM, MSN, or Yahoo!
messenger services.
Library Contacts
• Colleen Anderson
• Paul Roske
• Laura Kohl
• Samantha Cabral
• Maura Keating
What is Mergent Online?
Subject Coverage includes:
Company information
Industry information
Country information
EDGAR filings
Mergent Online is one of the many electronic databases
(e-resources) that you have access to. It provides
company, industry, and country information, all
available in customized reports.
How to Access Mergent Online
To access Mergent Online simply go to the library
homepage: and
select the “Electronic Resources” link on the left hand
side of the page and scroll down to Mergent Online.
Basic Company Search
There are a number of options for searching within this
database. The basic search page allows you to search
for company information by either:
• Company Name
• Ticker Symbol
• CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Securities Identification
Procedures- an 8 digit number)
*Note: To search for more than one company type in 2 or
more company names or ticker symbols, and separate
them by �OR’ or by (,_) a comma and a space.
Ex.: Apple Computer OR Dell : AAPL OR DELL
Apple Computer, Dell : AAPL, DELL
Basic Industry Search
To begin a basic search for industry information you can
enter either:
o SIC (Standard Industry Classification)
o NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)
o MIC (Mergent Industry Classification).
If you do not know the industry classification number, first select
which classification system you wish to look up and then use the
“use code lookup” link. A box will pop-up with a listing of
industries (you may have to enable your pop-up blocker). By
selecting the “+” to the left of the industry, a more specific area to
each industry will appear, simply click on the area you are
interested in and the classification numbers will automatically be
entered into the search bar.
Basic Industry Search Continued
Once you’ve entered, or selected your industry numbers you may
further limit your search by “Index”, such as the S&P 500, NYSE,
Dow, etc. and/or by Country. All of these limiting features are
available in the drop down boxes below the search bar.
Basic Country Search
To locate data on a specific country simply select the country you need
information on from the drop down box. A new window will open
with a map of the country, along with statistical information about
demographics, government, an economic overview,
communication, transportation, stock exchange, filing practices,
EDGAR Search
To search for an EDGAR report simply select the
“EDGAR search” tab at the top of the page.
EDGAR Search continued
From this page you have a number of ways to find the
report you are searching.
› Search company by: name, ticker, central index key, or
› Choose the filing date by: date range, or specific date
› Select the filing type from a drop down box menu.
Tip: Use the tabs at the top of the EDGAR
search page for help with “EDGAR
definitions” and also “EDGAR Filing Types”
for brief descriptions and definitions of terms
and filing types.
Equity Reports
To retrieve an equity report on a company select the “Equity Report”
tab from the Mergent Online default page. Search for your
company by name, ticker, or CUSIP. Then select the “Report”
link next to the company you are searching, a PDF document will
be displayed with the report information.
Customized Reports
This database has a unique feature that allows you to
create customized reports, which are available to print,
display, or download in PDF, Word, Excel, and HTML
formats. The next few slides will demonstrate how to:
В» Create a customized single company report using only
the items you select to include
В» Compare a single company to its industry or to its
В» Compare or rank two or more competitors
Customized Single Company Report
Begin by running a basic company search by name or ticker symbol.
From the displayed information, select the “create reports” tab.
The displayed page will default to “custom reporting”.
Customized Single Company Report
From here select the items you would like included in your company
report, and then click on “Create Company Report” at the bottom
of the page. From here you can select the format to display and
print your information; PDF, Word, Excel, HTML.
Compare a Single Company to its
Run a basic company search by name or ticker and click on the
retrieved company name. From the displayed information, select
the “create reports tab”. From the displayed page, select
“comparison reports” and then “compare against industry”.
Compare a Single Company to it’s
Industry/Competitor(s) Continued
Select whether you wish to limit your analysis to a NAIC or SIC peer
listing (the primary NAIC and SIC for each company is displayed
on the company details page), and whether you want all
worldwide competitors included, or just those from the company’s
target country. Also make sure to select the number of companies
to compare in
your report.
Note: only
revenues will be
compared unless
you expand to
include more items
by clicking the
“use extended
report items” box.
Compare or Rank Two or More Competitors
To compare two or more competitors you have two
options for searching competitors for this report.
1.) Run a company name or ticker search, separating the
company entities by “OR” or a (,_), comma and space.
Then select your companies by clicking on the box in
front of each company you want to include in your
2.) Run a classification search using SIC or NAIC, you
may also limit to companies operating in the U.S.
and/or traded on U.S. exchanges. At the displayed
page, select the companies you wish to compare.
Compare/Rank Two or More Competitors
To create the customized report for either option of searching check
the boxes of the companies you wish to compare and click on
“click here to add the currently selected companies”.
Compare/Rank Two or More Competitors
Once you’ve added the companies you’ve selected to your search you
will notice in the upper right hand corner of the screen that the
“company analysis list” now has the number of items you have
added . From here click on “expand” and select company
“comparison report” (make sure your companies are checked to
be selected).
Compare/Rank Two or More Competitors
On the displayed page, in section 2, labeled “report item selections”,
from the drop down boxes make choices to compare corporate
information, financials, or ratios. Next select the appropriate subcategory items you would like to compare clicking on the “add
report item” tab for each selection. You may add as many subcategory items for each category as you like, to your search. Select
the years you wish to view and the result format, and click on
create report.
*Tip: Your report can be
downloaded into a .csv
extension format that
works with Excel
Don’t Forget
If you are having difficulty searching this or any other
database please stop by the Reference Desk and a
Librarian will help you with your search!
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