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Online recruitment management systems

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Practice makes perfect
28 June 2007
Nottingham Trent University
Online application systems –
How they can dramatically improve
your recruitment process
Duncan Macintyre, Director Sales & Marketing
GTI Online Solutions
• The case for this technology –
what users say
• What an up-to-date system should do
• Future trends
• Questions
The case for online
recruitment systems
Now the common currency for graduate applications
in the UK – almost all leading graduate recruiters have
and use such systems
20 out of the top 20 financial services employers
8 out of the top 10 accountancy firms
10 out of the top 10 retailers
5 out of the top 10 construction employers
10 out of the top 10 law firms
10 out of the top 10 IT firms
9 out of the top 10 engineering employers
In the UK grads now see this as the norm .
So why are employers
using these systems?
�I am able to fast-track the
whole process,I typically
receive 1,000 applications by
the closing date. After using
the screening tools,I can
promptly and politely reject the
95% who do not meet our
criteria and focus my attention
and time on the 5% most
Carolyn Wileman
Head of Recruitment,
Spectrum Strategy Consultants
• A good online system allows
you to sift, sort and screen
against your selection criteria
• Rejects are handled sensitively
• Focus can be given to winning
the hearts and minds of the
right candidates
• Do not see an online system
as an opportunity to hide
behind the technology. It frees
you up to focus on winning
hearts and minds
Beating the competition
�Competition for the best candidates is
intense, we have reduced our time to
hire by as much as 70%. This maintains
a critical edge for the most talented.’
Neil Shaw, Recruiter, Arup
�We’ve just smashed our record of
someone applying, coming to an
assessment centre and then being
offered the job: three days. Before (the
system), the quickest would have been
four weeks and the longest could have
taken six months.’
Tracy Ross, Graduate Recruitment,
Rolls Royce Plc
• Delay risks loosing the
best candidates
• Your competitors will be
using this technology
• Today’s generation of
graduates expect speedy
• Data at your fingertips
• Keep one steps ahead of
the business
Cost saving
�I used to employ temporary
administration staff for 30
weeks of the year, now it’s just
for six weeks, and that’s
despite my department getting
Tracy Ross, Graduate Recruitment,
Rolls Royce Plc
• Proven to reduce cost per hire
• No need for temporary staff
• System cost has fallen
meaning that affordable for
most employers
• Management information
enables better tracking of
recruitment effectiveness
• More efficient recruitment =
increased business
Value add
�Our system has allowed us to free up
recruiters to focus on more valuable
areas such as work with the line and
universities rather than just sifting
through emails and paper.’
Graduate Recruitment Manager
EMEA region, Citi
�Getting rid of the admin and paper
work has enriched my and my team’s
careers. We are now able to focus on
positioning our firm winning hearts and
minds and getting our strategy right –
an altogether more rewarding
Graduate Recruitment Manager
Dresdner Kleinwort
• Getting them to apply
is just half the story
• Working with the line
• Working with the
• Winning the battle for
• A good system =
happy recruiters
�There has been a dramatic
change in our processes, we
are now far more objective and
consistent across the UK, our
entire approach has changed
for the better. Much improved
management reporting and
evaluation of our activities.’
Keith Dugdale, Head of Recruiting,
• A computer has no
• Full audit trail
• Consistent processes
• Management information
• Protection against legal
• A good system leverages the
latest technology for recruiter
• All process from interviewing
to testing can be centrally
Andy Hutchinson, Recruitment Manager,
National Air Traffic Services
• Your in-house IT department
do not have to worry about the
�Our front end online numeracy test
means that all candidates that get
latest trends in the market
through to recruiter screening have • A good supplier will become a
our minimum numeracy
long-term partner and advisor
competency thereby making our
recruitment process vastly more
in your processes
�Using our integrated SMS text
notification service has increased
interview/ assessment centre
attendance levels to approaching
VP Global Campus Recruiting,
Credit Suisse
What an up-to-date system should do?
• Fit seamlessly with your corporate recruitment website – its your
system and your data
• Be intuitive and easily used
• If you want to recruit graduates/school leavers then use a system
designed for this purpose
• Collect all the information that you require for the selection process
• Allow candidates to track their progress & have a positive
• Simple and powerful search and sift tools
• Interview scheduling
• Easy to use, dynamic management reporting
• Not be noticed by you!
• Pay for itself in the first quarter
Easy to use recruiter homepage with dynamic
fast search and reports
Future (current) trends
On-boarding networks
Bulletin boards
g5 management reporting
Event management
Agency/job board integration
Every employer receiving over 250 applications
a year using a system by 2010
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