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Online Branding

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Week 3
Online Branding & Tools of Web
2.0 Marketing
• You have been assembled to analyze and
assess the NikeiD incident. In 15 minutes you
are to report back to Phil Knight (CEO) about:
– What was the reason for the NikeiD disaster?
– What are the implications of the NikeiD incident for
Nike’s online marketing strategy (name two)?
– Based on your analysis provide two
recommendations for improving Nike’s online
marketing strategy.
• Your boss, the director of marketing at �Fill in
the blank Corp.’ , heard the Chapman story
on the radio on her way to work and upon
arrival called you guys in her office. She
wants you to
– analyze Chapman's 'Comcast Service
Experience' story
– identify two key learning points from it
– and based on your analysis recommend one
action for your company.
Online Branding
Online Branding
A key marketing
challenge in today’s multichannel, multi-device
world is the integration of
digital marketing
opportunities into the
traditional marketing
Leveraging the capabilities
of the Internet’s network
connectivity and
interactivity to drive
revenue is of paramount
importance to today's
A Crisis?
• “Today’s marketing world is broken…We are
still too dependent on marketing tactics that
are not in touch with today’s consumer”
– Jim Stengel, Global Marketing Officer, Procter &Gamble
• “Used to be, TV was the answer. The only
problem was it stopped working sometime
around 1987.”
– President GM North America
• “Broadcasting an ad on television or in a
newspaper is admitting you have no idea who
your customers are.”
– Gary Loveman, CEO, Harrah’s
• Today the customer is in charge and whoever is
best at putting the customer in charge makes all
the money. Stephen F. Quinn, Senior vice president for marketing, WalMart.
• Consumers wrest control away from brand
management control freaks...get over it. Turning
your brand over to the consumer is taking control
- and in fact, if you do, they'll return it to you in
better shape. Russ Klein, President for global marketing, innovation and
strategy, Burger King
MKTG 101: Brands
What is a brand?
Do we need brands?
Who creates brands?
How do you create a
• How do you value a
Branding in the 21st Century
brand immersion
• What is brand immersion?
• Tell me about a time that you felt
immersed in a brand.
Branding in the 21st Century
• What makes a medium or environment
Socially networked
What is this?
Immersion via Ambient Communication:
Pub talk
Street stunts
Online chat rooms/games/Social Network Sites
Advergaming: turning “brick” brands digital
Why advergaming?
• Advergames blur the distinction between entertainment
and advertising.
– Benefit?
– Web audiences can be drawn in long enough for marketers to
deliver their messages.
– More improtantly, message appears „un-pushed“
• Advergaming used in conjunction with a competition for
prizes and product promotions stimulates a whole new
realm of peer-to-peer marketing.
– Benefit?
– A viral explosion occurs as users share the game competition
with friends and ultimately bring others into contact with your
What we know of the GameMarketing Link:
пѓ�Games generate high degree of attention
пѓ�Games generate comparatively long attention span
пѓ�Games generate positive emotions which the player associates with the product /
пѓ�If additional information about the product / brand is offered, it will be received
favorably=> credible source!
пѓ� Games decrease the propensity for critical thinking during game-play: the player
will not work up counter-arguments against marketing propositions
пѓ� However: Marketing propositions will be remembered longer and in greater detail
if accompanied by hard data.
open questions
• Games as a vehicle for expression
– Relationship with joys of interaction, immersion and gameplay
– BUT do we forget the product? Neopets? Vodafone?
• Gameplay – advertising (tradeoff?)
– Is it possible for the message to get through?
In Sum:
to drive the brand…
�…websites need to be more than a communication channel to customers. they
must be a proposition in their own right.
�…websites must be an extension of the products and services that a brand
provides to its customers.
�…marketers must understand that as soon as content becomes digital,
customers expect more from it.
�…you have to allow for co-creation and create “Prosumers”.
пѓ�The edge boundaries between content, advertising, and application have gone.
GROUP WORK: discuss
Identify your favorite immersive branded site
Analyze what makes it a powerful brand driver
Present three key learning points of your analysis
But brands are not just online…
Miller’s Man Laws
• A ridiculous invention
but one that obeys
the branding law of
the 21st century.
Extend Marketing Space
• Healthy Choice has used its online games
to drive people to supermarkets to actually
buy its products, by offering the chance for
customers to print "mystery coupons"
• A Hanes sweepstakes promoted the
apparel company's new "tagless" t-shirt by
using a tag as the virtual game piece:
"Lifting" it with the mouse revealed the
visitor's prize.
turning a digital brand physical
In the 21st century, this is what your
job is all about:
• Find ways to make your brand more experiential and
hence more memorable!
– careful spatial planning
– live, real-time, event-based nature of the brand interaction
• Shift consumers’ perception and practice of what
constitutes a marketing �space’.
– Immersion marketing seeks to achieve a much more proximal
relationship between consumers and brands.
• as theorists of the �experience economy’ put it:
– �the more effectively an experience engages the senses, the more
memorable it will be’ (Pine and Gilmore, 1999: 59).
You have been hired to lead the strategy task force for
digital marketing at Buick. The marketing director is at
a loss because the brand seems to be losing ground
with the 18-35 year old demographic.
• On a conceptual level, what do you
suggest needs to be done.
• On a concrete level, develop a marketing
mix to achieve the objective of brand
Let’s look at Some Tools
We focus on:
• Viral marketing
• Online Forums, Wikis
• Blogs (incl. Audio, Video)
Is there a Simple Formula to
• No…
Turn a good story…
• …into a groundswell of communication
and attention.
– Will it blend? (youtube)
– Nokia N95 (blog seedings)
– Mike Pedersen (,
– Le Cache Premium Wine Cabinets (
Let’s Summarize
• Advertising faces new challenges
– Attention, niche demand, value of social communication
• A new medium changes relationships
– From customer to guest
– From teller of stories to resource for stories
• Brand Value:
– Brand means authentic thought leadership (not one-way interruptions)
– Brand value depends on the amount (and maybe quality) of social
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