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Online Dosimetry

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The Answer
to Your
The Way Our Service Works
в– The patient is scanned by the preferred imaging technique.
в– The images loaded onto the Physician Workstation where the physician can draw
the volumes and structures from anywhere the physician has internet access.
в– The plan is either printed for review or viewed on the workstation.
в– Once the physician approves the plan, it is then exported to the center and/or
hardcopy printed at your facility for treatment.
How do We do That?
в– We utilize low-cost, high-speed data circuits, such as: DSL or Cable Internet,
to connect the cancer center with our offices.
в– Information is transmitted through a point-to-point Virtual Private Network
в– Throughout the entire process the patient data is encrypted to 3 times the level
required by HIPPA.
Remote Planning Options
в– Temporary coverage to full dosimetry services.
в– Contouring to complete treatment planning.
в– With our secure remote software, we can use your current
planning software.
Treatment Planning Services
2D Planning
3D Planning
IMRT Planning
Remote Physics Services
2D Planning
в– Irregular Field Calculation for
any routine treatment machine.
в– Dose calculations for irregular
field shape.
3D Planning
в– Support for up to 60 volumes
в– Supports beams configured for
any brand of accelerator
gantry and/or table orientation
в– Full couch, collimator and
gantry rotation supported
в– Extensive Tools for Rapid PrePlanning of Prostate Seeds
в– Post-Processing Tools to Rapidly
Evaluate Prostate Seed Implants
• Convention MLC IMRT planning for any brand linear
• Jaws Only IMRT for accelerators without MLC’s.
• “Solid” or compensator based IMRT planning
collaboratively with .decimal В®.
• In conjunction with 3dLine, Online Dosimetry offers
IMRT planning for 3dLine’s Dynamic MLC with the ERGO
treatment planning system.
Remote Physics Services
XRT Second Check
Remote plan Second Check frees up staff for more complicated services and
allows for a true independent 2nd check of radiation therapy plans.
Remote Chart Checking
Remote weekly physics chart checking and other remote physics services.
The Online Experience
■Online Dosimetry’s staff has years of experience in the
field of radiation oncology including dosimetry, physics,
health management, billing specialist, and information
в– The Online Dosimetry difference is that a board certified
dosimetrist is permanently assigned to the center.
Therefore the dosimetrist and the center’s staff is
allowed to collaborate together on a daily basis creating a
confidence and comfort for each.
Cost Effective
в– Reduce overall costs and human resource time.
в– No vacation time to schedule, sick time to cover or the time and costs
associated with recruitment and retention of staff.
в– No hidden costs or lengthy contracts.
в– The ongoing costs to the center is based solely on the number and type
of treatment plans produced for the center.
Sample Case
Cost Analysis
Budgeted Dosimetry Costs
Actual Costs (OLD)
The table above shows annual numbers for an Online Dosimetry customer. Online Dosimetry
was able to save the center over 50% in what they were budgeted dosimetry services.
The Advantages of Online Dosimetry
в– Access to a full time board certified dosimetrist at a
fraction of the cost of employing one.
в– Access to the latest most advance planning
в– Reduce overall costs and human resource time.
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