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Review, revise and renew your support contracts online with SCA

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Review, revise
and renew your
support contracts
online with SCA
July 2009
В© 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
Introduction to Support
Agreement Manager/SCA
Key functionalities of SCA
9-minute automated demo
How you might use SCA
Why should you care?
Getting online access
What is eSAM/SCA?
Support Agreement Manager is the
umbrella name that encompasses
three versions of our online contract
renewal tools. The version for
customers with large or complex
contract environments is called
Support Contract Assistant, or SCA
SCA is a free, HP developed, webbased application, which provides
customers the ability to manage their
HP support environment online
24 September 2014
Support Agreement
Manager tools get you there FASTER
Simple, intuitive interface
Small contract environment
Just a few clicks to renew
Comprehensive functionality
Large contract environment
Search, sort, and filter
File export/download
24 September 2014
Full SCA functionality +
Self service environment
Support contract management
New quote creation
Support price lookup
Key functionalities of SCA
Ability to review, revise and renew support agreements
and HP Care Packs online *
Create customizable downloads - information about
support contracts, quotes, and equipment lists for
budgeting and asset management purposes
Look up product warranty and support availability
See proactive notifications – we’ll send you an email
when a contract is approaching expiration so you can
ensure you’ll always have HP support
* Note: HP Care Packs can be viewed and changed online, but not renewed.
SCA home page
How did we get here?
1. Log in to SCA.
Online support is
available during
business hours in
some countries.
Review, edit and
renew contracts,
quotes, and
Look up support
and warranty
information on
HP products.
Manage users
and personalize
your SCA profile.
Give us
Alerts section provides
informational messages
about system status
and specific actions
that might be required
for your agreements.
Links to other useful
sites and tools.
Automated 9-minute demo of SCA
Available in multiple languages…
You can view this demo
anytime at:
How you might use SCA
Rather than wait for the yearly renewal to make updates
and changes needed, go online and make updates as
they happen
в€’ Avoid the crunch at renewal time
Just want a snapshot of all products under HP support?
в€’ You can create your own customizable file download and get just what
you need on to your PC in minutes.
Ready to renew your contracts? Do it online in SCA!
Need to check when Warranty expires? Use SCA!
Have a contract question at 5am or 9pm?
− No need to wait for tomorrow’s business hours - use SCA!
Why should you care?
SCA displays only HP Services support agreements and HP Care
Packs online
SCA does not display Statements of Work
• Access for global accounts is available, however, it will require
logging in to each country’s SCA instance for visibility
SCA is not completely automated; much of the work you request
online will be completed by contract administrators behind the
• Working online allows HP to respond faster; using SCA’s forms to
enter changes or renew your contracts makes your wishes very
clear and easy to process.
SCA displays contracts and HP Care Packs that you purchased
directly from HP
в€’ You will need to work on services purchased via a Partner, with that
Partner, and will not have access to those items within SCA
How you might use SCA
More flexibility – you can work from wherever, whenever you
wish, 24x7
Rapid response – using the online capabilities of SCA
eliminates sending written communications to HP or waiting for
return phone calls
Higher accuracy – using SCA ensures your changes and
renewals are processed just as you transmitted
Transaction tracking – you can track when and what work
you’ve done on your contracts
Controlled user access – you decide who can review, who can
modify, and who can renew - it’s up to you
Security – SCA uses advanced encryption software and a
password of your choice
“The latest update of SCA is VERY cool
and MUCH faster. Please thank the HP
SCA development folks… GOOD JOB
- much quicker now, nice clean layout of
information, ordering easier…!”
Large US Enterprise Customer
Help is available!
Self paced training is found at
Brochure which highlights the power of SCA
в€’ Automated 9 minute demo provides an overview
PowerPoint slide deck with detailed screen shots/how-to
Automated simulations on key functionalities
How to renew a contract
• How to make a change to an existing contract
How to customize and download a spreadsheet of
• Live Chat is offered in some countries during business hours
SCA customer website
9 minute automated
overview of SCA
2 page brochure,
can be printed
75 page training document
Screen shots with key functionalities
3 to 5 minute automated demos
24 September 2014
SCA review
Increased productivity since each phase of the contract management process
can be performed quickly over the Web – Review, Revise, and Renew online
with SCA!
Added convenience of accessing current support agreements online 24x7,
whenever you want, from wherever you want
• Increased efficiency as HP monitors agreement expiration dates and
proactively notifies you when each agreement is ready for renewal
Greater peace of mind and more control with timely and accurate contract
renewals ensuring continued service without interruption and verification that
all critical equipment is adequately covered
• Extra support when it’s needed, with HP ready to assist you online at the click
of a mouse with online Live Chat; Chat is available in some countries such as
the United States and Canada.
• Want to know more? Watch the 9 minute demo on SCA, check out the SCA
brochure, or view the several pieces of self-paced training documentation and
demos available at
Give SCA a try!
Go to and click on
Register Now to let us know you
want access.
24 September 2014
We’ll respond within 24 hours with
your login
Or contact your HP Global Delivery
Rep, ASC, Support Sales Rep or
Contract Administrator and tell them
you want SCA.
SCA is free, it’s available today –
life just got more convenient.
See you online!
How to log in to SCA
How did we get here?
1. Access the URL for your
Log in to SCA here.
Select your
language, enter your
username and
password, and click
the Login button.
Get your username
and password help.
Register here if you
are new to SCA.
Test your computer
for compatibility with
SCA. If changes are
needed, information
on the required
settings is available.
To launch or register for SCA:
For SCA information:
Technology for better business outcomes
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