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Online Driver Education - East Carolina University

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Online Driver Education
My goal here is to look at Distance
ECU’s Driver Education online
• I have been online for 10 years
• Did you know? 16% of those stopped in
road blocks have drugs in their system?
• We are changing impairments in the US.
• The brain can take in information 15 times
faster than someone can talk?
YEAR in the US.
There are 1 billion vehicles on the
road in the world
That number will be 2 billion in 10
1.2 million people will die this year
in traffic accidents
Traffic in India
Back to online issues
Advantages of Online instruction
Cost savings
Time savings
Better structured instruction
But what is our goal?
• Make instruction available?
• Pass/licensure?
• Is online instruction as good?
• No
You take the teacher out of the
• Good teachers get good results. JC Rivers
• Technology boring students. The
Chronicle of Higher Education. July 21,
• Face to face better. Herbert J. Walberg
Herbert J. Walberg
• Walberg lists several components, like
clearly identified academic standards,
direct teaching, and encouraging
increased parental involvement, that when
used together, improve learning.
Does the delivery of classroom
material suffer online?
Who wrote the curriculum?
Is the material outdated, etc?
Is the curriculum better?
What are the kids learning?
Are they prepared for the BTW?
FYI, online cheaters
We are a nation of law breakers
75-80% of students report they cheat
50% see nothing wrong with it
95% say they have never been caught
Using ethics to prevent?
Make it harder to cheat
Online instruction is only as good
as the STUDENT wants it to be
What do we really want here?
License or permit. Everyone gets one
Let the parents teach them?
Save money?
Postpone driving?
Age 17?
Age 18?
How about age 25?
Better prepared drivers?
What are we doing?
• Many states have gone to online delivery
of Driver Education
Which states?
Student Login | 24/7 Support
Approved by California DMV
No Classrooms, No boring Lectures
Study on Your Own Schedule
California Driver Education is now available online! Offered by NDSS (National Driver
Safety Services) and certified and approved by the California State DMV, our online
California Drivers Education course is specifically designed for teen seeking to get
their California learners permit without spending their weekends in a class listening to
lectures and reading text books.
You'll also benefit from one of our main features that have made this California Driver
Ed online course, distinct from others drivers ed courses - our free 50-question DMV
California driver permit practice tests that enables you to generate realistic DMV test
over and over again. This free test ensures great chance of success when taking
your California Learners Permit test.
Our hassle free approach to our California Online Drivers Education course gives you
the peace of mind that should anything happens and you are not completely satisfied,
you'll be entitled to ALL your money back - 100%. Just be sure to ask for your refund
BEFORE you take the final test and no later than 30 days after you signed up.
Texas DE
Start today and get a FREE 50-Question
Permit Practice Tests!
Get Your Permit and Get Down The Road To Freedom
Convenient. Simple to Follow. The Complete Parent-Taught Solution for Drivers
Fits in with your busy schedule
Designed to make sure you pass your permit test
Uses short, concise chapters
Easy-to-read and understand lessons
Cool animations
Best of all – It’s Fun To Do!!!!
Try us for free and see what you think!
Welcome to the VADETS Online Driver Education Course! We look forward to
contributing to your driving success and keeping you collision free! Experienced
Virginia driver education teachers designed this course and welcome any
suggestions you may have to improve this learning experience.
During this course, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of driving
situations and learn how to minimize driving risks by effectively managing visibility,
time, space, and available tire traction.
As you know, driving is an essential life skill; and you, as a good driver, can contribute
positively to the driving world. This course allows you to work at your own pace to
gain a solid understanding of the essential traffic safety concepts. The only thing
standing between you and success is effort.
At the end of each topic, there is a quiz to check your level of understanding, and a
test at the end of the module to see if you have the proficiency to move on to the next
module. On the test, you must answer at least 85% of the questions correctly before
proceeding to the next module.
To assist in your studies, there is a student workbook. The workbook should be
completed online as you study each topic. Save the workbook to your desktop each
time you work on it. At the end of each module, there will be a command on your
course menu to upload the workbook. This workbook is a course requirement and
must be completed.
Va continued
A Virginia driver education teacher will review your work and answer any questions or help clear
up any concepts you do not understand. You may communicate with your teacher through the
message center.
If you have any questions or require help during your course studies, use the "Contact your
teacher" option provided in your message menu to notify your teacher, this feature will
automatically alert your teacher that you require his/her assistance.
To increase accountability, the final examination must be monitored. The exam monitoring
form is posted at the top of your course menu.
When you complete the course, your teacher will review your work and you will receive a
classroom completion certificate (DEC-1) by US mail if all work is satisfactory. You will be notified
if any of your work needs to be redone. This certificate will allow you to enroll in a public, private or
commercial school behind-the-wheel driver education program.
To be eligible for a 180-day temporary license, you will not only need to successfully complete this
course but you will also have to:
- complete an in-car course and pass a road skills evaluation;
- be at least 16 years and 3 months old;
- hold your learner's permit for 9 months; and
- drive 45 hours with a parent or guardian (15 of which must be after sunset).
How should we deal with it?
The seven steps of Marzano’s
Dimensions of Learning:
• Knowledge. Information or facts
• Organizing. Comparing, classifying, orderings or
• Applying. Demonstration prior knowledge within
a new situation.
• Analyzing. Indentifying: Relationships, main
ideas, clarifying, errors or fallacies and
correcting them.
• Generating. Inferring, predicting, elaborating.
• Integrating. Summarizing, restructuring.
• Evaluating. Establishing criteria, verifying.
I worry we are regressing
• The 21st Century skills
• Online instruction is a compromise at best
• The new 3 Rs
– Rigor, Relevance, Relationships
Contact me
• Goggle ECU driver education
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