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Новый Год в Пуркарском Поместье

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in Purcari Winery
CHRISTMAS – holidays with a smell of needles, oranges and baked
sweets, fluffy white snow, a confetti rain and clinking of glasses. The time
of sharing love with others, expectation of miracles and achieving of
cherished desires… A magic time of fun and pleasant gifts. The most
loved holiday all around the world. A special Christmas, like in a
wonderful fairytale...
For most of companies and
organizations it became a
tradition to have some rest at
the holidays nearest to
Christmas and New Year
with its team outside the city.
For strengthening the
corporate atmosphere,
encouraging the good mood of
collaborators, offering them
the opportunity to feel happy,
the most important event is
Christmas celebration. We
offer you an unique
possibility to spend the
Christmas eve
In Purcari Winery!
Hurry up to make a gift to Yourselves
and Your colleagues
Menu from 35 Euro
for a person,
including the drinks
Entertainment Program
DJ – up to 400 Euro
Live music – up to 1000 Euro
Presenters – Santa Claus– 500 Euro
Troupes of dancers with show programs – up to
1000 Euro
Wine gifts at your choice – from 5 Euro
*The transportation is assured by the company
Tel/fax: (+373 22) 29-46-96;
Mob: (+ 373 6) 964-37-85;
Hurry up to make a gift to Yourselves
and Your colleagues
Exclusive cooking, gorgeous interior,
Premium class wines
and an impeccable service – these factors will
make the celebrating in the restaurant of
В«Purcari WineryВ»
occur at the highest level.
The so much awaited holidays
already knock on your doors.
Why are you waiting?
The more quickly You will address to us,
the more soon Your wishes and dreams will
start coming true.
Tel/fax: (+373 22) 29-46-96; Mob: (+ 373 6) 964-37-85;
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