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The Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution
By:Clark Kelley
Causes of Revolution
• Bad economy due to World War I.
• Lack of military competition with other
• Food and manufacturing shortages.
Vladimir Lenin
• Most famous key figure during the revolution.
• Greatly influenced the overthrow of the provisional
• Proposed an economic policy that greatly boosted the
failing Russian economy.
• Gave Russia the idea of communism.
• Founding father of the USSR.
• Dictated the USSR after the revolution.
• Success.
• It got rid of lots of famine and lack of
• Strengthened the government in the fact
that it was less corrupt or more organized.
• Greatly improved the military power of
Summary of revolution
• Two revolutions (one in 1905 and 1917.)
• In the 1905 revolution all that happens is
that the government goes from absolute
monarchy to constitutional monarchy.
• The 1917 revolution consists of 2 parts
(February and October).
February Revolution
• Began with revolt by peasants complaining
of food shortages.
• Military was still weak and the economy
was still poor.
• Czar Nicholas II is overthrown.
October Revolution
• Started when the Bolshevik Party overthrew the
provisional government.
• Bolshevik=communist.
• Lenin proposes a new economic policy.
• Because of the bad economy, the government allowed
small family businesses to reopen for private profit while
the government controlled the banks and foreign trade.
• Government accepted crops from farmers who were too
poor to pay taxes.
• Economy is boosted.
Red Terror
• During the October Revolution.
• Arrested, tried, then executed anybody suspected for
being against the communist government.
• It is estimated that 300,000 people were imprisoned and
about 17,000 people were executed during the Red
Comparison to French Revolution
• Both started due to bad economy, weak government, food
shortages, and the middle classes being unsatisfied with the way
things were being ran.
• Both got rid of the weaker power heading the government. For
France Louis XVI and for Russia Nicholas II and the provisional
• The middle classes both had riots protesting food shortages.
• The French Revolution had the Reign of Terror which killed people
who opposed the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution
had the Red Terror which killed people who opposed the Russian
• At the end of the French Revolution, Napolean became emperor and
at the end of the Russian Revolution, Lenin became dictator.
Map of Russia
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