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Best practices in London-Lewisham

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Global Forum 2001
Newcastle, 19 October 2001
E-Society Applications for Citizens
Innovative Applications:
Best-practices in London-Lewisham
Antoinette Moussalli
Head of European and International Affairs,
e-Government Unit
London - Lewisham
Lewisham, the place
• One of 33 Municipalities which make up London
• Large area: 35.072 sq km / 13.7 sq miles
• 250,000 inhabitants
• A multi-cultural area
• Uneven development across the municipality with
pockets of wealth and pockets of deprivation
• Unemployment: 7%, still higher than in the rest of
Lewisham, the vision
• Together we will make Lewisham the best place
in London to live, work and learn
• Key priority for action:
Connect Lewisham, its people and businesses to
the opportunities of the 21st century through
information and communication technologies
• Lewisham has been heavily engaged with the
modernisation agenda and achieving the UK
government targets to deliver e-government by
Lewisham, the strategy
• We will achieve these targets by 2004
• We have built into our e-Government
strategy a range of projects that will
help Lewisham become a truly
connected Council in a well connected
Your Voice Your Say
Promotes e- Democracy
Access Point
Range of services delivered from one place
Personal videoconferencing to access services
( and (http: //
Promotes Improved access to local Services
Your Voice Your Say
Overall Aims
• Develop the Lewisham web site as a focus for edemocracy and consultation with local residents
and businesses
• Use ICT to open new channels for Lewisham
citizen participation and dialogue on key policy
• Enhance local democracy and civic life by
enabling immediate and direct communication
between citizens and decision makers
Your Voice Your Say
Young Citizens ICT project
• Consultation and involvement of young citizens
using electronic tools:
• Internet survey
• Video conference and chats with young
people across Europe
• Consultation on issues of interest
Your Voice Your Say
General Services
• A video clip introduction to e-democracy
• A live on-line question and answer session with
• An interactive question board where residents can
contribute ideas on key policy issues
• Lewisham quick-poll on-line voting on topical issues
• Database containing results of consultation exercise
• Details of forthcoming electronic consultation
• Details of free internet access
Access point
• Services, information and advice available
through a single point
• On average 12,000 customers a week
• Service areas, some examples:
Housing benefit and council tax
Pupil benefits and awards
Issue of travel permits
and more….
• Partners: the Inland Revenue, Benefits
Agency, voluntary groups
• Remote access to public services and
information using one to one videoconferencing
• 15 Tellytalk sites across Lewisham
• Information about Council tax, housing benefit,
community education programmes...
The benefits
• No need to travel to the Town Hall
• Access to other Lewisham organisations
• Possibility to do joint work on and transmit and
receive documents
Access to services
(Life Events Access Project)
• To deliver joined up services targeted to the
needs of the community
• Available 24 x 7 x 52
• Focuses on life events around everyday
• Information, advice and contact details relating
to the following life events
• Leaving School
• Changing Employment Status
• Dealing with Crime
• Starting School
• Starting a Business
• Moving Home
• Becoming a Carer
• Becoming Disabled
• Having a Baby
• Retirement
Access to services
AVANTI: Added Value Access to New
Technologies on the Internet
AIMS (1)
• Inclusion in the information society of those
people who cannot or think they do not want to
be involved: minority languages groups, young
people, the Elderly
• Intelligent assistant which can take over the
interface to Internet services
• Supports ubiquitous computing and
communication (on the move)
DG Infso
Access to services
AVANTI: Added Value Access to New
Technologies on the Internet
AIMS (2)
• To make it easier for all citizens to use services
provided through Internet technologies.
• Intelligent interfaces for delivering municipal
and general interest services.
• To simplify access to information portals.
DG Infso
Access to services
AVANTI: Added Value Access to New
Technologies on the Internet
• An Avatar: intelligent assistant which will
enable easier “automatic”access to the
services and information delivered through
• Authentication and verification without
using passwords
DG Infso
The way forward
AVANTI will make the interface with all
services delivered electronically simple
and easy to use
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