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London - a city of dreams

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London - a city of dreams
Distance from Yaroslavl to London is about 1850 km.
The fastest means of transportation is by plane to London, whose cost is at
least 80 pounds, but the best means of transportation is hitchhiking. The cost
of alloying is 0 pounds, expected time is 4 days…
After arriving in London, we have two options for accommodation. The first
one is sleeping in a tent, the other is a hotel.
A Brief history of London: is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, and the largest urban
zone and metropolitan area in the United Kingdom. Located on the River Thames, London has
been a major settlement for two millennia, its history going back to its founding by the Romans,
who named it Londinium.
London - Sixty years ago
London – at present
The place that you definitely need to see - the London
Buckingham Palace - the official residence of
the rulers of the to 1837. Today is also the
place of state ceremonies and official
meetings of Heads of State.
Tower Bridge
But London is primarily a football town - Here Wembley "Pride"
in London. In the city, dozens of clubs and find a lot of stadiums.
Other stadiums that are worth seeing are
Stamford Bridge and the Emirates Stadium. In
these stadiums are playing the best clubs of
England: Chelsea and Arsenal.
The British Museum
Concerts in London are commonplace. Famous the London and British singers
are: Elton John, Rita Ora, Cher Lloyd, Adele and Phil Collins.
London is famous for its theaters. The best known of these are the London Palladium,
Dominion Theatre, The Swan, however, the most famous and historic Globe Theatre is
underlie over which these words: "Totus mundus agit histrion”.
English cuisine is not tasty but you can find decent and the traditional dishes, such as:
Sunday roast, Lancashire hotpot, Cornish pasty and Black pudding.
Restaurants in London
London - City of
The town population of
over 8 million people, half
of them immigrants and
15% this muslim people.
The largest ethnic groups: India -262,247; Poland -158,300; Ireland -129,807; Nigeria -114,718;
Pakistan -112,457; Bangladesh -109,948.
There is no lack of interest in London so you should go there to
see the city, cultural diversity, a concert or the theater. London is
the most beautiful and most attractive city in Europe…
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