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5 themes of geography in England

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5 themes of geography in
By Carter, Sam, Jeff, Madison and
• England’s major imports are fuels,
machinery, foodstuffs and manufactured
goods. Their major exports are ships,
aircraft, metals, chemicals and petroleum.
In England the ways they move are by
walking, bicycle, bus, train and cars.
England’s main use of communication is
the cell phone. In England their fashion is
a little weirder than ours to some people.
Movement pictures
• England is in Europe. England’s region starts
with language they speak English. England’s
sports are cricket, football (in other words
soccer), lawn tennis, golf and rugby. England’s
population is 51,446,000 people. England’s
religion is a multi religion, although England is
historically Christian they have different beliefs.
England has a lot of landforms some landforms
are The Pennies, Cumbrian Mountains, Lake
District and Scafell pike. That is England’s
Regions pictures
Human/ Environment Interactions
• The environment in London has air pollution,
water pollution, and lots of smog. Humans have
adapted to the environment by using science,
clothing, and roads. Humans have modified the
environment in London by building homes,
roads, and statues. Humans there depend on
air, water, food, and animals. Lastly, people in
London have changed the environment by using
household recycling and preserving water.
Human/environmental interaction
• The place we picked is England. On the
map it’s exactly on the prime meridian and
45degrees north. The United Kingdom is
located in Europe. England is a country. It
is also located next to Ireland. It is part of
the United Kingdom which is in the
northern hemisphere.
Location pictures
• England is a very nice place to vacation. There is
many sites to see. There is a lot of hills, valleys,
mountains, lakes, forests and woodlands. The
climate is not so good in the fall and winter it is
usually rainy and cloudy , except in the summer it is
good and sunny. The population is huge at
51,446,000 for England. Many people have gone to
the big cities in England they are beautiful. For
someone who hasn’t seen it is a really cool county.
The food is also very good. The land is used to grow
crops also other urban land and grasses and rough
Place pictures
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