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London multi-agency Policy and Procedures Presentation 2011

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Protecting adults at risk: London
multi-agency policy and
procedures to safeguard adults
from abuse
This presentation covers:
�Why new policy and procedures
�What are the aims
�Who has signed up to them
�What’s different
�The role of health staff
�What’s next?
Why new policy and procedures?
� Move from local
arrangements to Pan
� Common language
� Consistent approach
� Improved interface
� Living document
They represent the commitment of organisations
� Work together to prevent and protect adult at
risk from abuse
� Empower and support people to make their
own choices
� Investigate actual or suspected abuse and
� Support adults and provide a service to adults
at risk who are experiencing abuse, neglect
and exploitation.
Who is signed up?
�Association of Directors of Adult
Social Services
�NHS London
�Metropolitan Police
�City of London Police
�London Ambulance Service
�London Fire Brigade
What’s different
� Terminology
� Policy Section strengthened
� Clarifies that self neglect not included
� Role of health is strengthened
� Emphasis on information sharing and
risk assessment
� Embedded Mental Capacity Act
� Seven key stages of the process
Seven key stages of the
Safeguarding Process
� Raising an alert
� Making a referral
� Strategy discussion or meeting
� Investigation
� Case Conference and Protection Plan
� Review of the protection plan
� Closing the safeguarding adults process
Role of health staff
� Ensure that staff recognise poor practice and respond
� Have clear operational procedures
� Provide access to training
� Staff receive clinical and managerial supervision which
allows them to reflect on their practice and the impact
of their actions on others
� Ensure appropriate risk assessments to support timely
� Ensure information is shared according to agreed
information sharing protocols
� Designate a manager at a senior level to lead on the
implementation, monitoring and development of
safeguarding adults activities with the organisation
Ownership and Strategic
� Role of NHS Trust Boards
� Inter-relation of NHS safety systems
and procedures with safeguarding
adults procedures
� Membership with Multi-agency SABs
� Role of G.P’s
� Role of London Ambulance Service
� Role of PALs and complaints depts.
What has not changed
�Reporting contact numbers remain
the same
�Categories of abuse remain the
�Definitions remain the same
�The procedures remain the same
�Documentation remains the same
�The law remains the same
What’s next?
� A specific area on the SCIE website
� Implementation in Barnet from October
� Implementation overseen by London
JIP Safeguarding Sub Group
� Future development of London Practice
Local Contacts
� Procedures for alerting
remains the same:� Report to :0208 359 5000
� socialcaredirect@barnet.
� BLDS.dutydesk@barnet.
� Relevant Community
Health Team
� Relevant Hospital Social
Work Team
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