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University of London Union Review

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University of
London Union
The Future of the University of London Union
Michael Chessum, President
Daniel Lemberger Cooper, Vice – President
Julie Adams, CEO
University of London Union Review
We would like to answer two questions:
1. What does ULU offer London students?
2. What is the future of ULU?
What Does ULU Offer London
1. Student Facilities:
- ULU provides dedicated facilities for students, including
sporting and societal, commercial facilities, including
bars and catering outlets, a state of the art fitness
centre with swimming pool and entertainment.
- ULU provides complementary services to augment the
larger Colleges on the understanding that some unions
alone cannot provide enough Bars, Cafes etc to match
their student numbers.
- For smaller colleges, ULU provides additional services,
such as venues, the swimming pool and the gym, which
allow all London students a rounded student
What Does ULU Offer London
2. Clubs & Societies:
New 2012/13 ULU Student Activities team.
ULU Clubs and societies.
Presence on college campuses.
Cross London events.
Development and Training.
Benefits to London students: participation within a
wider student body and more.
What Does ULU Offer London
3. Sports Facilities and Organisation:
“Get Involved” Programme
ULU online Sports Shop
ULU Intercollegiate Sporting Cup competitions
ULU sports teams
Infrastructural and individual sports development
The Future of ULU Sports Leagues
What Does ULU Offer London
4. Representation & Campaigning
- ULU joins together student unions in a common
alliance to campaign and share ideas and initiatives.
- London Networks: share best practice & ideas, learn
from each other, training, sources of information,
develop joint initiatives and provide mutual support.
- London Lobbying and Advocacy: housing, rights at
- ULU governance & democracy
- Memorandum of Understanding
Value for Money?
- Based on the current year’s funding the average
amount each College pays to ULU is just over ВЈ6 per
student. This does fund the ring fenced areas, but
also gives the students the option to use the building
and its other commercial services – Bars, Catering
and Shops without any additional cost to the College.
External Factors and General Climate
• Various Overhead costs are rising - Utility,
Maintenance and Cleaning which have risen and are
rising considerably year on year.
• In addition to the rent of £385875, Refuse, Security,
Additional Maintenance(not covered under the BBW
contract), Insurance, Electricity, Gas and water rates
are all additional costs that ULU has to incur. The
total cost for all these additions can be broken down
as follows and are estimates for the year;
External Factors and General Climate
• Cleaning 198,935. Refuse 14,000
• Security 54,000. Maintenance 23,000
• Insurance 34,000. Electricity 101,000
• Gas 1,000. Central/water heat 140,000
• Water rate 54,000.
• Total 619,935
The above forms part of our overhead costs.
External Factors and General Climate
Representational climate
- Demographic diversity (PG, international):
Increasing demand for a representationoriented union
- NUS has made noises about the establishment
of an NUS London, but this is extremely
- A growing will for expansion and London-wide
representation, but not at the expense of
University-level representation.
Services and Democracy
- ULU’s ability to facilitate student activities and
provide relevant services is underpinned by
our democratic governance and member-led
- Any attempt to separate activities from
representation at the present time would
leave both in jeopardy
2. The Future of ULU
- Scenario 1: Sustainable future.
- Scenario 2: Where we think ULU should be
Scenario 1: Sustainable Future
- Development of Commercial
- Franchise development.
- Overhead Costs (Utility, Maintenance and
Scenario 1: Sustainable Future
- Full time Democracy and Engagement
- Extra student Sabbatical officer: Community
and Welfare
- ULU has among the least equipped representation
departments in the UK, and yet has the largest
membership of any student organisation in Europe.
- Sabbatical officer for Community and Welfare: caters
to the needs of international and postgraduate
students and leads on housing and transport –issues
of growing importance
- A restructure of sabbatical posts will also allow for
more specific academic representation
Scenario 2:
Where We Believe ULU Could Be
- Partnership in creating an NUS London Region,
on UoL’s terms.
- Major constitutional reform:
• Updating of Regulations and Constitution
• More open and direct democratic decisionmaking
- Major election reform: boosting turnout by 10
or 20 fold by running parallel to colleges
Scenario 2:
Where We Believe ULU Could Be
A new Sabbatical structure:
Education and Representation (President)
Activities and Services (Vice President)
Welfare, International and Postgraduate
Women’s Officer
Housing and Community
2 new democracy and campaigns support staff
- Economic climate
- Patchiness and uncertainty about ULU’s
- Enormous potential
- To best serve London students, we need to
develop and grow sustainably.
• Thank you.
• Questions and Discussion.
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