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Community Engagement

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Well London Community
Engagement and Development
London Forum for Alcohol Practitioners 18
September 2009
The strategic partnership for health in London
Aims to reduce health inequalities and improve the health of all
Multi-sectoral – all key sectors represented at regional level
Influencing, supporting, driving change
Focus on social determinants of health
What is Well London?
ВЈ9.46M from BIG Lottery Fund
Partnership approach supporting local action
– Changing perspectives on mental health by tackling stigma and
promoting positive mental well-being
– Increased access to and consumption of healthy food
– Increased opportunities for people to become more
20 areas across London
Well London Alliance
London Health Commission
Central YMCA
Groundwork London
London Sustainability Exchange
University of East London
South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
Arts Council-London
20 lower super output areas
& Fulham
Tower Hamlets
Barking & Dagenham
Kensington & Chelsea
Waltham Forest
Where we work
34, 508 direct beneficiaries will have increased opportunity for healthy
levels of physical activity, healthy eating and mental well being
5,176 direct beneficiaries will have improved mental health and well
being and in addition there will be more positive community perspectives
on mental health & well being
4,602 direct beneficiaries (3,424 adults and 1,178 children) will have
increased uptake of healthy eating choices; including
enhanced access to affordable healthy foods
4,348 direct beneficiaries will have increased levels of
healthy physical activity
Features of Well London
Partnership approach to delivery
Work at the very local level
Work in the most deprived communities
Innovative approach to community engagement
Community development approach
Join up, integrate and add value to local work on healthy eating, physical
activity, mental health and open spaces, and use of cultural
and creative practice throughout
Rigorous evaluation
Influencing policy and practice across London and beyond
Co production, community development
• Involving residents at all levels in Well London
• Using and developing assets and expertise within
local communities
Heart of the Community:
• W L Delivery Team
• Youth.comUnity
• Active Living Map
• Training Communities
• Wellnet
* Community Assessment, Design,
Brokerage, Enterprise
• Activate London
• BuyWell
• EatWell
• Changing Minds
• DIY Happiness
• Healthy Spaces
• Be Creative Be Well
Community engagement was a key element of needs
assessment in design of Well London interventions
Measure HPA, HE, Mental Wellbeing
Review by Comm / Stakeholders
Baseline Adult and
Adolescent Surveys
Tailored Area-Specific
Map existing services, provision and amenities
• Project Portfolio
• Leverage
Community Cafes
Community Action Workshops
Compilation and Analysis of Routine date
Community Engagement
Data Profiles
Innovative Approach to Community Engagement
Dual Task approach
– Information and problem solving
– Capacity Building
• Two Community Cafes in Each Area based on World Cafe Concept plus street
interviews and focus groups
• Community Action Workshop in each area based on Appreciative enquiry (joint
with community members and stat/vol sector stakeholders).
• Just under 1,400 engaged (1,100 Cafe & FG participants and 300 street interviews)
• Wide spread in ethnicity and tradition and age / sex
• Approx 5% of the resident population
So findings are expressed needs and perceptions of a significant sample of
people living in the most deprived areas of London
Findings – Key themes
Looking across the areas:
• Concerns of and about Youth
• Lack of Community and Community Cohesion
• Parks, green space and dogs
• Fast food and healthy eating
• Communication
• Coordination and sustainability
Action – young people
• Specific initiatives in specific areas
• project involving young people in all aspects of
Well London delivery
• Leveraging local authority provision
• Focus on cross-generational projects
• Adoption of the GLA Youth Peer Outreach
Action - Lack of Community
• Heart of community projects, arts and festival
activities, time banking etc all focusing on cohesion
• Work with local authorities to surface issues and
leverage response on community centres
Action - Open spaces
• Work on improving open space aesthetically; and bringing
activities into it.
• Work with local authorities to surface issue and secure
better enforcement of existing laws and regulations.
Action - healthy eating
• Buywell working on supply side
• Eatwell working on demand side
Commissioning Principles
• Partners should wherever possible commission local
organisations/groups/individuals with relevant expertise
• Where local expertise is not available, the commissioned
organisation or individual should work in partnership
with local organisations/groups/individuals to build
local capacity through delivery
Well London Delivery Team
• Outreach / referral / signposting team
• Local people
• Based on the PCT’s Health Trainer Model and Healthy
Behaviours Approach
• Empower local people and engage with the
Logo competition
• Involvement of communities in developing a strong visual
identify for Well London
• Competition open to all residents who lived in the target areas
• Residents encouraged to vote for the short-listed logos
• Winner was 15 year old Joshua from Brent
Youth.comUnity Project
• Team of Young Ambassadors
• Allows young people to have ideas which can be implemented
• Creates a “bottom-up” approach to planning projects which impact on
and/or engage young people
• Opportunities for young people to become active citizens
• Time needed to build relationships in each area
• Overworked volunteers and/or the “usual suspects”
• Not always representative: some generations,
postcodes or genders miss out
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