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Creation or Evolution - Evans Church of Christ

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Creation Vs. Evolution
Two views of Origin
“In the beginning was matter, which
begat the ameba, which begat the
worm, which begat the fish, which
begat the amphibian, which begat
the reptile, which begat the lower
mammal, which begat the lemur,
which begat the monkey, which
begat man, who imagined God.
This is the genealogy of man.”
Creation Vs. Evolution
Can we believe both ?
Theistic Evolution
Creation = God Created
Evolution = Natural Processes
Evolution supports unbelief
Darwin = “….agnostic…”
Huxley = “…impossible to
believe the Bible.”
Smith = “Evolution is atheism”
Teller = “cannot be reconciled”
Bible Supports Belief
• Gen. 1
• Acts 17:24 God made world
• Heb.1:10 laid foundation
• Jer.10:12 made the earth
Creation = Six days
Evolution = Billions of Years
Evolution claims it took 10
to 20 billion years
universe is 13.798 В± 0.037 billion years
- Wikipedia
Bible says it was 6 days
• Day = was it 24 hours ?
• Some say thousands of years
• Seven days mean same
• Ex.20:8-11
Ex. 20:8 “Remember the Sabbath Day”
Exodus 20:11 “For in six days the
LORD made heaven and earth, the
sea, and all that in them is, and
rested the seventh day: wherefore
the LORD blessed the sabbath day,
and hallowed it.”
Sabbath Day = 24 Hour Day
Creation = Life came from God
Evolution = Life from Non-Living
Evolution first living thing
came from primordial soup
Bible says ………
• First life created by God
• We are offspring of God.
Evolution = man is Animal
Evolution “…man’s closest
living relatives are the apes”
Evolution – Man evolved
from apes
Law of Biogenesis
“Life comes from life”
пЃ® Non living matter cannot
produce life !
Evolution contradicts
Science & Bible
If man evolved from animals…
• Then we are just Animals
• And we will act like one
If God Created Us…
We are the offspring of God
We are distinct from the animals
Gen.5:1. This is the book of the genealogy
of Adam. In the day that God created man,
He made him in the likeness of God.
2. He created them male and female, and
blessed them and called them Mankind in
the day they were created.
3. And Adam lived one hundred and thirty
years, and begot a son in his own likeness,
after his image, and named him Seth.
Bible – Man was Created in
Image of God
• Has
• Has
• Has
• Has
• Has
rational intelligence
power to choose
a Conscience
a Spirit
You cannot believe both
We must make a choice
Jesus Believed in Creation..
“And he answered and said
unto them, Have ye not
read, that he which made
them at the beginning made
them male and female.”
Matthew 19:4
The Bible is Right !
If you are a Christian then you
believe in creation !
Sermon by Arthur Pigman
Evans Church of Christ
515 Gibbs Road
Evans, Ga. 30809
Sunday Morning April 27, 2014
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