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Collecting Data for a School

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Highcliffe School
�Collecting Data for a School’
Setting the Scene
Secondary school (1300 students)
Language and Science
Growing Sixth form
81.39 Full Time Equivalent Teachers
RM Integris MIS system (attendance,
behaviour, cover, assessment, timetabling,
staff details, student details)
• Student Information System – web based
portal for students, parents and staff for
easy access (developed in house)
How it was……1999
• Very little data stored in MIS system
• Student information entered by secretaries
• Senior Teacher responsible for data and also
examination officer
• Not all data entered on system
• Quality of data questionable
• Filing Cabinets everywhere!
Examinations assistant and IT technician employed
Team has grown!
Data and Examinations Office
• Examinations & Data Manager
• Administration Officer
• Clerical Assistant
IT Support
• Systems Manager
• Senior Technician
• Technician
• Data accurate and complete
• Examinations �embedded’ with data office
• Changes to data (e.g. medical conditions)
are changed within a day of notification
• Data set extended including attendance,
behaviour, achievements, student signing
in/out, visits to medical room, incident
reports, staff cover and absences
Collecting Data
New Intake (Year 7)
• Students name, address and telephone
details collected by admissions officer
• March – offer of place and student
information form sent to parents
• Forms processed by D&E office
• Students start September (data 6 months
old) – student details form printed and
sent to parents for checking. Changes
made by D&E office
Tracking student detail changes
• Multiple sources – letter, phone call,
student, tutor, teaching staff.
• Lots of different colour forms!
• Annually student details update forms
printed and sent to parents/guardians for
• E&D office process changes and all forms
Starters / Leavers
• Relatively small student turn around
• Admissions officer informs D&E office
• Same process for starters as new entrants
in September
• Starter - Common Transfer File (CTF)
requested if not already sent by previous
• Leaver – CTF file sent to destination school
Common Transfer Files (CTF)
• Highcliffe only uses CTF files for academic
• Other information is reliant upon accuracy
of previous school and has often proved to
be Inaccurate or Incomplete
Teaching Set Changes
• Main school
• Sixth form
• New students
Electronic Attendance
• Now moved into the D&E office
• Registers completed �online’ by teacher
using Laptops (wireless) or by wireless
PDA for supply staff
• AM reg period and last period of day used
as statutory AM/PM registrations for
• Accuracy an issue with D&E office having
to chase teachers that �forget’ to complete
• Approx 7200 pieces of data from approx 80
people each day! A challenge!
Staff Involved in Census
Headteacher – overall responsibility
D&E office – completion of Census
Finance Office – staff details and free school meals
PA to Head – Student Exclusions
Inclusion Officer – Attendance/Exclusions
Deputy Head – Looked after & dually registered
Assistant Head – Gifted and Talented
SEN Office – SEN data
Admissions Officer – Appeals information
All teaching staff – Classes as taught (checked)
Network Manager – ICT Systems
Problems encountered
• Schools may allow unskilled staff to edit data.
Staff may not realise importance of data and how
inaccuracies can impact of school and census
• Lack of training within schools
• Schools need to make sure �changes’ are actioned
immediately (medical, emergency contact….)
• All staff need to be onboard – if they hear of
changes they must record and inform D&E office.
• Parents – many information checks are not
returned without several reminders. Often we are
not informed of changes to address, telephone or
emergency contact details.
• Students do not return information forms without
reminders (especially sixth form!)
Good advice…
Staff who are responsible for data collection
and entry must be capable of:
Nagging relentlessly
Be fully trained detectives
Question everything
Love inventing forms for everything (and
finding a paper colour they have not used
Hilary Rosina
Mathew Downs
01425 273381
Highcliffe School, Parkside, Highcliffe,
Dorset, BH23 4QD
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