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Dacula Football

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Dacula Football
7th and 8th Grade SAQ Parent
Orientation Meeting
Wednesday February 8th 7pm-8pm
• SAQ = Speed, Agility, Quickness
• All 7th and 8th graders will be introduced to the
Dacula football weight training and our speed
and agility programs.
• The emphasis will be on technique and safety
• 7th graders and 8th graders will be separate (7th
grade weight training / 8th grade speed and
agility training and then switch).
Requirements to Participate
• No Cost
• Gwinnett County Consent Form
• Updated Physical Form
– DAA Physical Form or
– Dacula High School Form – Go – Team – Player
Information to download a form.
• Insurance
– Personal Insurance or Purchase School Insurance
– No Personal Insurance? Go to to purchase
school insurance for SAQ and spring football insurance for spring football
practice in May.
– 8th graders will need football insurance for spring practice if you currently do
not have insurance
• All participants will need to bring T-Shirt, Shorts, Tennis Shoes.
• Great Attitude and Work Ethic
Days and Times of SAQ
• Begins Tuesday February 14th and will conclude
for 7th graders the last week of April.
• Tuesdays and Thursdays every week
• 4:30pm – 6:15pm
• All players will meet as group after school and
walk through the park and across the street to
the field house for check in and to change.
• All parents are asked to pick up your child no
later than 6:30pm at the field house.
8th Grade Parents Only
Dates to Know:
• Thursday February 16th – Touchdown Club Meeting in the
Dacula Commons Area
• We need parent volunteers (Class Reps) and others that
want to make our program the best it can be for our
• Saturday April 28th Spring Sports Physicals at the Dacula
Commons Area
• Wednesday May 2nd – Spring Football Equipment Issue in
the field house for current 8th graders
• Thursday May 3rd – Spring Parent Meeting / Covered Dish
• Spring Practice Monday May 7th- Friday May 18th after
Frequently Asked Questions
• Do you cut from the team?
• Does it cost money to play? How much? What does it go towards?
• What if my son cannot come every day to SAQ because of other
school or sport obligations?
• What is the summer football program like? What do you do about
vacations or camps?
• Can my child play a 2nd or 3rd sport at Dacula and play football?
• Will we be asked to be a part of fundraisers in addition to the player
fee? What is this money used for?
• How do I get involved in the football program as a parent that
wants to make Dacula Football the best it can be for my child?
• Any other questions or concerns?
Field House Tour
• We will now take you on a tour of the field
house so you can see where you son will be
working the next few years.
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