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Registration - Angels Pre

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Pre-School address
Correspondence address
St Andrews Annex
St Andrews Close
TW19 5DG
Daisy Rose Cottage
110 Staines Road
TW19 5AH
0794 4848347
Parents to complete all questions in full and sign
About the Child
Name of child
Home Address
Date of Birth
Male / Female
Home Telephone
Language used at home
Mothers Name
Mobile No.
Home Address
Work No.
Fathers Name
Mobile No.
Home Address
Work No.
Emergency Contact
Mobile No.
Telephone No.
Relationship to Child
If someone other than the parent/guardian collects a
child, from the pre-school, password verification will
be required before the child is handed over.
Emergency Password
Sessional Details
Commencement Date
Number of Sessions Required
Days Required
Registration cannot be accepted without the registration fee accompanying this form.
Please Make cheques payable to Angels Pre-School.
Additional Information
This sheet is to provide background information to help your child settle at Angels.
Please provide details of your child's position within the family, names and ages of any siblings and
details of any pets?
What does your child particularly like doing? Please provide details of favourite toys?
Does your child have any fears or dislikes? Does your child have a special comforter?
Does your child have any special words for such things as thirsty, hungry or wanting the toilet?
Has your child experienced any previous child care?
Name of intended primary school ?
Is there any additional information you wish to share with us concerning your child?
Consent Form
Parents are requested to sign the consents below
Medical Consent
As parents/guardians we authorise Angels Pre-School staff to arrange, if necessary, for emergency
admission to hospital should the parents or other parent representative be unavailable at the time. Taxi fees
where applicable are to be refunded by the parent or parent representative.
I agree / disagree with the above consent. (please delete as appropriate)
Name in full:
Pre-School Outings
As parents/guardians we consent to our child taking part in school outings providing there is adequate
I agree / disagree with the above consent. (please delete as appropriate)
Name in full:
Photographs and Video
As parents/guardians we authorise photographs or video to be taken in connection with Angels Pre-School
sessions such as outings or concerts or publicity.
I agree / disagree with the above consent. (please delete as appropriate)
Name in full:
Registration, Fees and Holidays
A fee of ВЈ25 is payable upon Registration. Please make cheques payable to Angels Pre-School. This
registers your child on our waiting list and is non-refundable.
The minimum time a child can be booked into Angels Pre-School is two sessions, All fees are payable on the
first day of term upon issuing of an invoice.
Angels Pre-School reserves the right to increase fees as and when necessary, but will make every effort to
give at least one terms notice.
A terms notice, in writing is required for the removal of a child from Angels Pre-School; otherwise parents are
liable for a terms fees in lieu of notice.
There are approximately three weeks holidays at Christmas and Easter and eight weeks in the summer. The
half term breaks are normally one week. No charges will be made during these periods.
Parents are required to pay in full for any absences during term time including children’s annual holidays,
inset days and staff training days. The latter will be kept in line with the local authority.
As parents /guardians we acknowledge we have read and accept the terms and conditions regarding
Registration, Fees and Holidays.
Name in full:
Medical Form
Parents to complete all questions in full and sign
Full Name of child
Childs Doctors Name
Doctors Address
Health Visitor Name
Clinic Address
Please list any infections your child has had since birth.
Please list any allergies your child may suffer from.
Please provide details and dates of immunisations your child has received since birth.
Does your child have any medical conditions that you believe Angels Pre-School should be aware of,
or that could affect your child's time with us.
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