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Licensure Power Point - Grand Valley State University

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Jamie Langlois, LMSW
Getting Licensed
March 13, 2014
Public Health Code
P.A. 61 of 2004
(and associated Administrative Rules)
O Went into effect July 1, 2005
O Caused significant changes to the regulations of
the social work profession
A National Model for
Social Work Licensing
O No Exceptions: Everyone must be licensed to
practice social work
O Two designations for MSW –
macro & clinical
O All Direct Practice is Clinical
To Get Licensed or Not to?
O Moving out of state
O Work hours obtained out-of-state under the
supervision of an Licensed MSW can count
O Not planning to do traditional social work for a while
O May want to consider getting your limited license to
take the exam
O Planning to get your MSW right away
Student interns pursuing a master’s degree in social work who are not a licensed or limited licensed
bachelor-level social worker must be directly supervised through face-to-face contacts with the supervising
fully-licensed master’s social worker during assessments and therapy sessions with recipients of services.
(Michigan Department of Community Health, per Scott Gilman at Network 180 on 11/8/2013)
O Remember, you can not call yourself a social worker
unless you have a license.
Title Provided by the Law
O Licensed Master’s Social Worker
O Limited Licensed Master’s Social Worker
O Licensed Bachelor’s Social Worker
O Limited Licensed Bachelor’s Social Worker
O Social Service Technician
O Limited Social Service Technician
Limited License
Master’s Social Worker
O MSW from a CSWE accredited School of Social
O Must be supervised by a Licensed Master’s
Social Worker from their area of practice
O A limited license shall be issued for 1 year and
may be renewed for not more than 6 years
Licensed Master’s Social Worker
O 4,000 hours of supervised experience in either clinical
or macro practice over a two year period
O 100 hours of supervision from a Licensed Master’s
Social Worker in their area of practice which may be a
combination of individual and group (4 hours a month)
O 4 hours per month with at least 1 hour being conducted
between the applicant and the supervisor on an individual
O Verification and recommendation from LMSW
O Clinical must pass the Clinical Social Work Exam
O Macro must pass the Advanced Generalist Exam
Licensed Master’s Social Worker
Getting BOTH
Qualifications for Macro & Clinical:
O One qualifies in one area of practice or
the other including passing the test
O Has additional 2,000 hours of
experience under LMSW supervision
O 50 hours of supervision by a Licensed
Master’s Social Worker in that area of
O Additional testing is NOT required
Scope of Practice for
Macro Social Work
O Advanced application of macro SW processes &
systems to improve the social or health services of
communities, groups, or organizations through
planned interventions.
O Includes, but is not limited to, community organizing;
program planning and development; administration of
community programs; assessment of client needs for
community programs; coordination & evaluation of
programs; advocacy; analysis & development of social
welfare policy; organizational analysis; & provision of
training about community needs/problems
Scope of Practice for
Clinical Social Work
O Use of assessment, treatment, & intervention
methods that utilize a specialized, & formal
interaction between a social worker & an individual,
couple, family, or group where a professional
relationship is established.
O Includes one or more of the following: advocating for
care; protection of the vulnerable; forensic practice;
increasing social well-being; education; case
management for complex & high risk cases;
psychotherapy; community committees; supervision;
& administration of clinical programs
O The assessment, diagnosis or treatment of
mental, emotional, or behavior disorders,
conditions, addictions, or other biopsychosocial problems and may include the
involvement of the intrapsychic, intrapersonal,
or psychosocial dynamics of individuals,
couples, families, or groups
Limited License
Bachelor’s Social Work
O BSW degree from a CSWE accredited School of
Social Work
O Supervision must be provided by a Licensed
Master’s Social Worker
O A limited license shall be issued for 1 year and
may be renewed for not more than 6 years
Licensed Bachelor’s Social Worker
O 4,000 hours of supervised experience over a two
year period
O 100 hours of supervision by a Licensed Master’s
Social Worker which may be a combination of
individual and group (4 hours a month)
O 4 hours per month with at least 1 hour being
conducted between the applicant and the
supervisor on an individual basis
O Verification and recommendation from LMSW
O Pass the Bachelor’s Examination (ASWB)
License Bachelor’s Social Work
Scope of Practice
O Social casework, assessment, planning, and interventions
with individuals, couples, families, or groups, to enhance
or restore the capacity for social functioning and
developing solutions for interpersonal or community
Case management of health and human services
Information about and referral of individuals to resources
Planning and collaboration with communities,
organizations, or groups to improve their social or health
Establishing a professional helping relationship with an
Individual, couple, family, or group to assist them in
accessing services, solving problems, and making
decisions about personal, health, social, educational,
vocational, financial, and other concerns
Scope of Practice Grid
O The grid clearly delineates which Social Work task or
function is typically performed at the different levels of
Social Work Licensure
O Note the distinctions made between Clinical and Macro
practice at the MSW level
O Scope of Practice Grid
Application Process
O The application packet and additional information
about licensure can be found at the State of Michigan
Department of Community Health’s web site at:,1607,7-13227417_27529_27554---,00.html
(or search: LARA and social work)
O The packet contains many forms, however to apply for
a LLBSW or a LLMSW you only need to be concerned
with the
O Application Form (2 pgs) and
O the Certification of Social Work Form (2 pgs) and
O the Criminal Background Check and Fingerprint Request
Overview of the Process
Application, submitted
Fingerprinting & Criminal Background
Certification of Education
You will be sent a letter that says you’re
eligible to take the Exam
Is everything in my file complete? How can I
find out what is missing?
Criminal Background Check
Fingerprint Scan
O 1.Complete the Form in the Application Packet
O 2. Schedule an Appointment
O Identogo
O 1-866-226-2952 (ask about payment)
O Locations
O 3. Go to your appointment, bring
O Form from application packet
O Your Driver’s License
O Acceptable payment
O 4. Identogo will submit your form
Application Form
O Be sure to check Limited BSW or MSW License
O MSW must check Macro or Clinical
O Master’s-$40 (either)
O Bachelor’s-$40
O Note Questions 1-8 to which you must check
Yes or No and include an explanation for any
answer checked Yes
O You must be absolutely honest
Certification of Social Work
Education Form
O You complete Section One and then give
it along with Section Two to your schools
Program Director and/or the Registrar
(At GVSU, you give it to Esther Visser)
O Section Two needs to be completed by a
school official and they must send in this
form along with a copy of your transcript.
Supervision Verification Form
O Once you begin employment, this is the form
your Supervisor will use to verify your
completed hours of supervision
O LLBSW AND LLMSW must be supervised by
O Volunteer hours can count toward
supervision work
Continuing Education
O You DO NOT have to earn Continuing Education
Credits while you are a LLBSW or LLMSW and
working toward full licensure
O You certainly can attend trainings
O or
After you have mailed in the Application Form and the
School of Social Work has mailed in the Certification of
SW Ed form, (within 4-6 weeks) you will receive your Limited
License and a letter informing you that you are eligible to
take the Licensure Exam and need to register at ASWB in
order to do so.
O You can take this exam right away
When should I take the Exam?
O You can take the exam anytime after you receive
your Limited License and have registered
O The current cost of the exam is
Bachelor’s exam registration: $230
Advanced Generalist or Clinical exam
registration: $260
O A passing score is 75
O If you don’t pass the first time you can retake
the exam.
Where do I take the exam?
O Register for the appropriate ASWB examination
O Associate,
O Bachelors,
O Masters,
O Advanced Generalist
O Or Clinical
O by calling 1-888-579-3926, by fax, mail or online. Pay exam fee,
notify the ASWB representative of any special testing
arrangements you may have requested.
O Exams are given year round
O Multiple versions of the test are given throughout the year and
at any given site
Association of Social Work Boards
Lots of great information
Video tour of testing center
Find testing center near you
Candidate Handbook-FREE and has exam tips
How do I prepare for the exam?
O The good news is that you have learned what you
need to know in class. (ASWB lists text books that
have exam content)
You still need to know test taking strategies
Purchase exam prep materials and/or take an
exam prep class
Develop a study plan and/or form a study group
According to the ASWB site no content from the
DSM 5 will appear on the exam until July 2015
Exam Prep. Courses
O Attend our exam prep course May 16 & 17 or August 1 & 2
at GVSU –
Alumni (that’s you) Early Bird rate $275 (register by April 18)
O Registration, information, and agenda are now available at the
GVSU School of Social Work website under “Upcoming Events”
O Training includes exam prep materials, lunch, and an
evaluated pre/post test
O MSU School of Social Work also has exam prep courses
around the state
O University of Michigan has an on-line exam prep course
Exam Web Resources
O Association of Social Work Board
O Study Guides are $30 (not recommended)
O FREE information on test taking strategies
and a practice test
O No study material on content areas
O Practice exam $85
Exam Web Resources
O Social Work Examination Services
These materials are no longer recommended.
They were the materials used until 2011 but
are out of date.
Web Resources
O LEAP-Lead ExAm Prep
O GVSU Coupon 20% off coupon for students and alumni. They
will need to enter the code at the time of order GVSU20
O Price: Bachelor (ASWB National exam): $99.50
O ~$80 with coupon
O Clinical or Advanced Generalist materials for MICHIGAN
O 129.50 or ~$103 with coupon
O LEAP Online Practice Exams: $59 all levels
O ~$48 with coupon
O 94% Pass rate for study guides (independent study)
Thank you
Time for Questions?????
“Never doubt
that a small group of
committed citizens
can change the world.
it is the only thing
that ever has.”
Margaret Mead
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