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William Bradford Community College – Partnership

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William Bradford Community
Nanshan School Mianyang China
• Link set up in 2002 – LA Initiative for
Head Teachers
• In 2004 Three teachers from WBCC
visited China - TIPD – focus Gifted
and Talented, Teaching Styles
• In 2005 Three teachers from China
visited WBCC – cultural visit
WBCC - China Link
• Nanshan Middle School 14 –19 years
– 7000 students
• Mianyang City
– Population 1 million
• Sichuan Province
– Sub tropical
• West China
– Borders the Tibet and The Himalayas
The Purpose
• Build Student Link with Partner school –
Performing Arts
• Joint workshops on Pantomime
• Collaborative work and Performance
• Cultural exchange – raise awareness of
life in China – share our culture and
• Develop material for citizenship – the
cultural and global dimension
Developing the Link 2008
Nanshan School –
Sichuan Province China
• Visit to WBCC – July 2008
• Joint Curriculum Work
• Citizenship
• Music – Art and Cultural Exchange
Outcomes of the Visit
• Pledge to sustain the link
• Invitation for WBCC to go to China
• New Plans for a Joint Curriculum
JCP 2009
• Curriculum Link with Partner school –
Science and English
• Joint Curriculum Project on Monitoring Air
quality by Dust Collection
• Collaborative Work and Analysis
• English Literature and Poetry
• Cultural exchange – raise awareness of
life in China – share our culture and
Planning The Project
• Discussion and Agreement with Managers
• Collaboration with School in China – English
teachers and Science department
• Finding common ground in the curriculum
• Project Proposals discussed
• Emails
• Post practical work sheets
• Implementation
The Science Joint Project
• During Induction – Project for both
Schools - June
• Joint Curriculum Project on Monitoring Air
quality by Dust Collection Method
• Collaborative Work, Planning, Analysis
and Presentation - June
• During exchange visit – July Share and
Compare Data , Discuss and
Collaboration Science Issues
• Understanding the practical task and how
to implement the activity
• Making the dust collectors and interpreting
the work sheet vocabulary
• Use of the VLE for staff and students
Planning the Task
Make a Dust Collector
1. On the graph paper mark out a square with 5 small squares
on each side.
2. Put your initials on the paper but not inside the square you
have marked.
3. Stick the graph paper on the slide with a piece of doublesided tape – do not remove the top backing paper from the
Dust Collection
This is an example of
what it might look
like down a
Joint Curriculum Project
Exchange 2009
WBCC and
Nanshan School China
Dust Collection in China
7th July
AM: Breakfast at the hotel at 7:30---Schoolbus pick up at 8:10—Introductions
/0bserve lessons /Interact between students/Observe the display boards /Tour of
school---Lunch at school---Return at 12:40 approx
PM: Pick up at 2:30---at 2:40 presentation of science curriculum project --WBCC teacher Tony Allard and Host Science teachers Group work with
WBCC and host students to carry out experiment- present data and
analyse 4:00Visit Mianyany Science and Technology Museum (The space Amusement
wind-Tunnel )---5:30 family visit for meal --Return at 8:50 approx
AM: Pick up at 8:00---visit the scientist Square , Fuletang park---10:00 Visit the old
residence of Li Bai---Return to the city at 12:00(lunch--2:00 Rest at the hotel
PM:3:20 Pick up---WBCC and Host student presentations of
findings/Discussions on Findings ---comparative work and consider
explanations for Atmospheric Dust. Evaluate project and agree and plan
further joint work on this project ---Family visit at 5:00---Return at 8:50
Evaluation of the Project
• Student Comments:
• �I’m very interested in this activity – I
always want to make a difference about the
environment……..’ Lai Yongwei
• �I enjoy looking at my work under the microscope. That is
an amazing way to see such little things…….’ Mitty
• �Dust collectors - It is simple but useful – Only when
you do it yourself can you find out - I enjoy this most
….’ Lin Mou
• Diary and photographic/video record of
visit - webpage
• Share Resources and outcomes on VLE
and webpage
• Continued sustained link with our partner
• An amazing experience and opportunity
for the students and an inspiration to all
Achievements and Tips for Projects
• A Positive Experience for
• Build a good relationship
and partnership
• Understanding of
Teaching and Learning.
• LA Support
– Methods shared and
• Stronger partnership
• Ideas for the future
• Management support
• Communication and
Embedding into the School
• Governors Commitment and Support
• Appointment of International Schools
• International Dimension in School
Development Plan
• Ofsted Report
• International Schools Award 2009
• Annual International School Day
Future Plans
• Planned visit of 10 students and 5
teachers from China to WBCC in July
• Further curriculum links and sharing
• Plans to work with EU partners on Dust
• Future teacher and student visits to
China 2011 onwards
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