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About Company
 Famous for creating a niche market sector for
naturally inspired skin and hair care products, The
Body Shop introduced a generation of consumers
to the benefits of a wide range of best sellers fr om
Vitamin E Moisture Cream to the Tea Tree Oil range
and Banana Shampoo.
 It is estimated that The Body Shop sells a product
every 0.4 seconds with over 77 million customers t
ransactions through stores worldwide, with
customers sampling the current range of over 600
products and more than 400 accessories.
 The Body Shop has always believed that business
is primarily about human relationships. We believe
th at the more we listen to our stakeholders and
involve them in decision making, the better our
business will run.
About Company
 In 1999 The Body Shop brand was voted the
second most trusted brand in the UK by the
Consumers Associ ation. According to the 1997
Interbrand survey criteria, the company was
named 28th top brand in the world, second in
the retail sector. In a 1998 report, a survey of
international chief executives in The Financial
Times ranked The Body Shop the 27th most
respected company in the world.
Five Ideas
пѓ� Oppose animal experiment
пѓ� Support social justice transaction
пѓ� Activate self esteem
пѓ� Defend human rights
пѓ� Protect the earth
Oppose animal experiment
This is despite:
extensive public opposition;
the development of 'non-animal' alternative tests and;
the availability of thousands of ingredients that can be
safely and creatively used to make new produ cts
without the need for further animal tests.
The most common tests involve dripping a material
into rabbits' eyes or applying it to the shaved bac ks of
rabbits or guinea pigs and studying the resulting
irritation or damage.
Animals are also force-fed or dosed with substances to
assess affects.
In some cases the tests can cause suffering and even
The Body Shop believes cosmetics testing on animals
is unethical, unnecessary and should be banned.
Support social justice
 Community Trade is about targeting some of our
purchasing power and commercial experience where we
ca n make the most difference by working with people who
will benefit most from our trade. It's about us ing The
Body Shop expertise as an international retailer and
sharing that knowledge with small-scale local enterprises,
often in remote areas, that would not normally have the
chance to trade with an international company such as
The Body Shop. The Body Shop advises in areas such as
developing new customers, quality control, new product
development and diversification and business planning.
But, most importantly, The Body Shop places orders with
these organizations, demonstrating our faith in the quality
of the product and the community's ability to supply a
large c ompany with an order.
 Community Trade is a powerful and practical expression
of our commitment to social change, supporting long-term,
sustainable trading relationships with communities in
Activate self esteem
 Many of our principles are about showing compassion
and understanding for other people, but 'activate selfesteem' is all about you! Self-esteem is about selfawareness, self-confidence, self-worth, and selfacceptance. It's about respecting yourself, looking
after your body and soul, and being proud of who and
what you are.
 Throughout the ages, women's bodies have been
manipulated to fit the latest fad. We've been trussed
up, pumped up, corseted and bandaged. Waists have
been pinched, skin bleached, ribs removed. The fat
sucked out, the silicone injected in.
 Wouldn't you rather be measured by your individuality,
thinking and lust for life? Stand up for who you really
are ! -stand up for self esteem.
Defend human rights
 The Body Shop believes that businesses, in particular,
have a part to play in effecting social change. If more
businesses demonstrated a social conscience a nd
acted with social responsibility, governments would
have to listen. It's the big businesses who have the
power over governments - and it's you, the individual
consumer, who has the power over the big businesses.
 The Body Shop, with over 1,900 outlets around the
world, has an opportunity to raise awareness of the
issue amongst millions of people. It is only right and p
roper that we support them.
 We began our campaigning on this issue years ago
with Amnesty International and the full support of o ur
customers - 3,000,000 of them signed up to the 'Make
your Mark' campaign.
Protect the earth
 The Body Shop has an ultimate goal of being socially,
economically and ecologically sustainable. To this end,
we aim to ensure the responsible and ethical
management of all our activities.
 This policy covers the entirety of the environmental
impacts that The Body Shop either directly cause s, or
can influence. It focuses on our key impacts and our
responsibilities to act to protect the enviro nment
throughout our global business.
 It highlights those environmental issues that we need to
address as a priority in support of the Comp any' s
Mission Statement and Trading Charter that set out our
broader values-led vision. We ensure th at our social,
environmental and animal protection principles are
integral to our business management procedures and
practiced consistently throughout our operations.
Product introduction
The face attend
One cool convergence glue , is it set a fracture
wood is it extract the liquid with one wisp of
plums of money to spend to contai n, can make
the fragile eye skin fresh and pleasant . Can
strain tired out eyelid and have eyelid of
wrinkle, is it reduce eye dropsical , dark orbit to
help, make eyes rich in expression . Most
suitable for using with the eye aching tiredly.
Product introduction
Indoor aromatic
Many kinds of fragrant smell can be chosen in
accordance with mood: Pomegranate, exotic
atmosphere, quiet for spring, smoking clothing
the grasses of, ginger juice grape fruit, sea
blue , musk , the dream moon spending ,
tangerines , mandarin oranges , green teas not
fragrant not hard not white not neutral,
Product introduction
It is a kind of hair-dressing moulding type and
modelling products finalizing the design , suck
beeswax and grape young animal oil, high and
anti-oxidant and fine protecting the wet
efficiency , makes the hair healthy , glossy, the
beautiful hair flies upward, has level , lines to
analyse , clearly demarcated clearly, the quality
is too bright to stick the oily modelling products .
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