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Shop Safety Rules for all Automotive Classes

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Class Procedures
Safety Rules
Designed for the protection of you & others
Always Remember to “Work Smart”
Safety First!!
Come to class prepared
• Pencil
• Folder
• Calculator
• Be on time for class
• Do not miss class!!!
• You are responsible for missed work
Dismissal Bell
• Do not leave class until instructor gives
• No late work will be accepted.
• Use the bathroom before class
No Food or Drink
No MP3 Players
• No electronic devices
• No games
No Cell Phones
Everyone must wear
Safety eye protection
while observing or taking part in
lab activities, before, during &
after school.
(Z.87 ANSI approved eyewear)
It’s the Law
146.015 Safety eye protective goggles.
(1) Every student and teacher in schools, colleges,
universities and other educational institutions
participating in or observing any of the following
courses is required to wear appropriate industrial
quality eye protective goggles at all times while
participating in or observing such courses or
One More Bit of Eye Injury Info
• 2.5 million eye injuries occur annually in the U.S.
• 2,500 of those per day from workplace accidents
• Over 60% of workers injured are not wearing
safety eye protection at the time of the injury
• The average cost of an eye injury is $4,000
• The best eye protection you can wear is the kind
you will wear! Please keep them on at all times.
Ear protection is
recommended when decibel
levels exceed healthy levels.
Skin protection is
recommended when working
with chemicals & corrosives.
Wear appropriate clothing while
performing tasks.
Proper Footwear Required
• No sandals
Long Pants Required
• No Shorts
• Welders cover all skin
Do not wear jewelry on your
wrists, fingers, ears, or neck
while working on vehicles.
Long hair must be tied back to
prevent getting caught up in
moving machinery.
Horseplay, practical jokes, and
fooling around will not be
tolerated in the shop or the
Shop cleanliness & orderliness
is important for a safe and
efficient work environment.
Keep tools in good condition by
using them properly and storing
them properly.
Please store them cleanly too.
Don’t attempt to use equipment that
you are unfamiliar with.
Always get the instructor’s
demonstration before use.
One person operating machine
Approach Every Machine
as if it were On
Keep all Safety Guards in
Never Leave Running
Machine Unattended
Clean Metal Chips with
Brush or Vacuum
Use the Right Tool
Turn on exhaust fan
• Breathing toxic fumes is dangerous
Empty Your Pockets
• No lighters
• No electronic devices
When doing heavy or awkward
lifting, always get assistance and
lift with your knees, not your back.
Report all injuries
to the teacher immediately.
Know First Aid Kit location
If injured, do not leave the area,
the office must be called for
(extension 5511)
Use good judgment
in all situations
No Vandalism
• Vandalism or theft of school property or
theft of another student’s projects or
possessions may result in, but is not
limited to: removal from class with an F,
expenses for damages or loss, charged
with destruction of private/public property,
and/or theft, and possible expulsion from
Don’t Be Stupid
Be respectful
Types of Fires
Class A=
Class B=
Class C=
Do not cause sparks or fire in the
area, especially near gasoline,
batteries, or other fuel sources
such as solvents or cleaners.
Fire Extinguishers
• Located near exits
• Dry Chemical Type
– A, B, and C fires
Emergency Exit
• Fire Drill
– Go out nearest exit and meat across the
• Tornado Drill
– Stay in auto classroom
• Intruder Drill
– Go into metals shop
Know the location
of the MSDS binder.
Material Safety Data Sheet
The ABC Rule of Shop Safety is
Always Be Careful
Safety Quiz
• What is wrong with the following pictures
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