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Appendix 1 - NAS presentation on One Stop Shop

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One Stop Shop
Appendix 1
Wendy Minty
One Stop Shop Manager
The National Autistic Society
One Stop Shop
пЃ¬Core Objectives
Progress so far….
пЃ¬Future Plans
One Stop Shops
Six One Stop Shop’s in Scotland
пЃ¬Split between three National Autism
Organisations –
пЃ¬The National Autistic Society (Aberdeen &
пЃ¬Autism Initiatives (Perth & Inverness)
пЃ¬Scottish Autism (Dunfermline &
Core Objectives
Information, Advice and Signposting
service for people with autism, their
families/carers and professionals.
пЃ¬Unique to local area with a distinct base.
пЃ¬Provides post diagnostic advice and
пЃ¬Facilitates and promotes involvement from
local professionals.
пЃ¬Is supported by a multi-agency advisory
group to ensure that local issues are
пЃ¬Makes good use of IT services and
пЃ¬Includes the development and use of
volunteers wherever possible.
пЃ¬Immediate consideration is given to the
sustainability of the service.
пЃ¬Consultations (via meetings and surveys)
were held in June/July 2012 with
individuals, parents/carers/professionals.
Consultation Outcomes
пЃ¬ Provide local information.
пЃ¬ Provide post diagnostic information.
пЃ¬ Form links with existing services.
пЃ¬ Provide social opportunities.
пЃ¬ Provide information on training and workshops.
пЃ¬ Provide information on education, employment,
housing, health and finances.
пЃ¬ Drop-in, library, no age limit - open to all.
Consultation Outcome on
пЃ¬Based in Aberdeen, possible satellites in
пЃ¬City centre/near bus routes/transport links.
пЃ¬Safe location.
пЃ¬Easy to find but not too obvious.
Accessible – ground floor/lift.
пЃ¬Toilet facilities on ground floor.
Cost – especially long-term.
пЃ¬Manager recruited November 2012.
пЃ¬Link core objectives to the consultation
Prioritise – what needs to be done and
First priority – premises, as this will shape
what can be offered.
Progress - Premises
пЃ¬ Over 40 properties considered.
пЃ¬ 12 viewed, the remainder walked past!
 3 offers made – unsuccessful due to lease
пЃ¬ Many properties too expensive, location
unsuitable, facilities unsuitable, renovation work
пЃ¬ Housing Associations approached with a view to
acquiring a flat as a satellite (in the future).
Progress - Links
пЃ¬ Networked with representatives from health,
housing, criminal justice, education, advocacy,
diagnostic services, self directed support,
existing local groups, statutory, voluntary and
public sector organisations.
 Visited other One Stop Shops – No 6 and
пЃ¬ Attended other OSS Steering Group Meetings.
Advisory Group
пЃ¬ In order to look at long term sustainability a
multi-agency Advisory Group has been formed.
пЃ¬ The first meeting took place on 28th February.
пЃ¬ Members include representatives from the Local
Authorities, Education, Employment, Health,
Criminal Justice, Children and Adult Services, an
individual with autism and a family member.
пЃ¬ This group will evolve with the development of
the service.
Future Plans
пЃ¬Gain suitable premises
пЃ¬Plan what we can provide based on this.
пЃ¬Employ an Information Officer and
Volunteer/Outreach Co-ordinator.
пЃ¬Develop and maintain a current data base
of information.
пЃ¬Continue making links with statutory,
voluntary and public sector organisations.
пЃ¬Develop an Advisory Group with members
who have autism and who use the service.
пЃ¬Plan how to develop the service in
Aberdeenshire and possibly Moray –
information drop-ins/clinics.
пЃ¬Identify gaps in services and work with
providers in addressing them.
пЃ¬Support work being carried out by national
groups – VIAS, In Control.
Our name evolves – the One Stop Shop
develops a local identity which is led by
people who use the service.
We are sustainable……
пЃ¬People feel welcome and relaxed when
they visit.
Underpinning Values
пЃ¬Realising Potential
пЃ¬Equality and Diversity
(Scottish Strategy for Autism 2011)
Our vision is that individuals on the autism
spectrum are respected, accepted and
valued by their communities, and have
confidence in services to treat them fairly
so that they are able to have meaningful
and satisfying lives.
(The Scottish Strategy for Autism 2011)
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