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DADT (English Topic)

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DADT stands for “Don't Ask, Don't Tell”. This is the name of the policy in the United States, restricting the US military from efforts to discover or reveal closeted gay, lesbian, and bisexual service members, while at the same time barring t
DADT stands for “Don't Ask,
Don't Tell”. This is the name of the
policy in the United States,
restricting the US military from
efforts to discover or reveal
gay, lesbian, and bisexual
service members, while at the
same time barring
those who are
openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual
from military service. This law
came into effect during the Bill
Clinton Democratic administration
in 1993. Since 1993, more than
13,000 soldiers have been
discharged under DADT. Before coming to office in 2008, current President Barack
Obama pledged to repeal DADT. However, he has been criticized by those supporting the
repeal for not acting on his campaign promise. Obama now states that Congress has the
exclusively authority to change the policy. However, he altered his stance again in his
2010 State of the Union Address when he said, “This year, I will work with Congress and
our military to finally repeal the law that denies gay Americans the right to serve the
country they love because of who they are.” This statement was quickly followed up by
Defense Secretary Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen voicing their support for a
repeal of DADT. A repeal of DADT was adopted as an amendment to the FY 2011
Defense Bill by the US House of Representatives on May 27, 2010. This amendment
provided for the repeal following a study conducted by US Army General Carter Ham. A
similar amendment was adopted by the US Senate Armed Services Committee later that
week. On June 20, 2010 Gates stated that Obama may veto the FY 2011 Defense Bill
even if it does include a repeal due to concerns over waste and overspending by
Congress. On September 20th, 2010 Lady Gaga attended a rally organized by the
Service members Legal Defense Network to encourage Maine Republican Senators
Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to vote on including a provision (initiated by Nevada
Democratic Senator Harry Reid) to the FY 2011 Defense Bill that would repeal DADT. On
September 21st, 2010, John McCain led a successful (Yea 56, Nay 43) filibuster
the debate on the Defense Authorization Act. As a result, DADT will remain in effect for
the time being.
Do you think gay/lesbian/bisexual people should be allowed to serve in the military? Why
or why not? What solution would you have?
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Closeted = [ADJECTIVE] To hide and/or not reveal an aspect of one's personality or character.
This is most often used in relation to sexual preference. [Knowing that he could not win the
election if the public knew he was gay, John decided to remain closeted until after he completed
his term as governor.]
To bar (someone) from (something)
= [VERB] To prevent someone from doing something; To not
allow someone to do something. [The bouncer barred us from entering the club because we
weren't wearing designer clothes.]
= [NOUN] A filibuster (also known as 'speaking/talking out a bill' or 'killdrivel') is a type of
parliamentary procedure whereby a long member can try to delay or entirely prevent a vote by
speaking a very long time and thereby annoying the remainder of Congress enough that they give
Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is considered the
leading Republican in the Senate today, and as a
result, he leads the Republican opposition to the
repeal of DADT. Senator John McCain, born in 1936
(yes, he's 74 years old!), is a decorated
war hero
from the Vietnam war. A naval aviator, in 1967 he was
shot down in Vietnam and captured as a prisoner of
war. He was held by the Vietnamese and tortured
ruthlessly for 5 and a half years. The years of torture
left Senator McCain with significant physical
disabilities which he overcomes today. A graduate of
the United States Naval Academy, John McCain has significant military expertise and
knowledge. Given this, his position on DADT is very influential in the United States,
amongst both Republicans and Democrats alike. His stance is that DADT is the best
possible solution to the problem, and that one's sexuality should not be discussed in the
military, as it has no effect on the unique mission of the military. He stresses that gays and
lesbians currently serve in the military and are not searched for and discriminated against.
They simply cannot let their sexual tendencies be made known, as it could cause logistical
problems within the unique structure of the military.
Senator McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, was born in 1984 and is a columnist,
author, and blogger. She identifies herself as a person “who despises labels and boxes
and stereotypes”, and claims that she is “a Republican who is liberal on social issues.”
Meghan believes that DADT is a form of discrimination, and therefore opposes it. She
says that she has a lot of gay friends, and she wants them to be happy. As such, she also
wants to legalize gay marriage, another view that is in stark contrast with her father's
Who do you side with? John or Meghan McCain? Why?
Decorated (soldier/hero/officer)
= A person who has won many medals and awards due to
Get ready for another pop quiz!
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: Who is going to the parade
: What parade, Alla?
: Don't you know, Vadim?
There is a military parade tonight
on the Lawn in Washington DC.
There will be soldiers marching
with rifles and some heavy
machinery, like tanks and stuff....
: Oh that sounds cool. I'm in
Katya: Oh, good, the more the
merrier.....after all, someone has
got to carry my handbag, my
camera, my umbrella, my water
: And my raincoat, my coffee thermos
: Good grief!
: Don't worry, Vadim – Sergei and I are also going to attend, so there will be 3 guys
available to carry all the girls' stuff....
: 20 rubles per item per hour.....
: What did you say, Viktor!?!
: Nothing. Nevermind. When are we meeting?
: The parade starts at 1900. We should be there no later than 1830 in order to get
a good spot. Let's meet at 1810 at the Convention Center, and we'll walk together from
: Oh, I think we should meet earlier. I read that there are going to be protests, so
the streets will probably be crowded.
: Why are there going to be protests?
: Some people are upset that Obama has not repealed the DADT policy, so they're
protesting the military parade and demanding that gays be allowed to serve openly. Vadim
: Great.....sounds like the Lawn is going to be filled with fairies.... Katya
: Vadim, that's very insensitive of you!
: Yeah Vadim, those fruitcakes should be given equal rights....
: Viktor! That term is just as offensive. Where are your manners?
: He must have left them at the club last night when he was grinding
with that girl
on the dance floor....
: Go Viktor! So, did you get to see her apartment?
: A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.
: So why aren't you telling?
: Oh snap!
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I'm in
= I agree; I'll come with you; I'll do what you are proposing.
Thermos = [NOUN] A container (usually a bottle or jar) which has a vacuum between an inner and
outer wall in order to keep the contents (usually liquid) either cold or hot (usually hot). NOTE: This
word, like 'Kleenex' and 'Xerox' comes from the name of the company that first created it. [Uggh, I
left my coffee thermos at the bus stop – now how am I going to sit through Gutorov's boring
lectures all day?!?]
Good grief!
= An expression of irritation or annoyance. [Are you kidding me? A small danish filled
with meat and rice costs 60 rubles at the university cafeteria now? Good grief!]
To grind with OR on somebody = To dance really close, in a sexually suggestive way with
someone. [My mother will physically pull a guy off of a girl if she sees him grinding on her in public.
Then she'll surely tell him off.]
Just Speak!
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