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Road Trips (English Topic)

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A road trip is when friends or family pile into the car and go on a vacation. Normally, the term 'road trip' is used when the distance from the point of origin to the destination is great, and/or when there are several planned stops along the
Road Trips
A road trip is when friends or
family pile into the car
and go on a
vacation. Normally, the term 'road trip'
is used when the distance from the
point of origin to the destination is
great, and/or when there are several
planned stops along the way. A road
trip is one of the classic types of
American vacations which has been
popular since the invention of the
It has become a tradition for
university students to take a road trip
together during Spring Break
Because students are usually on a tight budget, they can save money by riding together in
the same car and splitting the cost of fuel. It allows them to save money on airfare, and it
has the added benefit of giving them a way to get from their hotel to local places of interest
at their destination. In general, it is necessary to have a car in most American cities in
order to get around. Often, local transportation and buses do not run as frequently as in
Russia, because most Americans own cars. Also, most American cities are generally more
spread out
than typical Russian cities. Therefore, road trips are convenient and
economical, especially for students. The drawback
of road trips is that travel time from
the point of origin and the destination is greater than by flying. Another selling point
of road trips is the fact that it allows everyone to chat and
with each other. On long road trips, having friends and family around is also
beneficial so that everyone with a driver's license can take turns driving. That way, no one
gets tired, and everyone has a chance to take a nap somewhere along the way.
Before starting a road trip, it is always interesting to plan your route and your
. It is also important to pack plenty of snacks and drinks so that no one gets
hungry or thirsty between stops. In the United States, there are many exits on the
highways (sometimes called freeways). At almost every exit, you have the opportunity to
refuel and get something to eat. In order to save time, most people eat fast food while on
their road trip. Fast food places such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell,
and KFC are probably the most common places for road trippers to grab a bite to eat at.
There are also places called 'rest stops' along almost all major highways of the United
States. Rest stops are funded by the state government, and they provide a place for
drivers to stretch out their legs, use the restroom for free, and find information about
popular attractions in that state. Usually, there are also picnic tables at the rest stops, so it
is possible for anyone to stop and have a picnic.
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Because many road trips are long
and time consuming, different people
find different ways to pass the time.
Some people simply listen to music or
the radio the whole time, and others
like to play games. One common
game during a road trip is trying to
spot license plates from all 50 states. For example, while driving on the
freeway, everyone looks at the license
plates of passing cars. When
someone sees a car from Florida,
someone calls out “Florida!”. Of
course, it is very rare to see cars from all 50 states, especially from Hawaii!
Are road trips popular in Russia? What kind of games would you play on a road
trip? What kind of snacks would you pack? Who would you go with on a road trip?
To pile into the car = To get into the car, usually when there is more than one person. [We spent
the whole day hiking in the hot sun, so when we piled into the car and turned on the air
conditioning, it felt great.] Spring Break
= [NOUN] A week of vacation in both high schools and colleges in the United States,
usually timed around Easter. [John, where are you going during Spring Break? I'm going with my
friends to Daytona Beach. It's going to be a blast!]
Spread out = [ADJECTIVE] To NOT be concentrated in one place; To be placed in several
different areas within a given space. [Valerie, why are you making such a mess? Your books are
spread out all over the living room.]
Drawback =
[NOUN] Negative aspect; Bad point of something. [One of the drawbacks of living in
Russia is that it is nearly impossible to find real peanut butter!]
Selling point
= [NOUN] Positive aspect; Something about a thing or product which makes people
want to buy it or use it. [Although they were actually looking for a bigger place to live, the selling
point of that house was the fact that it was right on the beach!]
To bond
= [VERB] HERE: To become closer; To get to know someone better and find that you
have something in common. [At first, Jim's dog was not very friendly and didn't want me to pet her,
but later we bonded while playing at the lake, and now she follows me wherever I go.]
= [NOUN] The plan of where you will be and when you will be there. [Adam has a very
ambitious itinerary – he is going to be in Berlin from August 1st-5
, then Warsaw from the 6
to the
, and then he's going to spend the last two weeks of his vacation in St. Petersburg.]
At our meeting, you will be given a map and will have to give directions to each other on
how to get from one place to another place.
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Create your own road trip through Russia or the United States. Tell the group about who
you will be taking the road trip with, your itinerary, and what you will do at your final
: Viktor, did you pack the snacks?
: Yep. Vadim
: What about the sodas?
: Check.
: And the maps are in the glove
? Viktor
: They sure are. Katya
: Hey guys, what's going on?
: We're going on a road trip!
: Cool, where are you two headed
? Viktor
: We're driving Vadim's 1987 Volga
to Vladivostok from St. Petersburg.
: Wow, that's a really long, time-
consuming road trip!
: It sure is. How long will you two be gone, and what cities do you plan on hitting up?
: Well, the problem is that we'll have to drive not only TO Vladivostok, but also BACK to
Piter, so it's going to take close to two months.
: Wow, you're going to be at each other's throats
after being together that long in the car!
: Nah, we're just going to have fun.
: Maybe.
Katya: And why didn't you answer the second part of my question, Vadim?
: Oh, sorry! Well, we're going to stop for a little bit in Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, and of
course Vladivostok.
: Why Ulan-Ude?
: It has the world's largest statue of the head of Lenin!
: Okay, so why are you stopping into Ulan-Ude, then?
: Oh, you girls just don't appreciate Russian culture!
: Oh please, Vadim! You were born in Leningrad, but you've never even been to the Russian
Museum! And Viktor's idea of “Russian culture” is attending every Banderos concert in Northwest
: That's right. You two never come with us to the theater or art galleries. Don't try to lecture
us on Russian culture!e
: Well, I guess that's our cue
to leave!
: At least take lots of pictures for us to see when you get back.
: We will.
: I'll believe that when I see the pictures! After all, we're still waiting on your pictures from
Victory Day in Moscow!
: Yeah Vadim, what's the deal with those?
: Okay, settle down, ladies. I've just been really busy with work.....
: Yes, so busy that you've planned a 2-month road trip....
: Alright, ladies we've got to get on the road.....
: Bring me back something nice!
: And me, too!
: I guess our road trip just got more expensive.....oh well, let's hit the road!
: I've got shotgun!
: Ummm, there's only two of us in the car.....of course you do.....
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Glove compartment
= [NOUN] The small storage space in a car directly in front of the passenger
side front seat. [Many people like to keep their car insurance cards and owner's manuals in the
glove compartment.]
To head (somewhere)
= [VERB] To go in a certain direction or to a certain place. (synonym for “to
go”) [I'm headed to Lenta – does anyone need me to pick up anything for dinner tonight?]
To be at each other's throats
= To be ready to kill each other = To be frustrated with each other
and therefore in a bad mood in relation to each other. [NOTE: This is normally used in a figurative
sense] [Although Jerry and Max have been best friends since 1
Grade, they were really at each
other's throats in high school when they both wanted to date Lucy.]
That's our cue (to do something) = That is our sign to do something. [As soon as the baby
started crying, I knew that she had soiled her diaper, so that was my cue to leave. I may be her
uncle, but I don't change dirty diapers!!]
To hit the road = Colloquial way of saying to leave or to start on a journey. (NOTE: This is often
expressed through the phrase “Let's hit the road!” which means “Let's go!” or “Let's get started on
our journey!”) [I'm not sure how far they'll get tonight, but they hit the road this morning at 0900.]
I've got shotgun!
= Colloquial phrase meaning “I want to sit in the front of the car on the
passenger's side.”
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