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The Holy Assumption monastery named after
St.Tikhon is situated on the banks of the river Vepreyka.
This desert is a truly beautiful place on Russian soil! You
will be amazed by all right away: the grandeur of the
monastery complex, the sanctity of these places and
becalmed atmosphere! Magnificent in its beauty and
impressive size Belfry and Assumption Cathedral
fascinate look. They are truly a masterpiece of
architecture of the Kaluga region.
The monastery was founded at
the end of the XV century by St.
Tikhon Medynskiy.
At the time of the reign of Ivan the
Terrible, this monastery became very
Was devastated during the Troubles
and restored under tsars Mikhail
Fedorovich and Aleksei Mikhailovich.
Picturesque architectural ensemble
of the monastery was formed in the
XVIII-XIX centuries.
*Assumption Cathedral simply enraptures
its beautiful view! Its front access door is
open only on major holidays. This temple
and another neighbor 75m 5-tiered bell
tower - visiting cards of the monastery.
There is a very good selection of books here, in
the monastery shop. You can buy delicious
bread from the monastery, which every morning
is sanctified by the priest.
acquired its present
appearance in the
XIX century.
2 November 1993 the Holy Assumption monastery
named after St.Tikhon started a new life as friary.
Travel: Kiev highway (M3), the village of Lev
Tolstoy, ~ 175km from Moscow, ~ 20 km from
At 3 miles from the monastery is a sacred well, dug by St. Tikhon, in 1887 there
was built a church in honor of the Virgin Mary, of wood, in the Byzantine style,
called "Picturesque Channel? (?Живописный источник?)
* Traditional military burial. Nearby there is a fresh grave.
* Actually, village of Leo Tolstoy. The center of the village is
formed with tents and minibus stop. Minibuses arrive here
from the Square of the World in Kaluga.
This is Blue Lake, a former sand quarry, the best place holiday beach near Kaluga
*Its name
underscores its
interior design
and cuisine
restaurant. The
interior is
designed as a
hunting lodge, the
walls are trimmed
with decorative
complemented by
wooden furniture,
stuffed wild
animals: bears,
squirrels, foxes
and wolves.
*Inalienable component of the restaurant - live music of all
styles and genres, male and female vocals, and now the
guitar accompaniment.
The restaurant has rich experience in conducting and
organizing social gatherings, corporate events, there is
always a holiday atmosphere.
The restaurant has a sports bar
and billiards.
* Wednesday to Sunday from 17 pm until 3 am
* A sports bar and billiards operate from 12 pm until 3 am
Beautiful nature, the proximity of the monastery of St.
Tikhon and the holy spring of St. Tikhon, cozy hotel
rooms, home furnishings will help to diversify your day
and make the holiday memorable!
Recreation room is designed for 8-12 people, combined
with a billiard room (billiards Russian, table 9 feet). Here
you will find everything that is an integral part of great
entertainment: home cinema, karaoke room for relaxation,
the services of an experienced masseur, gym, shower with
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