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Woodrow Wilson (English Biopic)

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learn about Woodrow Wilson's life
Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) was the 28
of the United States of America. He is perhaps best-known
as the author of the famous “14 Points” speech which he
gave on January 8, 1918. This speech was the clearest
expression of war intentions and proposed resolutions for
World War I given by any of the involved nations. One of
the 14 points called for the creation of a “League of
Nations” which would meet regularly to discuss and resolve
world conflicts. Although the short-lived
League of
Nations was in the end a failure, it was the predecessor
the United Nations, and the lessons learned from it helped
pave the way for
the success of the United Nations today.
One lesser known fact about Woodrow Wilson is
that his face is depicted on the now out-of-circulation
$100,000 bill!
Woodrow Wilson was one of four children born to Presbyterian parents of Scottish
ancestry in the southern state of Virginia. The things that he achieved in his lifetime, and
the fact that he became President of the United States is all the more extraordinary
because of the fact that he could not even read until past the age of 10. Although it is not
confirmed, many speculate
that he suffered from dyslexia as a child. Regardless, he
ended up succeeding academically, and he even attended one of the best universities in
the United States – Princeton University. While there, he joined the Phi Kappa Psi
fraternity and got his law degree. He would later become a professor at Princeton
University and eventually the President of Princeton before taking office as the Governor
of New Jersey in 1910. Just two years after his first foray
into politics, he would become
the President of the United States in 1912.
Woodrow Wilson's personal life was not very controversial. His upbringing as a
Presbyterian ensured that! He was married twice in his life, and he had 3 daughters. In
1914, while in office, Wilson became one of only 3 Presidents to be widowed
while in
office. A year later, in 1915 he met Edith Galt through a cousin, and they married at the
end of the same year! In his spare time, Wilson was an automobile enthusiast. This may
explain why he put so much emphasis on highway reform. He also played golf – more
than any other President in United States history, in fact.
Wilson's presidency was mostly defined by World War I and its aftermath. Prior to
the war, Wilson was able to win the election by promising neutrality and to keep the United
States out of the war. However, once the Germans sank the British passenger ship
, killing 128 of the 139 American citizen passengers onboard, it became more
difficult to remain neutral. In the end, of course, the United States entered World War I
during Wilson's second term. Despite his earlier pledge, Wilson said that the United
States must enter World War I in order to “make the world safe for democracy.” Many
point to Wilson as the first President to set the precedent of taking military action for the
aim of defending democracy.
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Short-lived = [ADJECTIVE] Something that only lasts a brief amount of time (but is usually NOT
intended to last only a short time). [John long envisioned opening up a successful Italian
restaurant on Nevsky Prospekt, but sales were disappointing, and so his dream was short-lived.] Predecessor
= [NOUN] The person or thing that held a post or position before the person/thing
that currently holds the same post or position now. (
[President Obama often
complains about the policies and actions of his predecessor, George W. Bush, but he needs to
take more tangible actions in order to fulfill his promises.]
To pave the way for (something/someone) = To make is possible or easier for someone or
something to follow. [Martin Luther King, Jr. paved the way for African Americans in the United
States to receive equal rights.]
To speculate =
[VERB] (1)To consider, discuss, or suggest why something has happened, often
without evidence. (2)To buy things such as shares and property, hoping to make a big profit later
by selling them for more than you bought them for. [Vadim loves to speculate about all the unjust
things that Governor Matvienko does, but in reality, she is the best governor in the history of Saint
Petersburg! Part of the reason for the economic crisis is that many greedy oil barons speculated.]
= [NOUN] An attempt at doing something new or something that you do not usually do.
[John doesn't know anything about finances, so his foray into playing the market was a big
To be widowed
= To lose (through death) one's wife or husband. [Sarah's mother was widowed at
the age of 30, after her husband was killed in an automobile accident.]
What happens if the President of the United States
dies or becomes physically or mentally incapacitated
in office? This is something that the U.S. Constitution did
not directly address until the passage of the 25
Amendment in 1967. A major reason why Congress
wanted to create this amendment was due to the situation
at the end of Woodrow Wilson's presidency. As you may
know, despite the fact that the League of Nations was
President Woodrow Wilson's idea (you might even say that
it was his 'baby'), the United States of America never joined
the League, due to Congress' hesitation to join an
organization which may pull the country into unwanted
conflicts. This greatly disturbed Wilson, so as a result, he
decided to travel across the country and promote the
League of Nations, in hopes of
gathering popular support
and changing the position of Congress. However, on
October 2
, 1919, he suffered a serious stroke
. This stroke made him paralyzed on his
left side, and blind in his left eye. However, the seriousness of his condition was kept from
the American public. For months he was not seen by the public, and even his Vice
President, Thomas Marshall, was not allowed access to him. Instead, his wife Edith
managed most of his affairs. She even selected topics which he would consider, and she
gave other topics to members of his Cabinet. The First Lady, of course, is not given such
power by the United States Constitution, so years later when this information about Edith's
role came to light, the issue of Presidential succession became very controversial.
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Incapacitated = [ADJECTIVE] Unable to live, work, or function normally. [Doctors must act
appropriately to save their incapacitated patients. Mentally incapacitated adults must rely on the
support of their friends and family to meet their basic needs.]
In hopes of
= In the hope of (+ Gerund) =
Expecting and/or wishing for (something); for the
purpose of (doing something) [John hated dance parties. He only attended this one in hopes of
seeing his high school crush Rachel.]
Stroke = [NOUN] Here: удар: Medical condition in which one's brain is damaged by blood clot –
blood cannot travel to a portion of the brain, and therefore the victim loses some abilities (for
example: speech, movement of arm, etc.) [My friend's grandmother suffered a stroke at the age of
74, and she hasn't been able to write since.]
“A conservative is a man who sits and thinks, but mostly sits.” “I have long enjoyed the friendship and companionship of Republicans because I am by
instinct a teacher, and I would like to teach them something.”
“If you want to make enemies, try to change something..”
“The seed of revolution is repression.”
Will you pass this week's quiz?
: I can't wait until the Duma
passes this bill about immigration
reform. It's about time we
regulated illegals in this country!
: Oh come on, Sergei. You
don't really think that bill will help
the situation, do you? You're so
: Yeah, they probably just
hid a pay raise for themselves in
one of the articles of the bill! If
only the LDPR took control of the
Duma, then we'd see some
: This is no time for partisan
politics, Katya. We should follow the lead of United
Russia and work together to created a unified government which looks after the interests
of the people.
: Another Wilsonian!
: Yeah, I think it's about time that they handed the reins over to
else.....for example, Zhuganov! Copyright©2010 English
.ru All rights reserved
: No way! I'm not going back to that......I'm too used to my creature comforts
: Besides, Viktor........he'd shut down all the clubs!
: Oh no!
: Voting in the LDPR is our only hope. Vadim
: No.....United Russia!
: I just want to make sure my clubs stay open!
: Well, unless something is done about our porous
borders, your clubs will be
overrun with non-Russians drinking up all your alcohol and taking up space on your dance
: What could be worse?!?!
: Banderos breaking up?
: That WOULD be a tragedy!
: Or a blessing!
= [ADJECTIVE] Extremely idealistic, often to the extent that the achievement of the aims are not
really possible; Hopeful and trusting to a fault. [He's so Wilsonian, that he thinks that the United Nations will
be able to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict! Sorry, but that situation is hopeless!]
= [ADJECTIVE] To discuss and/or decide issues strictly by party lines. (for example, if a Democrat
votes only for Democratic bills, even if a Republican bill suits his actions, then he is making a partisan
decision and is acting in a partisan way) [If the Republicans take control of Congress in November, then
partisan politics could obstruct the passage of most of President Obama's proposed politics.]
To hand the reins over to (somebody) OR To hand over the reins to (somebody) = To give
power/control to someone else. [I built up the business, but I handed over the reins to my daughter.]
Creature comforts
= [NOUN, always plural] = Those material things that make one live comfortably, for
example a flat-screen television, expensive computer, or large apartment, etc. (
) [I hate camping. I
can't do without my creature comforts.]
= [ADJECTIVE] Having pores; Allowing things to pass through without regulation. [Even though the
concert was not sold-out, the porous security allowed so many without tickets to pass through that there was
not an empty seat in the stadium!]
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