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Шевкуненко Ирины
1. The Smolny Cathedral
2. The Church of the Savior on Split Blood
3. The Peter and Paul Cathedral
4. St. Isaac’s Cathedral
5. The Kazan Cathedral
6. The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Monastery
The Smolny Cathedral
• It was built in 1748-1764 by architect
Rastrelli. It is a huge five-domed cathedral
85 metres high. It was built in style
Rococo. Now the cathedral is used as a
concert hall for choral church music and
for exhibitions.
The Church of the Savior on Split
• This church is situated not far from Nevsky
Prospect on the Griboyedov Canal Embankment
and next to the State Russian Museum.
• It was built between 1883 and 1907 after the
project of the frchitect Alfred Parland. This
church was constructed on the place where the
Emperor Alexander II was mortally wounded by
a bomb.
The Peter and Paul Cathedral
• It is situated on the ground of the Peter and Paul
Fortress and was built in 1733 by the Italian
architect Domenico Trezzini. The cathedral is 122.5
metres high. It was built in the style of Peter’s
baroque. The bell-tower is crowned with a gilded
spire. A weather-vane in the form of an angel with a
cross is on the top of the cathedral. All the Russian
tsars beginning from Peter I were buried here.
St. Isaac’s Cathedral
• The cathedral is situated not far from the
Neva River on St. Isaac’s Square.
• St. Isaac was considered to be Peter’s I
patron saint. Cathedral was built between
1818-1858 by the French architect
Montferrand, who designed the project.
The cathedral is 101.8 metres high. It’s
decorated with 112 granite monolithic
columns, bronze sculptures, mosaics,
The Kazan Cathedral
The cathedral was erected between 1801 and
1811 by a Russian architect Andrei Voronikhin. It
is situated in Nevsky Prospect. The cathedral
contains trophies of the War of 1812 and served
as a monument to victory over Napoleon. The
colonnade of cathedral consists of 96 columns in
4 rows. Each column is 12.37 metres high. Since
1932 the cathedral has housed the museum of
the History of Religion and Atheism. Now
services are once again held in the cathedral.
The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky
• In 1710 Peter I ordered to build a
monastery named in honour of the Saint
Trinity and Saint Alexander Nevsky.
Domenico Trezzini made the design of the
first temple. Between 1776 and 1790 on its
place the new cathedral was erected after
the design of the architect Ivan Starov. The
Holy Trinity Cathedral was designed in the
style of Russian classicism.
• Cathedral – собор
• Fortress – крепость
• To erect – создавать,
• To be situated – быть
• Baroque – барокко
• Bell-tower – колокольня
• To crown – увенчивать
• Spire – шпиль
• Tsar – царь
• To bury – хоронить
Dome - купол
Choral – хоровой
Exhibition – выставка
Savior – спаситель
To construct – строить,
Embankment –
Emperor – император
Mortally – смертельно
To wound – ранить
• Patron saint – святой
• Monolithic –
монолитный, единый
• Temple – храм
• Holy Trinity – Святая
Trophy – трофей
To serve – служить
Victory – победа
Religion – религия
Atheism – атеизм
Service – служба
In honour – в честь
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