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The Way of Beauty

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Falling in love with the way Jesus sees life
Bitterness and unforgiveness
Loneliness of self-centred isolation
Trapped in a cycle of violence and revenge
Enslaved by wealth
Stuck in (oppressed by, condemned by) dead
tradition ("letter of the law")
Is narrow
Nowhere to lay your head
Hate your father and mother, give up family
Costs a lot (everything)
Lose your life
Actually it’s pretty much impossible
My yoke is easy and my burden is light
The kingdom is near (within you)
Your sins are forgiven
Become like children/ let the little children
come to me
Like a party when a Father runs out to meet you
You get back 100x what you give up
Actually nothing is impossible
Do we have a free will? (sort of)
On an average day the majority of our decisions
and our actions are done on “autopilot”
We act based on our beliefs (i.e. our
perceptions and expectations) and
Emile Coué’s “Law of Reversed Effect”
(When our belief and our will are at war, belief always wins.)
So we’re kind of stuck
Unless we’re “converted”
When they fall in love
When they fall out of love with their addiction
When they have an “Aha Moment”
When they’re struck by beauty
When they move into a new and different
community or environment
When they have very different roles
Debt-free way filled with grace
Way of love toward others (neighbours &
Way of serving and sharing with others – free
from grasping for power, wealth, competition
Way of gratitude regardless of circumstance
Way of trust and freedom from worry
Way in which opening up to hope, trust and
love is miraculous: can heal us, can help us
work with nature rather than against it
Not as much when we do it together
Next week: walking the way of beauty (of being
converted into falling in love with Jesus’ way of
beauty) – together.
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