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Family Planning - Heartland Alliance

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What Is Family Planning?
Having the number of children you
want, when you want them.
If a person wants to wait to have children
or to decide when to have children, there
are many ways to prevent pregnancy
Who Does It?
Both men and women
must take part in family
In America, many
people use
family planning
and control
when they have
All of the family planning methods we will
talk about are used safely by millions of
women and men
Reasons for choosing smaller
Pregnancy is Risky!
Mothers and babies will be healthier because
fewer pregnancies means less risks
More Food
Fewer children means more food for each child
More Time
Fewer children can mean more time for parents to
spend with their children
Waiting to have children can give
women and men time to finish their
Why is family planning hard?
• Some people want to have
large families
• A woman’s husband might not
want her to use family
• It’s not accepted by some
• A person might be afraid that
others will think they’re having
sex with someone other than
their husband or wife if they
are using protection
It’s A Right!
A person has the right to decide how many
children they want to have
It’s a Right!
A woman has the right to protect her health
from the risks of pregnancy
What if a woman’s husband says
She must decide if she
will use family planning
Some methods of family
planning can be used
without the man knowing
Preventing Pregnancy
A Pregnancy Happens When…
• After a man ejaculates
inside a woman, the
man’s sperm and the
woman’s egg join
together to make a
• When the zygote
attaches to the side of
a woman’s womb, a
pregnancy begins.
There are several methods of
family planning
Barrier Methods
Hormonal Methods
IUDs (Intrauterine Devices)
Natural Methods
Permanent Methods
All of these methods (EXCEPT FOR PERMANENT
METHODS) can be stopped at ANY time if a woman
decides to get pregnant or if she decides to try a different
method of family planning
Barrier methods work by physically
preventing the man’s sperm from
joining with the woman’s egg
• An example of a barrier method
• Can be bought at the store or at a
clinic or an agency
• The ONLY method of family
planning that also protects against
Hormones and Hormonal Methods
• Hormones are chemicals in the body.
• Men and women have different hormones.
• It is hormones that make men grow mustaches
and women grow breasts.
• Hormones also determine when a woman can
get pregnant (when she is “fertile”) by getting her
body ready for pregnancy.
Hormonal Methods
When a woman uses a
hormonal method of family
planning, she puts hormones in
her body that prevent her from
getting pregnant by:
1. Preventing her body from
releasing an egg
2. Making it harder for the
sperm to reach the egg
3. Keeping the egg from
sticking inside the womb
A woman needs to see a doctor
to get a hormonal method!
Hormonal Methods
The Pill
The Patch
Woman takes one pill Woman wears on her skin
every day at the same
and changes once a
Hormonal Methods
Inserted into the woman’s
arm by a doctor
Work for up to 3 years
The Shot
Woman gets a shot
every 3 months
Intrauterine Device: IUD
• Put into the womb by a doctor
• Can last for 5 or 10 years
• Can be removed when the woman decides she
wants to get pregnant or at any other time
Natural Methods
Natural methods help a woman know when
she is fertile, so that she can avoid having
sex at that time.
•A woman is usually fertile
during the middle days of her
monthly bleeding cycle
•A woman is usually NOT fertile
when she is breastfeeding for
the first 6 months after her baby
is born
Breastfeeding as a family planning
method works only if:
• The baby is less than 6
months old
• The woman breastfeeds
the baby every 6 hours
and the baby eats no
other food
• Her monthly bleeding
cycle hasn’t started yet
Permanent Methods
A doctor makes it impossible for men and women
to have any more children
The operation for a
man is called a
The operation for a woman
is called a TUBAL
Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation
• DO NOT make sex any less
pleasurable for men or women
• DO NOT make sex any less
desirable for men or woman
• Men are still able ejaculate, but
the ejaculate liquid does not
have sperm
Withdrawal or “Pulling Out”
The man pulls his penis out of the vagina before
he ejaculates
This is NOT a very good method BUT it is better
than not using any method of family planning at all
Methods That Do NOT Work
Urinating after sex
Washing out the vagina
Does NOT prevent
pregnancy BUT it can
help prevent some
Sperm move too fast and
will reach the womb
before they can be
washed out
Emergency Family Planning
If a man and a woman have sex without using any
method of family planning, there are pills that a
woman can take AFTERWARDS to prevent
pregnancy, called “Emergency Contraception”
Emergency Family Planning
•A woman must take
the pills within 5 days
after sex
•Emergency family
planning is most
effective within 3 days
after sex
Emergency Family Planning
These pills PREVENT pregnancy, they DO NOT
stop a pregnancy if the woman is already pregnant
Where to get it?
• A person can buy
CONDOMS at most
stores. They can get
them for free at some
• A person can get
a pharmacy (if they are
older than 17 years
Where to Get it?
• To get any of the other
methods of family
planning, a person has to
call their doctor
• If a woman is younger
than 17 years old, she
has to call her doctor to
get emergency family
Only you can
decide what
family planning
method is right
for you!
What is one reason for choosing a
smaller family?
Does a woman have the right to protect her
health against the risks of pregnancy?
A: Yes
B: No
What family planning method also protects
against diseases?
A. Condoms
B. The Pill
D. The Shot
Does washing the vagina after sex
(“douching”) help prevent pregnancy?
A. Yes
B. No
What method of family planning should a man
and a woman use after they have sex
without protection?
A. Condoms
C. Emergency Contraception
D. Tubal Ligation
Where can a person get condoms?
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