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New-York City

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School # 63, Ryazan
New-York City
Made by Malevich Vera
Grade 10A
Teacher Novikova N.M.
George Washington – first
president of the US
New York Skyscrapers
The Statue of Liberty
Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park and the Metropolitan
Boroughs of New-York
George Washington
On April 30, George
Washington, standing on
the balcony on the
second floor, took the
oath of office and became
the first President of the
United States. "It is
done," Livingston said.
He turned to the crowd
and shouted, "Long live
George Washington,
President of the United
Boroughs of New-York
New York, the largest
city in the U. S., is
situated in the mouth
of the Hudson River.
There are 5 boroughs
in New York Manhattan, Brooklyn,
Queens, the Bronx,
and Staten Island.
Here situates General
Staff OON.
Another feature of New
York population is the
vast number of Negroes
living in Harlem, which is
the most densely
populated section of the
city. The houses in
Harlem are in worse
conditions than anywhere
else, yet rents are higher
than in any other part of
the city.
When people think of New York one of the most exciting cities in
the world - they mostly think of its
borough of Manhattan. Manhattan
is an island just 13 miles long and
2 miles wide. It is the center of
American finance, advertising, art
theatre, publishing, fashion - and
much more. Comparatively few of
New Yorkers live in Manhattan,
although the majority spends a
considerable part of the day in this
centre of business life. Here
Broadway begins, here is Wall
Street and Stock Exchange filled
from ten to three with a crowd of
businessmen. This is the financial
district, the heart of America.
New York Skyscrapers
New York is the city of skyscrapers. New
York's first skyscraper - the Flatiron
Building - was built in 1902. Twenty
stories high it towered over the other
buildings of its time. The most
beautiful and famous of the
skyscrapers of that period are the
Chrysler Building and the Empire State
The World Trade Center or the " Twins"
was designed by Minoru Yamasaki
and built as headquarters for the
international business. On September
11, 2001 skyscrapers collapsed after
the terrorist attack on the WTC, when
two planes were hijacked and flown
directly in its Twin Towers. Over two
thousand people were killed in this
terrorist act.
The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty
National Monument, located
on Liberty Island in New
York Harbor, is one of the
most heavily visited
monuments in America.
The colossal figure of a
woman with uplifted flame
across the entrance to the
New World is a symbol of
America to many people,
but it was conceived as an
expression of French
republican ideals.
Brooklyn Bridge
Opened in 1883, it still
ranks among the
world's greatest
suspension bridges.
Walk across for a fine
view of Lower
Manhattan and the
Central Park and the Metropolitan
The price of land in Manhattan
has turned the island into a
sea of concrete. Fortunately for
the New York residents they
have got Central Park. This
huge park in the middle of the
city was designed in the 1850s
by landscape architect
Frederick Law Olmsted.
The Metropolitan Museum of
Art, with huge collections of art
from around the world, is the
most important museum in the
United States. Its collections
include more than two million
works of art from prehistoric
through modern times and
from all areas of the world.
Thank you for attention!
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