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Unit 4 Teacher Tips (ppt)

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Kindergarten Unit Four:
Celebrating Our Differences
Sarah Blascovich Brown
Teacher on Assignment
Unit Four Highlights
Unit Four Highlights
To Market, To Market
by Anne Miranda
• Read this wonderful book with your students!
• Discuss what a “market” is, then help students identify
goods and services found at the market.
• Identify how the woman in the story obtained the goods
she wanted (money), and where she obtained her money.
• Have students connect this story to their own lives –
what do they (or their parents) do to earn money, as well
as why they need to earn money.
On Market Street
by Arnold and Anita Lobel
• This is an alphabet book – great for reinforcing basic letter
sounds & phonemic awareness.
• This online lesson plan from the Maryland Council on
Economic Education includes a great reaction sheet for
students to complete after working with the story, as well as
several group activities related to the GPS!
No Extra Room on the Mayflower
• Using the linked resources,
identify how people lived
differently in the time of the
• Have students identify what the
Pilgrims would have needed
during their voyage on the
Mayflower, and immediately
thereafter in North America.
• Use the linked interactive
assessment, too!
Literacy Resources:
Sarah Morton’s Day, Samuel Eaton’s Day, Tapenum’s Day, On the Mayflower – Kate Eaton
1621: A New Look
at Thanksgiving;
Margaret Bruchac,
Catherine Grace,
Cotton Coulson
Teaching Unit Three:
Review how our celebrations of both Thanksgiving & Veteran’s
Day are unique and similar to other countries’ celebrations.
Discuss different kinds of celebrations – how some are happy,
and some are sad.
пЃ¶Discuss different ways of celebrating, and how different families
can each celebrate in their own way.
пЃ¶Help students understand that because of what our American
culture values, most jobs are open to most people.
Teaching Unit Three:
пЃ¶Review what money is, and how we use it.
пЃ¶Discuss why money is necessary in our society.
пЃ¶Review scarcity as introduced in unit one, and connect to have a
scarcity of resources (including money).
пЃ¶Practice making choices AND explaining why one choice is better
than another.
пЃ¶Review scarcity as a part of the two holidays in the unit.
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