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슬라이드 1 - 한국로고스경영학회

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Daehan Association of Business Administration(DABA)
Korean Society of Industry Information System(KSIIS)
Korean Association of Industrial Business Administration(KAIBA)
Yeungnam University
Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency
Research Institute of Economics & Business Adm., Daegu Univ.
Center for Venture Mgt. Support for S&M Biz., Yeungnam Univ.
Kyrgyz Economical University, Kyrgyz Republic
Thainguyen University, Vietnam
The Institute of Finance and Economy, Mongolia
Yanbian University of Science &Technology, China
Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Russia
ISTEDOD Foundation of the President of the ROU, Uzbekistan
May 29-June 2, 2008
Daegu & Gumi, Korea
Korean Association of Logos Management
Dr. Jeong-Yun Park(Chairman of KALM, Pr. of Yeungnam University, Korea)
Dr. Abdunabi Pardaev(Executive Director, ISTEDOD, Uzbekistan)
Dr. D. Batjargal(President, The Institute of Finance and Economics, Mongolia)
Dr. Tolobek Kamchybekov(Rector, Kyrgyz Economical Univ., Kyrgyz Republic)
Dr. Tu Quang Hien(President, Thainguyen University, Vietnam)
Dr. Gennadiy I. Lazarev(Rector, Vladivostok S.U. of Economics and Service, Russia)
Dr. J. Kyung Kim(President, Yanbian University of Science &Technology, China)
Dr. Sung-Sam Ko(Chairman of DABA, Pr. of Chung Ang University, Korea)
Dr. Jae-Goon Yun(Chairman of KAIBA, Pr. of Daegu Catholic University, Korea)
Dr. Joo-Yeoun Lee(Chairman of KSIIS, Vice-President/SMD, SK C&C, Korea)
Dr. Hoe-Kyun Shin(Vice Chairman, KALM, Pr. of KIT, Korea)
Dr. Tran Chi Thien(Rector, Business School, Thainguyen Univ., Vietnam)
Dr. F. Egamberdiev(Dean, Faculty of Economics, National Univ. of Uz., Uzbekistan)
Dr. Jae Sik Kong(Dean, Business School, Daegu University, Korea)
Dr. Young Sup Sou(Dean, Business School, YUST, China)
Dr. Alexander P. Latkin(Dean, Business School, VSUES, Russia)
Dr. Sang Goog Cho(Visiting Pr., VSUES, Russia)
Dr. Kwang Kun Kim(Vice Chairman, DABA, Korea)
Dr. Moo Jin Choi(General Secretary of KALM, Keimyung University, Korea)
Dr. Chan Mok Kim(Chief Editor of KALM, Baek Suk University, Korea)
Dr. Seong Pyo Cho(Auditor of KALM, Kyung Puk University, Korea)
Cr. T. Enkhbayan(Coordinator, Outreach P/G, IFE, Mongolia)
Dr. Sergey S.(Director, Int’l Affairs Center, VSUES, Russia)
Dr. Soon G. Hong(Int’l Director of KSIIS, Pr. of Dong-A University, Korea)
Dr. Chang Sik Park(Int’l Director of DABA, Pr. of Kosin University, Korea)
Dr. H. Y. Bae(Pr. of Business School, YUST, China)
Dr. K. Temirov(Dean, Tashkent Institute of T&L Industry, Uzbekistan)
Ms. Myung S. Lee(Director, Kumoh Nat’l Institute of Technology)
Ms. Wang Si(Researcher, Kumoh Nat’l Institute of Technology)
Mr. Joon Woo Kim(Director, Kumoh Nat’l Institute of Technology)
Ms. Z.Oyuntsatsral(Lecturer, The Institute of Finance and Economy, Mongolia)
Mr. Bekhzod Umarov(Manager of Int’l Relations, ISTEDOD, Uzbekistan)
Business Trip
KIT, Samsung Electronics, Toray Saehan, and Gumi City Hall
09:00-10:30 Registration
10:30-11:00 Opening Ceremony
11:00-12:30 Plenary Session I
12:30-14:00 Luncheon
14:00-15:30 Poster Session I-II
16:00-17:30 Plenary Session II
17:30-19:30 Dinner Reception
19:30-21:00 Music Performance
21:00-22:30 Special Session(Vice-President Jin-Ho Jung, PUST,China)
09:00-10:30 Plenary Session III
10:30-12:30 Topical Session I-V
12:30-14:00 Luncheon
14:00-15:30 General Session A-C
14:00-15:30 Poster Session 1
15:30-17:00 Poster Session II
15:30-17:00 General Session D-F
17:00-19:00 Dinner Reception
City Tour(Daegu Traditional & Cultural Site, Shopping Center)
Universities & Local Government Tour
Kim, Kyu Don(General Director, Gumi Cluster Development Agency)
Current Situation on Innovation Cluster of Gumi Complex in Korea
Oh, Byoung Hee(Chief Director, HRD Center of Samsung Electronics)
The Past, Present and Future for Gumi Complex of Samsung Electronics
Chair: Dong-Hwan Kim(Vice-President of KALM, Pr. of Hoseo Univ.)
Jung, Choong Young
(CEO, Daegu City Gas Inc., Emeritus Pr. of Kyungpook Nat'l Univ., Korea)
Green Eco-Energy Park(FEEP) Project in a Suburb Steppe of Ulaambaatar
Co-chairs: F. Egamberdiev(Dean, Nat’l univ. of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan)
HoeKyun Shin(Vice-President of KALM, Pr. of KIT, Korea)
-Shermuhamedov A.T., Kim E.V., Abirova G.R., Sidikova F.H(TSUE, Uzbekistan)
Globalization as a Challenge for Р’usiness Education
- Ikramov M.A.,Shermukhamedov A.T., Shermukhamedov O.A.(Uzbekistan),
The Using of South Korean’s Schemes Priority for Development of Uzbekistan Industry
- Shermuhamedov A.T., Ikramov M.A.(Uzbekistan)
Uzbekistan in the EurAZES
A Study on International Transportation Problems in Uzbekistan
- Yakhshibaev G. and Dustov. U.(Uzbekistan)
Small Business and Its Financial Mechanism
- U. D. Ortiqov(Uzbekistan)
Financial Resources of Banks and Their Management
Saidov Doniyor Abdullaevich, Ways of Perfecting Short Term Crediting Practice
of Commercial Banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Co-chairs: Sevastyanov S.V(Pr. of VEUS, Russia)
Chan Mok Kim(Pr. of Baeksuk Univ., Korea)
Tu Quang Hien(President of Thainguyen University, Vietnam)
Properties and motives of Korean FDI into ASEAN
T. Kamchybekov(Rector of Kyrgyz Economical University, Kyrgyz)
- Kim A.G(Deputy Dean of Business School, VSUES, Russia)
Strategic Partnership of Education and Business is the High Competitiveness
of Economy and Specialists
-Mazelis L.S(Pr. of VSUES, Russia)
Assessment of Human Resource Management efficiency
-Myagkova G.G(Pr. of World Economics, VSUES, Russia)
Perspectives of International Cooperation in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
-Sevastyanov S.V(Pr. of World Economics, VSUES, Russia)
East Asian Regionalism: Theoretical and Practical Approaches
Volynchuk A.B.,Andreeva Yu.V.Frolova Ya.(VSUES, Russia)
A Commercial policy of Republic of Korea and integration processes of North-East Asia
Prosalova V.S.(VSUES, Russia)
The Republic of Korea Experience and Settlement of Default in Consumer Credit
Repayment in Russia
-Terenteva T.V(Bookkeeping Audit Dpt., VSUES, Russia)
Problems of Investing Attractiveness of Russian Companies
Co-chairs: J. Delgersaikhan(Dpt. Chair of Financial Magt., IFE, Mongolia)
Jaehoo Choi(Pr. of Sookmyung Women’s Univ., Korea)
-Sainbayar Enkhzul, Yunsang Kim(Yeungnam Univ., Korea),
Benchmarking to Korean Small & Medium Size Enterprises for Mongolian Company
-Demberel Bolitogtokh, Damba Haltar(IFE, Mongolia)
Optimization Model of Supporting the Small Business Enterprises
-Demchig Bolormaa(IFE, Mongolia)
Some Key Factors for Successful Start of Knowledge Management Application in
Universities of Mongolia
-Delgermaa(IFE, Mongolia)
Political relationship of Mongolia and Korea - Past, Present and Future
-J. Delgersaikhan(IFE, Mongolia)
Budget innovation of Mongolia, its implementation.
-Enkhbayan Tsevegmid(IFE, Mongolia)
Some methodological issues for integrating quality management system in education
-Munkhbayar Byambadash(IFE, Mongolia)
Renovating Paradigms of and Attitudes Towards Management Accounting
Co-chairs: Jaisik Gong(Dean of BS, Daegu Univ., Korea)
Tran Chi Thien(Dean of BS, Thainguyen Univ., Vietnam)
-Nguyen Khanh Doanh, Heo Yoon,
ASEAN Free Trade Area: Discriminatory or Not?
-Chang, Taikoo(Daegu University, Korea)
The Development Strategy of GMS(Greater Mekong Subregion)
- Tu Quang Hien and Tran Chi Thien(Thainguyen Univ., Vietnam)
Properties and motives of Korean FDI into ASEAN
-Tran Chi Thien(Thainguyen Univ., Vietnam)
Asean–South Korea Trade Cooperation in Integration Progress to the Region and
the World Economy
Co-chairs: Min Wha Lee(Pusan Univ. of Foreign Studies, Korea)
Wang Si(Harvin Engineering University, China)
-Honggeun Yoon, Lee, Young H. Lee(Kumoh Nat'l Institute of Technology, Korea)
A Comparative Study on Inward Effects and Management Performance of FOI
((Foreign Direct Investment) among Korea, China, Japan and America
- Wang Si, Hongmei Zhang & Hoe-Kyun Shin
(Kumoh Nat'l Institute of Technology, Korea)
A Study on Educational Exchange & Cooperation between China and Korea
- Chang Sik Park(Kosin Univ.) & Cheong Yeoul Kim(TongMyong Univ., Korea)
A Study on the Strategy for the Development of Pusan port as a Hub Port in Northeast
Asia and Korea-Japan Channel Economic Block
- Hongmei Zhang, Myoung S. Lee, Hoe K. Shin(KIT, Korea)
An Analytical Study on the Development Trends of Enterprise Cooperation between
China and Korea
Chang Won Lee(The Catholic University of Korea, Korea)
Kyung Seok Han(Soongsil University, Korea)
Gartsman T.Yu(Trade Product Studies and Expertise Dpt., VSUES, Russia)
Pharmaceutical Manufacture in South Korea and Russian Federation:
comparative aspects and prospects of cooperation
Ie-Myung Kim(Daegu University, Korea)
Close Encounters between Social Work and Business Administration:
Historical Perspective
Jong Min Choi(Kyungpook Nat’l University, Korea)
The classification of inter-organizational relationships based on the flow
of information and the communication media
Jin-Hyoung JANG, In-Su YI(Daegu University, Korea)
A Study on the Cost Accounting Practice in the Korean Small and Medium Businesses
Vorozhbit O.J., Zajtseva A.A.(Bookkeeping and Audit Dpt., VSUES, Russia)
The Russian-Korean Cooperation As the Factor of fishing industry competitiveness
Jay In Oh & Hyunsik Seo(Dept of MIS, Dankook University, Korea)
An Empirical Study on the Effects of Ethical Activitieson CRM Performance
Chang Won Lee, Hoe Kyun Shin, and Byoung Chan Lee
The Catholic Univ. of Korea, KIT, Keimuyung Univ., Korea
A Study on Performance Management in a Service System
Lee, Da J. & Lee, Kwang H(KIT, Korea)
An Empirical Study on the Moderate Effect on the Relationship of Appraisal Justice
and Organization Commitment
Zhilina L.N..(VSUES, Russia)
Attractive Factors of Foreign Investments into Primorski Seaports Infrastructure
Byeong-Hae, Sohn(Kyungpook National University, Korea)
The Role of Confucian Values in Economic Development of East Asian Economies
And Their Implications for East Asian Economic Integration
Kyung Seok Han(Soonsil University, Korea)
Enhancing Capacity of Disadvantage Youth Affected by the Social and Economic
Factors Such As Low Income Geographical Isolation and Disability
Min Wha Lee(Pusan Univ. of Foreign Studies, Korea)
-Seungyong Cho, Kyungil Choe(Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies), Changsu Lee
(Dongbu Express)
Younghyo Song(School of Mag., Hongik University, Korea)
Ant Colony Optimization for a Production Scheduling Problem
Lee, Byoung Chan(Keimyung University, Korea)
A Study on the Factors for Enhencing Productivity in Service Industry
Tsaryova V.D., Yurchenko N.A., Reva N.I., Batskalyova E.Y.
Russian Market of Educational Services through the Eyes of Would-Be Customers
and the Problems of its Itegration into the Educational Space of Asia-Pacific Region
Song Kun Lee(Daegu University, Korea)
Strategy for Strengthening the Competitiveness of Korean Textile Industry
Soon Goo Hong(Dong-A University, Korea)
-Sozinov V.A.,Bodunkova A.G
Managing Universities in Russia: twice-told tale or a new story
- JeongYun Park, Hyo Jin Jung, Mi Yong Lee(Yeungnam University, Korea)
A Comparative Analysis on Investment Performances between SRI Funds
and General Stock Funds
A Case Study on the Strategic Alliance between Para-church and Local Church:
CCC Case
- Shinwook Kang & Kwang K. Kim,
Lohas Movement from the Biblical Perspective
-Seong-Pyo Cho, Jeong-Hee Bae, Ki-hwa Seo(Kyungpook Nat'l Univ., Korea)
Value Relevance of Accounting Information after Volunary Disclosure
of Fraud in Past Periods
A Review on Mission Strategy through the Analysis of Economic Cooperation between
Korean and Russia
Teaching Objective and Contents of Personal Finance Based on Proverbs
01. Dong-Cheol Lee(Professor, Dong-Eui Univ., Korea)
The Challenges and Staffing Policies for the Global Manager in Cross-Culture Management
02. Dong Soo Park & Zhang Yuan(Yeungnam University, Korea)
Moderating Effect of Career Decision Making Self-efficacy on the Relationship
between Career Orientation and Entrepreneurial Intention
03. Chang Y. Park & Kwang H. Lee(KIT, Korea)
A Study on the Relations of Appraisal Outcome Satisfaction, Perceived
Organization Support and Perceived Appraisal Justice
04. Nikolaev D.A.(Russia)
The Economic Cooperation in the Field of Developments of the Transport on FAR EASTS
05. Dragileva L.J(Russia)
Development Premises of the Timber Industry Complex Entreprise
of Primoski KraiI within the Bounds of the Russian–
06. Solodukhin K.S.(Russia)
Universities and stakeholders relations as the base for development
higher education between Korea and Russia
07. Dragilev I. G.(VSUES,Russia)
Research of Consumer Preference of the Russian Market on the Korean Goods
08. Khuziyatov T.D(VESUS, Russia)
Alternative Transportation and Logistic Decisions in Int’l
Trade (The Case of Hyundai Motors and FESCO Transport Group)
09. Latkin A.P(VESUS, Russia)
Efficiency of Attraction of the Investment of Republic Korea in Economy
of Primorski Krai of Russia
10. NaumovР° T. S & Novicov I.A.(VESUS, Russia)
The Exchange Rate Determination between Russia and Korea
11. Nikolaeva L.A(VESUS, Russia)
Potential Points of Economic Growth of Far East Region as the Factor of Development
of World Communications
12. Gorshkova O.V,Cherkasova E.A,Odintsov E.N(Russia)
The Business and Economics Top Skills Staff Int’l Faculty Multimedia Training Courses
13. Potienko L.I(Russia)
The Export Potential Increase Problems and the Import Subsitution in Primosky Region
14. Prikhodko S.E(Russia)
Optimization of Tariff Policy of Electric Power Industry in Far East Region
15. Smolyaninova E.N(Russia)
The Use of the World’s Experience in Bank Deposits Insurance System in the Russian
Federation is a System of Citizens’ Protection from Bank Crises
16 Stukun V.P., Reznichenko E.P.(Russia)
Tanning-Shoe Industry of Republic Korea and Russian Federation
17. Ten V. N.(VESUS, Russia)
Bank Supervision, as the Primary Factor in the Policy of Insurance upon System Economic
18. Vol. S.V(Russia)
Prospects of Realization of Investment Projects with Participation between Korea and Russia
19. Yaskevich E.V.(Russia)
The Market of the Bank Products and Services of Primorsky Krai: Condition and Problems
20. Chan M. Kim(Baeksuk Univ., Korea)
A Study on the Introduction Strategy of Private Banking in Russia
01. Hye-Kyoung Yu, Jong-Hwa Na (Chungbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)
Control Chart Analysis for Slope Measurement Data using R
02..Eun-Mi Nam, Min-Gu Kang, Jong-Hwa Na(Chungbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)
Clustering for Cultural Assets via Correspondence Analysis
03. Yunchu Huang,Daemun Han, Yeongreal Kim(Chungbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)
The Impact of Cultural Faultlines on Group and Individual Outcomes in Chinese
04.Soon-Goo Hong В· Hyun-Soo Kim В· Dae-Hyung Lee* В· Yang-Suk Kang В·
Jae-Young Park(Dong-A Univ., *Shinwhael Com Co.)
Development of RFID Middleware for SMEs
05. Kyoung-Ran Kim, Tae-Kyung Kim, Kogay Sergey, and Wan-Sup Cho
(Chungbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)
A R & D Project Management System based on SOA and BPM
06. Myoung S Ahn Tae K. Kim, Seung H. Jung, Wan S. Cho
(Chungbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)
A Functional Module Extraction Method in Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
07. Kyoung R. Kim, Yu J. Kang, Tae K. Kim, Wan S.Cho(Chungbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)
Service-Oriented Process Management in Genome Annotation Applications
08 .Chung-Heun Lee, Seung-Hyun Jung, Yu-Jin Kang, Wan-Sup Cho
(Chungbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)
A Mobile Web Service Development for GIS Applications
09. Jong In Yoon(Baek Suk University, Korea),
An Empirical Study on the Extreme Movements of the Exchange Rates
10. Hyug Jong, Kim Hee Gyu, Kim and Byung Ho, Choi(KIT, Korea)
Silicon Oxide Coating for Passivating the Surface of BAM Phosphor Powders
11. Abdurakhmanova G. K.(Uzbekistan) Macro Economic Aspects of Social Policy
Realization – As the Most Important Priority of Economic Reforms in Uzbekistan
12. Gerasikova Elena Nicolayevna(Uzbekistan), Light Industry of the Republic
of Uzbekistan: the Results of Development and Use of Enterprises’ Labor Forces.
13. Nodira Zokirova(Uzbekistan) , Social and labor ratios in the frames
of modern social policy Realization
14. Tolib O. Karshiev. Sadritdin M. Turobjonov(Uzbekistan), A Study on
Polimorphism Prolamines of Maise with Connection the Agriculture - Valuable
15. Shermuhamedov A.T., Sidikova F.H. Zakirova G.H.(Uzbekistan), Language and
Culture: Towards a Transcultural Competence in Language Learning
16. Kim E.V., Abirova G.R., and Sidikova F.H.(Uzbekistan) Innovative Methods
in Teaching Business English
17. Ortiqov O.(Uzbekistan) Qualified Bank Management - Key to the Prosperity.
18. Bekhzod Umarov(ISTEDOD, Uzbekistan) Higher Education in Uzbekistan
19. Enikeeva Alsu Gumerovna(Uzbekistan)
Historical Basis of Modern Organizational Behavior
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