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Metropolitan State
College of Denver
Alternative Licensing Programs
Two year Alternative Licensing Program-ALP-2 (formerly called the Teacher in Residence-TiR)
One year Alternative Licensing Program (ALP-1)
Colorado Accelerated Special Education Licensure program (C.A.S.E.L.)
Studies by the National Comprehensive Center for
Teacher Quality* and the US Department of Education
inform us that effective teachers…..
Receive support during their first two years on the job
Set high expectations for students
Plan engaging learning opportunities
Monitor student progress
Adapt instruction as needed
Collaborate with other educators and parents
Constantly look for ways to grow professionally
Create classrooms that value diversity and civic mindedness
Methods of evaluating teacher effectiveness (March 2009)
Metropolitan State College of Denver’s
alternative licensing programs support
these research findings by…
• Having alternative teachers attend classes one night per week,
learning research-supported best practices in classroom
management, effective instructional techniques, instructional
planning, and assessment-driven instruction.
• Having a Metropolitan State College instructor observe alternative
teachers in the classroom for two years to provide coaching and
• Providing alternative teachers with on-going feedback consisting of
prompts and suggestions which help the candidate focus on the
effectiveness of his/her instruction/lessons based on student
engagement and student performance.
• Communicating and coordinating support and coaching efforts with
the candidate’s school mentor and evaluating administrator.
Hiring an alternatively-licensed teacher makes
sense because they…..
Meet or exceed the same performance standards as traditionally-licensed
Alleviate the current and future teacher shortage as it is estimated that in the
next four years approximately 53% of the nation’s 3.2 million teachers will
Help school districts hire into high-need content areas and high-need schools.
Increase the diversity of the teacher workforce and are more representative of
the national student population
Bring diverse experiences and pedagogical approaches to the classroom
And…based on research conducted by the US Dept of Education (Constantine et al.,
2009); there is no statistically significant difference in performance between
students of alternative route to certification teachers and those of traditional route to
certification teachers.”
When an accredited public or private school/district hires a
teacher who does not have a Colorado Teaching License
but who does have a Statement of Eligibility (S.O.E.) from
the Colorado Department of Education…..
The non-licensed teacher has the option of enrolling in a
Colorado Department of Education approved alternative
teacher preparation program while employed. The
advantage to the teacher is that he/she can
simultaneously teach and earn a teaching salary while
working towards earning a Colorado Teaching License.
What does the data tell us about over 1000 teachers who have
earned their Colorado teaching license via the Alternative
Licensing Programs at Metropolitan State College over the past
nine years?
• 94% of alternative teachers earned a Colorado license in two years.*
• 89% of alternative teachers are still working in educational careers*
• 85% of alternative teachers plan on remaining in an educational career.*
• 81% of alternative teachers still work at the same level subject/grade.*
• 77% of alternative teachers still work at the same school/district.*
Data from a survey of all teachers who have completed the ALP programs at Metropolitan State College of Denver
Compared to our nations new teachers entering the teaching
profession via traditional teacher training routes, Metro
State’s alternatively trained teachers…..
• Are more mature (e.g.пѓ older) than traditional new teachers,
– Median age of traditionally trained new teachers* ------------------------------------пѓ 26 yrs
– Median age of Metro State’s ALP licensing program teachers ---------------пѓ 32 yrs
• Are more closely balanced by gender,
– Traditionally trained male vs. female* ------------------------------------пѓ 32%(M) - 68% (F)
– Metro State’s alt. licensing program teachers male vs. female пѓ 38%(M) - 61%(F)
• Are more ethnically diverse,
– Traditionally trained*--------------->
– Metro State alt. programs-->
White 82.7%,
Black 6.6%,
Asian 1.7%,
White 68.5%,
Black 6.4%,
Hispanic 16.7%,
Asian 2.1%,
Data from the Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Study, U.S. Department of Education
Our data show that over the past 10 years, Metropolitan State
College of Denver’s alternative licensing program has
helped school districts hire over 1000 qualified teachers in
all subject areas….but most importantly…. in the high needs
subject areas of mathematics, science, bilingual education,
and Special Education.
Principals supervising alternatively licensed
candidates have consistently:
• Rated alternatively-prepared teachers as well prepared as, or better
prepared than teachers from traditional teacher preparation
• Stated that hiring alternatively licensed teachers has helped
diversify the demographics of their teaching staff as alternatively
licensed teachers are typically older and have professional
experiences and subject matter expertise outside teaching.
• Indicated that alternatively licensed teachers make specific attempts
to address the needs of hard-to-serve students through instruction
that is directly responsive to those needs.
In conclusion…..
• Hiring an alternatively-licensed teacher helps school
districts hire into “hard to fill” teaching vacancies.
• Increases the diversity of the school/district’s teaching
• Increases the number of teaching staff with real world
work experience specific to their assigned teaching
• Helps reduce the number of educators leaving the
profession as our data show that when compared to
traditionally-licensed teachers, Metropolitan State
College of Denver’s alternatively-licensed teachers are
more likely to remain in the teaching profession.
Thank you for your interest in the alternative
licensing programs at Metropolitan State
College of Denver!
Greg Reed-
Director, One year and Two year Alternative Licensing Programs
(ALP-1 and ALP-2)
Delia Armstrong-
Director, Colorado Accelerated Special Education Licensure Program
The End
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