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Texas High School Library

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Texas High School
Library Use Tutorial
Developed by
Sandra Austin, M.L.S.
Texas High School Librarian
2112 Kennedy Lane
Texarkana, Texas
Revised September 2007
Signing In
Students must sign in at the circulation desk
whenever they are present without their teacher
at the library. Teachers are encouraged to
schedule their classes with the librarian for
library research.
How to Find a Book and Other
Destiny, produced by Follett Company, is the name of
the online public access catalog (OPAC) used at Texas
High School Library. It is through this OPAC that users
are able to find out what library materials are available at
Texas High School Library.
Access Destiny by going to the following web address
(URL) or to the library’s home
page or to the TISD homepage, click on “For Students.”
How to Search
Materials may be searched by a basic search:
Keyword, Subject, Author, Title, or Series.
Once the search term(s)/word(s) has/have been
typed in, click on the icon that matches the type
of term(s)/word(s) you have used.
A list of materials matching your request will
appear if the materials exist in the library’s
collection. Materials may also be located
through the advanced search, which requires a
request with more detailed information.
The Search Continued
If a list of materials matching your request does
appear, the list will contain the title of each item,
the author, the publication date, and the call
number. Whether or not a certain item is
available will also be shown in the list.
The complete works
1 of 1 available
822.3 SHA
Shakespeare, William 1564-1616
Published 2005
The actual display of the material’s
description will allow you to click on
Details to get more information about the
item. To create a list of materials for a
bibliography, click on Booklist It.
An icon representing the type of material
(book or other) will also appear next to the
title of the item.
Search: The Call Number
The call number (a number and the first
three letters of the author’s last name) will
indicate where in the library that the
materials you need are located. Example:
822.3 SHA
The number 822 represents English drama. Placing .3 with 822
signifies drama of the Elizabethan period. The first three letters SHA
are for the last name Shakespeare.
Call numbers class materials into subject
areas according to the Dewey Decimal
System of Classification.
Book Checkout and Return
Speak with the librarian about registering your student I.D. card
information at the library.
You may check out up to three books at a time for a period of two
weeks. Return books on or before the due date written on the Due
Date slip in the back of the books.
Return books directly to the librarian or place them in the book drop
located at the front of the circulation desk.
A late fee of five cents a day is charged to the student for overdue
Lost Books
The student will be charged the cost of
any lost book that is checked out to that
If the student finds and returns the lost
book to the library after the cost has been
paid, the student may request a refund.
Research Tips and Getting the Best from
the Internet
Check Out These Online Research Helpers:
Duke University’s
Duke University Libraries: Guide to Library Research
University of California, Berkeley’s
Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply &
Questions to Ask
Online Database Access
Texas High School Library has electronic
databases: Britannica (encyclopedia),
Maps 101, and EBSCO. Students and
teachers may access these from school or
from home. See your librarian for the
usernames and passwords.
THS Library also has a maps database
It contains interactive and printable maps,
historical maps, world and U.S. atlases, lesson
plans, quizzes and games.
The URL is
Ask your librarian for a username and a
password to access this database.
EBSCO Host Research Databases
This is a K-12 Texas Reference package of
Students and teachers may access these from
school or from home. Contact your librarian for
a username and a password.
Forty searchable databases with full-text
information are included in the collection.
The URL is
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