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п‚— Inline information and services
п‚— Our clients and projects
п‚— Project structure and quality management
п‚— Technologies
п‚— Support and maintenance
п‚— Contacts
Inline at a Glance
п‚— Established initially in 2003 Inline has developed
Internet and Intranet solutions to leading Russian
п‚— Today Inline continues to provide world-class IT
innovation and added value to its clients through
flexible delivery models, world's best IT talent pool,
low attrition rates, and highest security and quality
Inline Advantages
п‚— Development since 2003
п‚— Latest web technology ASP.NET, SharePoint and
п‚— Warranty on all solutions
п‚— Full program codes is given to the customer with
possibility of change without losing the warranty
п‚— Skilled Certified developers
п‚— 3 tier quality check system
п‚— Internet-sites development
п‚— Intranet-sites and corporate Data Base development
п‚— Corporate SharePoint portals development
п‚— Web+ERP Integration (Axapta, Navision, SAP, 1C)
п‚— Rich internet application development (Silverlight,
Flash, Flex)
п‚— Social Network applications
п‚— Social Network consulting
Our Clients
Customer Reviews
Our projects
We developed projects for
п‚— Mail of Russia
п‚— Tour operator Coral Travel
п‚— Expobank (Barclays bank)
п‚— Nordtex
п‚— Alpla
п‚— Jura
And many other companies… - site of the Russian
branch of the Austrian company - site of the Russian
branch of the Swiss company - site of the Russian
branch of German company - site of the Russian
branch of the Turkish company – international
football portal
п‚— Microsoft ASP.NET (is the same as the
п‚— Microsoft SQL Server 2008
п‚— Oracle
п‚— SharePoint Server 2007/2010
п‚— Silverlight
п‚— Flash
п‚— Web-services
п‚— Microsoft Dynamics
Project stages
п‚— Planning. At this stage detailed specifications of the
project are formed and requirements are fixed
п‚— Development. All Stages break into iterations with 1 week
duration. There is an updating of program code on test
server in the end of every week.
п‚— Stabilization. During this stage there is an all-round
testing of the developed decision. This solution passes as
much as possible realistic program model of the industrial
п‚— Introduction. During this stage on your production server
there is an installation and adjustment of all necessary
program components and training of employees.
Project support
Inline provides high-quality warranty (within 1 year after
completion of the project) and after-sales
support/maintenance site. Guaranteed response time on
requests - one hour, mean time to fix the fault - one
working day, to answer the questions - one hour.
The following support schemes:
п‚— With a fixed monthly fee
п‚— Time & material
п‚— Combined
Quality Management
п‚— Quality Management based on RUP methodology and is
more than a set of processes to ensure product quality and
on-time delivery. It combines program management and
risk management, as well as a client satisfaction program.
In addition, Quality Management facilitates the company’s
collaborative style of work.
п‚— Quality Management is continuously enhanced through
regular internal audits, project audits (each project has its
own quality control plan), assessment of process
parameters, and client feedback.
Our stuff
п‚— Leading developers of our company have passed IT
and web-technology certification (MCSD, MCTS,
MCP, …). Inline benefits from the strong math and
science tradition of its base in Russia. Nowadays,
Russia ranks number three in the number of scientists
and engineers per capita worldwide.
п‚— World Bank estimates that Russia has one million
specialists who are capable of joining its IT sector.
High skills and low turnover have become the
hallmark of Russian programmers.
п‚— Moscow, Trubraya st. , 32/4
п‚— Phones: +7 495 983-01-14, 543-86-16
п‚— Internet:, e-mail:
п‚— Twitter:
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