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The maintenance:
1. London
2. Traditions
3. Sights
London is the most beautiful European
capital, combining the most up-to-date
infrastructure and traditions of
infrastructure and traditions of the past.
Its surprising traditions amaze people all
over the world. This city occupies one of
the first places by quantity of tourists in
a year.
In the Greater London on the area 1579
sq. km - 2,7 million lives in the Central
London 7,1 million persons, from them.
Capital of the United Kingdom - one of
the world tourist centres, now it 10
million travellers which the centuries-old
history involves, 160 city museums, 80
parks, the medieval and modern
architecture, the well-known theatres
and unique colour annually visit.
British are proud of that considerably differ from any other nation of the world. They
adhere till now to strange customs, such, as link sided movement or game in cricket.
They rather reluctantly have passed to decimal system of measures, having changed
adored pinti (пинты) on litres, and inches on centimetres. And though other Europe
measures distances in kilometres, British cling till now to the miles though now they
buy fabrics in metres, instead of in yards. In the adherence to traditions British not
always are guided by logic.
Despite constant changes and a society, British keep set of special traditions. In
summertime in the field at village it is possible to see game in cricket.
Sights of London
The London Tower
So long time palace and a fortress which have been put in pawn by William the
Conqueror in XI century for protection of a city and intimidation of townspeople were
called. Their strategic position gave the chance to supervise Thames, the London bridge
and a city.
In the book devoted to the 900 anniversary of a Tower, the duke Edinbursky wrote, that
for the history the London Tower was both a fortress, and a palace, and storehouse of
royal jewelry, both an arsenal, and a mint, both prison, and an observatory, both a zoo,
and a place involving tourists.
The Trafalgarsky area.
The Area located on a place of old royal stables, - the central old royal stables, - the
central area of London connecting of some highways of London: Pell-Mel, Strand,
Charing, Cross-country and Yaitholl. Pigeons, demonstrations and celebratings of New
year were sight of the Trafalgarsky area always. Every year here from Norway send the
New Year tree round which on the eve of New year people gather.
Science museum
The Science Museum has been based in 1856 and contains a surprising collection of
technics, cars, scientific devices. The exposition traces history and science and
manufacture development - from the first cars, trains and planes before research of
space and an era of computers. You can see the first steam-engines and a space capsule
The Exposition of a museum of a science includes exhibits on such various themes, as
agriculture, telecommunication communication, the medical equipment.
Thematic exhibitions are often held: “Food for mind”, “the Secret life of the house” the
Platform of start and flight Laboratory, and also "reviving" expositions for children who
can be touched and which acquaint small with elementary scientific laws, etc. Operate.
Historical museum
The Historical museum (natural sciences museum) settles down in the surprising
"Roman" building constructed Альфредом Ватерхаусом in 1881 and was once a part of
the British museum. The exposition basically is devoted evolution of the person and its
biology, and as to botany, zoology and mineralogy.
The National collection of minerals and nowadays existing plants and animals, semiprecious stones, jewels, and also samples of all kinds of geological breeds and
meteorites. Here even the Moon slice is exhibited. Expositions on human biology with
moving exhibits (working breadboard model of a human body) are especially attractive.
The hall on ecology with the huge video screen is interesting. On the ground floor at an
input of visitors dinosaurs and a skeleton of a whale will meet.
St. Paul's Cathedral
It is a masterpiece created by Sir Christopher Vren. It towers on the same place where
earlier there were other temples, and last temple has been destroyed by the Great Fire of
London in 1666. Building of the present building of the Cathedral has begun in 1675,
and its last stone has been put in 1710.
According to the point of view of many experts, given by itself represents one of the
most delightful buildings of Renaissance all over the world. Here it is necessary to
notice, that on the size of a dome, St. Paul's Cathedral surpasses only St. Peter's
Cathedral dome in Rome.
The Internal dome of a cathedral is decorated by lists of Sir James Tornhil which reflect
Sacred Paul's life, and over them there are external arches which exceed an internal
dome on the size, they are executed from a tree with a lead covering. Usually to visitors
advise to rise on Gallery of Sighs, to test that acoustic phenomenon which has entitled
the gallery, whence they pass in external gallery which carries the name of Stone Gallery
where the kind to all immense London opens. The most brave can continue lifting to
Gold Gallery and, at last, enter into the Gold Sphere on which the gilt cross which all
City dominates towers.
In delightful internal furniture of the Cathedral the well-known pictures,
sculptures and works of art are presented.
Westminster Abbey
It is one of the most remarkable samples of early English Gothic architecture. The
abbey has been put in pawn by Edward Ispovednikom in 1605, on that place where 500
years ago there was a temple. Abbey - so it name in the people in England though and
officially it carries the name «Sacred Peter's Cathedral church in Westminster» - it has
been constructed almost entirely and completely in XIII century, in days of board of
king Henry III.
Big wheel - the Eye of London
Works since April to the middle of
September daily from 9.00 till; from
the middle of September till March
from 10.00 till.
Tickets are necessary for ordering
at least for a week, cost - 8GBP for
adults and 5,45GBP for children.
This huge, highest big wheel in the
world - one of gifts to Londoners
and visitors of a city to 2000 32
cabins of a wheel calculated on 25
persons each, make a full turn for
half an hour. Building was financed
by the company "British Airlways".
From height of 135 m the most
beautiful kind to London, and if
weather is favorable opens, you will
see a city and its vicinities in radius
of 40 km.
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