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Week 10 - The Science Spot

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Week 10 - Monday
CSI Challenge #10
Word Scramble
6th Grade Forensic Science
Word Scramble
1.Magnifying Glass
2. Ink Pad
3.Paper Pad
5.Sealable Bags
Week 10 - Tuesday
Spot the Differences
Dinner Time
6th Grade Forensic Science
Find the 6 differences between the two pictures.
Answers: Mane,
boy’s eyes, rope, bucket, bird’s legs and bone.
Week 10 - Wednesday
Case #10:
The Boat Race
6th Grade Forensic Science
Shady Shrew insists he will win today’s rowboat race. He claims his custom telescope
glasses will allow him to focus on the finish line for the entire race. Shady says this will
give him a psychological advantage over the other contestants. What does Slylock Fox
Even if it were true that concentrating on the finish line improved
performance, it wouldn’t matter. Rowing is performed by facing
backward to the direction of travel. Shady would be staring at the
starting line!
Week 10 - Thursday
Spot the Differences
View Tube
6th Grade Forensic Science
Find the 6 differences between the two pictures.
Answers: Straw, popcorn, tie, cord, patch and pear.
Week 10 - Friday
Trivia Set #10
6th Grade Forensic Science
1. Lord Louis Mountbatten, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, was blown to pieces in 1979
when an IRA bomb exploded on his yacht. How did police link the murderer, Thomas
McMahon, to the crime scene?
A. Trace evidence of nitroglycerine
B. Matching paint samples
C. Matching sand samples
D. All the choices are correct
2. In 1835, Henry Goddard was asked to investigate a burglary in Southampton,
England. The butler said a shot had been fired as he struggled with the burglars.
Goddard retrieved the bullet and disproved the butler’s version of events by using
which technique?
A. Studying the bullet's trajectory
B. Bullet comparison
C. Studying the broken glass
D. Blood spatter analysis
3. It is the function of a coroner to conduct inquiries into all deaths which are not
natural or expected. However, originally the job of coroner was to perform which of the
following functions?
A. Tax collector
B. Safeguarding the monarch's property
C. Trying felony cases
D. All the choices are correct
1. D. All the choices are correct
The evidence against McMahon included a tiny speck of green paint on his boot which
matched the paint on the yacht, the sand on his boots matched that found near the beach
near where the boat was launched and traces of nitroglycerine were found on his clothes
which were matched to the bomb.
2. B. Bullet comparison
The butler did it! Like most gun owners in those days, the butler made his own bullets by
melting lead and pouring it into a mould. His mould had a fault, a small 'pimple'. The bullet had
a corresponding flaw. Faced with the evidence, the burglar confessed to faking the burglary to
curry favor with his employer. By the way, Henry Goddard was one of Scotland Yard’s original
Bow Street Runners.
3. D. All the choices are correct - One of the earliest recorded instances of the appointment
of coroner was in 1194 by King Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) of England. The name was
derived from the Latin 'corona' meaning crown. Coroners were responsible for raising revenue
from taxes on the dead and their property. Suicides were of special interest because it was
against the law to commit suicide, as it was considered self-murder. The law required that any
property of the suicide victim had to be forfeited to the king. Families would attempt to hide
suicides from the authorities so it was the job of the coroner to ferret them out and claim their
property for the king
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