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Getting started with Docs for Facebook is easy. The best way to start is by heading over to If you don?t already
have an active Facebook session, login using Facebook Connect. If you already have an active session going, you are
already set to begin. From the front page, you can browse and view any of the ?Suggested Docs?. By clicking on the
?Friend?s Docs? tab, you can quickly see, read and comment on any docs your friends have shared. Because this service is in beta, there will be a limit on how many people can create and upload documents initially. If you
are seeing a message on the home page inviting you to add your name to the waiting list, you should do so?
and we?ll get you access to the full featured version you as soon as we can.
Let?s assume you have access to the full featured version of Docs. To activate your account, just upload or create a doc by
clicking the ?Add a Doc? tab and choosing upload or create a Word, Excel or PowerPoint doc. Either way, your account will
be activated, but I suggest you create a new doc?it?s more fun, and it gives you a chance to see the new Docs web
interface. Once you?ve chosen to create say a new Word doc, you can edit it just like you would when using the desktop version of
Word. Don?t forget to give your doc a title?which you do at the top of the page. A good hint here is to choose a title
you can live with for a while. Because of the way feeds work in Facebook, once your doc is shared it locks that title to the
feed. You can change the title later in your doc, but you won?t be able to change it in the feed, so choose wisely. Just like docs on your desktop, you?ll want to save your docs when you are done editing them. To save, click the ?Save?
button at the top of the page. Then click the ?Finish editing? button just to the right of the ?Save? button to exit the
document. You?ll be in ?view mode? now, which is the same mode that your fiends will have if you only give them ?viewer?
permission. Speaking of friends, this point in the document lifecycle would a good time to add some. Your controls for
this are in the right side of the window under the ?SHARING? headline. There you can click to ?edit? viewers and pick the
friend you?d like to view the document. You can share it with as few as one person or as widely as all Facebook users?or
many options in-between. When you?re done adding viewers, check the ?send a message to people? box to send a
message to the friends you selected, and then click OK. You can add editors in just the same way. Remember to click the
?send a message to people? check box there as well, and finish by clicking OK.
To make accessing your docs easy, you?ll want to add Docs to your profile?and add a bookmark on your home page. To
do this, go to your Facebook page, select ?Account,? ?Application settings,? find ?Docs,? in the list and click ?Edit settings.?
Under the first tab, click ?Add? and leave privacy set to ?everyone? since you already control who can see and edit your docs
from your Docs page. Lastly, under the ?bookmarks? tab, check the checkbox here and then click OK.
And that?s it. You are now fully set-up and have shared your first doc. We hope you enjoy using Docs for Facebook, and
please let us know how we can make Docs an amazing social productivity tool for creating and sharing your ideas.
Anton Skripchenko
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