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test 6 класс

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Контрольная работа по теме "Досуг и увлечения".
Progress Check "We have a lot in common", Unit 8.
Task №1. Подчеркни слово, которое по своему значению наиболее подходит к выделенному. (3 балла)
1) popular
a) not famous b) fantastic c) well-known d) polite
2) an author
a) a writer b)an autumn c) a book d) a magazine
3) to be fond of
a) to be famous b) would c) to like d) to think
Task №2. Выбери слово, которое наиболее подходит по смыслу на место пропуска. (5 баллов)
1) This place ... for its old church.
a) is made b) is famous c) is responsible d) is founded
2) Read the cinema ... and find out what kind of film it is.
a) programme b) show c) signal d) advert
3) The weather was fine and we spent the whole day in the ... air.
a) fine b) close c) open d) healthy
4) The two sisters had a lot in ... .
a) alike b) common c) characteristic d) story
5) I am fond of music and I always watch ... programmes.
a) political b) music c) musical d) social
Task №3. Выбери глагол в нужной форме. (5 баллов)
1) I ... this science fiction story recently.
a) have read b) read c) will read
2) Every year he ... special presents for his nephews.
a) bought b) buys c) has bought
3) Tomorrow they ... yellow and red leaves in the autumn.
a) collect b) collected c) will collect
4) Look! The children ... tennis outside.
a) are playing b) play c) played
5) She ... not decorate her room yesterday.
a) does b) did c) will Task №4. Выбери верный перевод. (2 балла)
1) My friends have made this model ship themselves.
а) Мои друзья сделали эту модель корабля сами.
б) Мои друзья сделали эту модель корабля для себя.
2) We enjoyed ourselves at the disco.
a) Мы хорошо провели время на дискотеке.
б) Мы хорошо провели время с ними на дискотеке. 
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