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Michael Jackson (English Biopic)

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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (1958-2009) was an
immensely popular singer who was given the title
“King of Pop”.
Guinness World Records lists him as
the most successful entertainer of all time. In fact,
his 1982 album “Thriller” was the most successful
album of all time. It received the “Double Diamond”
music recording certification in the United States.
Music recording certifications vary
from country to
country, but they are awarded based on the number
of sales of an album. More recently, music recording
certifications have been given to singles, DVD's, and
even ringtones! In the United States, there are 3
basic levels of music recording certifications: Gold,
Platinum, Diamond. For albums, a Gold music
recording certification signifies sales of 500,000,
Platinum represents sales of 1,000,000, and
Diamond means that 10,000,000 copies of that
album were sold!
All this success came to him despite a reportedly difficult childhood. He was the 8
of the 10 Jackson kids, and in the end he was by far the most popular worldwide. Only his
sister Janet would come close to reaching his level of fame. His mother, Katherine, was a
devout Jehovah's Witness, and his father was a stern
steel mill worker who was allegedly
abusive. Jackson had a troubled relationship with his father, Joe. Joseph acknowledged
in 2003 that he regularly whipped Jackson as a child. Jackson stated that he was
physically and emotionally abused during incessant
rehearsals, though he also credited
his father's strict discipline with playing a large role in his success. Jackson first spoke
openly about his childhood abuse in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, broadcast in
February 1993. He admitted that he had often cried from loneliness and he would vomit
on the sight of his father. Jackson's father was also said to have verbally abused Jackson,
saying that he had a fat nose on numerous occasions. In fact, Michael Jackson's deep
dissatisfaction with his appearance, his nightmares and chronic sleep problems, his
tendency to remain hyper-compliant
especially with his father, and to remain child-like
throughout his adult life are in many ways consistent with the effects of this chronic
maltreatment he endured as a young child. While performing with the 'Jackson Five' he
had a number of hits such as “I Want You Back”, “ABC”, and “I'll Be There”. He then went
solo and sang a number of huge hits. “Billie Jean”, “Thriller”, “Beat It”, “Black or White”,
and “Scream” are just a few of his many hits. Which is your favorite MJ song? Do you
prefer his solo work or his work within the Jackson Five?
Michael Jackson was married twice. He was married to Elvis Presley's daughter for
about 1.5 years, and then to his former nurse Debbie Rowe for about 2 years, by whom he
had 3 children.
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In March 2007, Jackson gave a brief interview to the Associated Press in Tokyo, where
he said, "I've been in the entertainment industry since I was 6 years old, and as Charles
Dickens would say, 'It's been the best of times, the worst of times.' But I would not change
my career... While some have made deliberate attempts to hurt me, I take it in stride
because I have a loving family, a strong faith and wonderful friends and fans who have,
and continue, to support me." What do you think about the lives of young recording artists
and actors? What are the pros and the cons of such a life? What are the responsibilities
of the parent in this case? What would you do if you were the parent of a very talented
To vary = [VERB] To change; To fluctuate. [If you ask 100 people on the street who the most
important political figure in Russian history is, you will find that the answers vary from Alexander
Nevsky to Lenin to Stalin to Putin!] Stern
= [ADJECTIVE] Serious and severe; strict.
[His mother always gave out very stern
punishments. For example, if you didn't wash your hands before dinner, she would send him to his
room without any food!]
Incessant = [ADJECTIVE] Continuing for a long time without stopping; Constant. [I have a
headache! I wish our neighbor would quit it with his incessant piano playing!!]
Hyper-compliant =
[ADJECTIVE] [+ to (something) // + with (someone)] Extremely compliant;
Willing to do anything to please someone else. [NOTE: This usually has a negative context] [Vadim
was dating Suzy for about 5 months, but he dumped her because she was hyper-compliant to his
every need – Vadim wants a challenge!]
To take it in stride
= Colloquial phrase meaning not to let something negatively affect you; To
brush something off. [As a child, Mary was teased and bullied by her peers, but she took it in
stride, and she has become a successful, rich businesswoman at the young age of 31.]
Michael Jackson's life was full of controversy. He had a
personality, and controversies followed him from his
childhood until his death. One of the controversies surrounds his appearance. Many
speculate that Michael Jackson bleached his skin white. However,
in an interview in 1993 he revealed that he had vitiligo
. However,
this disease normally affects small patches of skin and not all parts
of one's skin. As a result, many do not believe his explanation. In
addition, it does not explain the appearance of his nose. What do
you think about Michael Jackson's changing appearance? Was it a
disease or was he addicted to plastic surgery?
Another hot topic in the life of Michael Jackson was his
relationship with children. Even from his many media
appearances, Michael Jackson always gave the impression of
having a childish personality. On his estate, he spent a lot of
money building an amusement park called “Neverland”, which was
named after the imaginary place in Peter Pan, where the latter
never grew up to be an adult. The reason he built this park is so
that his young friends (who were mostly children under the age of
18) could come over to his house and play. Copyright©2010 English
.ru All rights reserved
It is very unusual for someone of his age to have such young friends, and this led many
to accuse him of being a pedophile
. In 1993 and 2005 he was sued for inappropriate
conduct with minors. He was found not guilty in the latter case, and in the former, he
settled out of court of for an undisclosed amount of money. Beginning in May 2002,
Jackson allowed a documentary film crew, led by British TV personality Martin Bashir, to
follow him around just about everywhere he went. Bashir's film crew was with Jackson
during the "baby-dangling incident" in Berlin. The program was broadcast in March 2003
and painted an extraordinarily unflattering portrait of the singer. In a particularly
controversial scene, Jackson was seen holding hands and discussing sleeping
arrangements with a young boy. As soon as the documentary aired, the Santa Barbara
county attorney's office began a criminal investigation. Jackson was arrested in November
2003, and was charged with seven counts of child molestation and two counts of
administering an intoxicating agent in relation to the 13 year-old boy shown in the film.
Jackson denied the allegations, saying the sleepovers were not sexual in nature. The
People vs. Jackson trial began on January 31, 2005, and lasted five months, until the end
of May. On June 13, 2005, Jackson was acquitted on all counts. After the trial, in a highly
publicized relocation he moved to Bahrain as a guest of Sheikh Abdullah. What do you
think about these child-related incidents?
On June 25, 2009, Jackson was passed out in his bed at his rented mansion at 100
North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills district of Los Angeles. Attempts at
resuscitating him by Conrad Murray, his personal physician, were unsuccessful. Since
that point, it was revealed that many drugs were found in Michael Jackson's home. On
August 24, several news outlets quoted anonymous sources as stating that the Los
Angeles coroner had decided to treat Jackson's death as a homicide; this was later
confirmed by the coroner on August 28. At the time of death, Jackson had been
administered propofol, lorazepam, and midazolam. Law enforcement officials conducted a
manslaughter investigation of his personal physician, Conrad Murray. On February 8,
2010, Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter by prosecutors in Los Angeles.
Who do you feel is responsible for MJ's death? Polarizing = [ADJECTIVE] 1
Causing s
eparation of two things. 2
To cause people to adopt extreme
or opposite opinions on something. [(1)
The lenses in polarized sunglasses are made from a
special polarizing film applied on the front surface of the lens during manufacture. (2) Nancy
Pelosi is a polarizing figure – people either love her, or they hate her!]
Vitiligo =
[NOUN] Chronic skin disorder which causes depigmentation (loss of color) of patches of
Pedophile = [NOUN] An adult who wants to have sexual interaction with minors (under the age of
18). [That creepy old man next door was arrested after it was determined from his Internet records
that he was a pedophile.]
= [ADJECTIVE] Not released; not made public. [Details of the President's life
remain undisclosed for security purposes.]
Will you pass this week's quiz?
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.ru All rights reserved
: I can't wait to go to the
Michael Jackson concert tonight!
: Ummm, what?
: I just bought tickets to
tonight's Michael Jackson concert.
I'm really excited for the show.
: Sergei, what are you
: Yeah, I mean, I would
understand your excitement if you
were attending a Nautilus
Pompilius show, but a MJ show,
: Are you kidding me? Have
you two been living under a rock
: What do you mean?
: Ummm.....Michael Jackson died of heart failure in 2009.
: That's impossible! A nice old lady just sold me a ticket to his concert tonight! Varya
: Sergei, you're so gullible
! Viktor
: Yeah, how could you fall for that?
: Viktor, I'm pretty sure you didn't know either...
: Whatever. I'm headed to Sverdlovsk tomorrow to listen to a Nautilus Pompilius
: You've got to be kidding me! Are you for real?
: First of all, Victor, Nautilus Pompilius broke up.....
: And second of all, Sverdlovsk doesn't exist anymore. It's called Ekaterinburg now.
: Yeah Viktor! How could you not know that? Every Russian knows that. What will
you tell us next - you didn't participate in the census?
: Of course I did. Vadim
: I didn't.
: Vadim, how could you? It's your civic duty!
: Yeah, plus they give you free tea and cookies.
: Free tea and cookies? Sign me up!
What are you smoking?
= Colloquial phrase suggesting that the other person is crazy or acting
illogically/unusually. (The suggestion is that they have been taking drugs) [“I think that Zimbabwe is
going to win the World Cup this year!” -“What are you smoking, Greg? Zimbabwe's soccer team
To live under a rock = [Normally used in question form: “Have you been living under a rock (for
the last 10 years?)] Colloquial phrase suggesting that the person does not know basic current
events and/or is unaware of very obvious and popular news and/or trends. [Joan has been living
under a rock for the past 2 years – she's never even heard of Lady Gaga!]
Gullible = [ADJECTIVE] Easily believes something without evidence or logic; Naïve. [John is so
gullible! I told him that Sberbank was going to give 10000 rubles to the first customer of the day
the next day, and he actually went to their central office and slept on the street overnight so as to
be their first customer!]
Copyright©2010 English
.ru All rights reserved
= [NOUN] = an official enumeration of the population, with details as to
age, sex,
occupation, etc
. [In the United States, an official census is taken once every 10 years. This allows
for an accurate count of the actual population of each state.]
Sign me up! = Sign me up for that!
= Colloquial phrase meaning “I agree (to do something)” or “I
will participate (in something)” - even if there is no requirement to sign something. [-Even though
you hate children, you may be interested in knowing that everyone who volunteers to spend 3
hours playing with the kids from the orphanage will receive a free ticket to the Rihanna concert
next week. -Really? Wow. Sign me up!]
Just Speak!
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.ru All rights reserved
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