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Corporate Modeler Suite CM2009 2 System Requirements

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System requirements
Corporate Modeler Suite 2009.2
Hardware requirements
Database Minimum Recommended
I GB † ‡
2 GB † ‡
512MB †
I GB †
AMD Athlon XP
Intel P4 2Ghz or later
Dual core AMD/Intel CPU
AMD Athlon XP
Intel P4 2Ghz or later
Dual core AMD/Intel CPU
Available disk space
1 GB + size of repository (maximum 5 GB)
1 GB + size of repository (maximum 5 GB)
1 GB
1 GB
* Networked means the database is a shared Corporate Exchange repository on your network.
† Based on a machine not used to frequently run Corporate Publisher or perform model management. For best performance for either of these tasks, increase memory to three times the size of your model.
‡ For best performance memory should be at least the size of your largest model or your repository (if working with all models simultaneously).
Note:you may require more available disk space during installation.
Software requirements
Supported operating systems:Optional software:
Windows 7
Windows Vista (with or without SP1)
Windows XP Professional (SP2 or later)
Windows Server 2003/2003 R2 (SP2)
Windows Server 2008
- Adobe SVG Viewer - required for some Corporate Publisher functions
- Microsoft Silverlight plugin – required for some Corporate Publisher functions
- Microsoft Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI)***
Additional required software:
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 (SP1 is required for stand-alone installations)
MDAC 2.8 or later
Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Windows Installer 4.5 is required for installing the stand-alone database option
*** If you want to install a non-English version of Corporate Modeler Suite on a machine running an English version of the Windows operating system then you should install Microsoft’s Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI). For further information see:
Connected to Corporate Exchange - Oracle
To connect to Corporate Exchange – Oracle, the client installation also requires one of the following:
 ODAC client (only Oracle Provider for OLE DB is required)
 ODAC client (only Oracle Provider for OLE DB is required)
 The only required component of ODAC is Oracle Provider for OLE DB
 The Oracle client version must be the same as, or later than, the version on the server. e.g. an Oracle 10.x client can connect to an Oracle 9.x database but a 9.x client cannot connect to a 10.x database
 Windows Vista requires ODAC or later.
Connected to Corporate Exchange - SQL Server
There is no additional software required to connect to Corporate Exchange – SQL Server.
Note on virtual machines
Casewise does not formally test Corporate Modeler Suite in specific virtual environments. If you experience problems running Corporate Modeler Suite in a virtual environment, and these problems cannot be reproduced outside the virtual environment, Casewise requires that you seek support from your virtualization vendor. Virtual environments must be configured as per the System Requirements for the equivalent real machine.
Casewise does not support the investigation of performance issues for virtual environments that have not been configured in line with the System Requirements.
Apart from performance problems caused by inadequate virtual machine resources, Casewise is not currently aware of any problems running Corporate Modeler Suite on Microsoft Virtual Server or VMware.
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