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Environmental problems have became execeptionally acute
all over the world.
For a long time too little attention was paid to the environment
This planet called the Earth is an interesting world we live in
We fly to other planets and discover old manuscripts
We create artificial intellect
and get to the depth of the ocean
We release tremendous energies…
and cause global disaster
We built the tunnel under the Channel…and polluted our beautiful planet
In effort to meet production goals the ministries stinted on measures to protect the environment from industrial pollution
As a result the water sources are polluted with industrial or communal waste
The water of our seas is dirty with rubbish floating in it
Millions of tons of oil are released into the sea every year.
Many seabirds and animals die because of it.
Its dangerous to people too
The concentration of harmful substances in the air is over many times the admissible level.
There is the ozone layer in the atmosphere. It protects the Earth from dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun like a kind of roof
But the ozone layer is destroyed by a stuff that aerosol sprays and refrigerators contain…
We have to stop using aerosol sprays
We can see different posters in many countries like that •
‘Singapore is the Garden City of Asia
keep it clean and green’
But we can`t protect our planet only with posters .We need strict laws to help our nature.
In Singapore there are strict laws behind it.
Dropping litter in public places is forbidden
You can be fined up to 500 S.
In recent years people have become more sensitive towards the environment.
More public organizations and unofficial environmentalist movements have been established with every year.
In 1987 a ’’ Green Peace “public commision has been set up.
Its main goal is to combine the people`s efforts for peace with the huge and ever mounting movement for nature conservation.
They cooperate all environmentalists from many similar organisations all over the world.
Much ought to be done to keep our planet suitable for living
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