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…Americans’ interest in sports seems excessive to many foreign visitors. Television networks spend millions of dollars arranging to telecast sports events. Publications about sports sell widely. In the US professional athletes can become
national heroes.
…Sports and games have always been popular in England. The English are great lovers of sports and when they are neither playing nor watching games, they like to talk about them.
Outdoor sports:
track & field (AmE) (hurdle racing, javelin throwing, jumping, running, shot putting, vaulting)/athletics (BrE), car racing, motor racing.
Indoor sports:
callisthenics, boxing, fencing, gymnastics, weightlifting, wrestling.
Water sports:
swimming, windsurfing, canoeing, diving, rowing, sailing, water polo, water skiing, yachting.
Equestrian sports:
horse racing, polo, steeplechase.
Winter sports:
bobsledding, figure skating, ice hockey, tobogganing, ski
jumping, skiing, slalom, speed skating.
Team sports
Football (BrE)/soccer (AmE), football (AmE)/American football (BrE), baseball, basketball, handball, rugby.
Individual games:
cricket, golf, tennis, table tennis, badminton, billiards.
Indoor games:
draughts (BrE)/checkers (AmE), chess, squash
. Soccer is the American name for “football”. Soccer now us the second most popular American sport behind basketball. The word “soccer” is derived from its British traditional name of “Association football”, so called to distinguish it from rugby football. The abbreviated version was just “assoc”. Over the time the prefix was dropped, & in British custom, “er” was added to the end to form the word soccer.
As almost everywhere in the world, the game attracts the greatest attention. Football is a winter game in Great Britain, because winters are never too cold. The Football Association cup is considered the best prize a team can get, and the Cup Final is the most important football event. It is played in May, at the end of the season, at Wembley Stadium.
Some of the best known clubs in England are: Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal
and others. In Scotland either: Rangers, Celtic or Aberdeen
usual win the cup or the championship. 120 thousand spectators gather at the stadium, they sing, shout and wave flags. The same scene takes place practically in every city and town in Britain, for soccer is the national game. Every Saturday from the late August till the beginning of May, large crowds of people support their favorite sides up and down the country, while an almost equally number of people play the game in club teams of every imaginable variety and level of skill.
Can you??
Baseball is an American sport played by two teams on a diamond
shaped field. A small, white ball, about the size of an orange, is thrown by the pitcher on one team to the batter on the other team.
Cricket players are very popular; some of them are known better than film
stars. But professional players are less respected than amateur ones. Amateurs are called "gentlemen", and professionals are called "players". Though they often take part in the same game, they have separate dressing
rooms and even separate doors to enter the stadium.
Rugby is a popular British
game which is played in other countries. It is also called rugby football. The story is told that in 1823 boys at rugby school in England were playing football in the normal way when suddenly one boy picked the ball up & ran with it. That was how a new game was born. . Rugby football is played by teams of fifteen or thirteen members. The ball is oval, not round, and player is allowed to take the ball in his hands and run with it. He is also allowed to attack by his opponent, hold him by the shoulders, or by the legs. Rugby is violent game and it is highly popular in many regions of the country, especially in Wales.
football derives
from the English game of rugby. It started at Harvard University in the 1870’s. It is game for 11 man on the field. The object of the game is to have the control of the ball & to score points by carrying it across the goal
Basketball is a game which nowadays is popular all over the world. It was invented in 1891 by one P.E. teacher. During the 20’s the first US league championship was organized. In the 70’s the American championship was divided into two leagues: the ABA (American Basketball Association) which does not exist any longer & which played with a blue, red & white ball and the NBA (National Basketball Association). The NBA is the professional league which is still played.
Lawn tennis was born in England. The modern rules of the game were invented at the end of the 19th century. The game soon spread all over the world.
England remains the unofficial capital of this game. Wimbledon, the home of All England Lawn Tennis is the town where the most important tennis tournament takes place. It has been the unofficial world championship for many years. The role of this tournament has still grown since tennis became an Olympic kind of sports.
Table tennis was also invented in England. At first the game had several strange names: Gossima, Whif
Whaf and Ping
Pong. Although the game was invented in England, British players don't have much chance in international championships, because there are a lot of teams from South Asia, which are stronger than the English ones.
In the middle of the 19th century the schools & colleges in England, followed by similar institutions in the USA, began a revival of athletics that continues today. Now athletics is one of the main
sports in England. The English are very good at running.
Hurdle racing
High, long, triple jump
Discus, hammer, javelin throwing
Shot putting
The aim of the game is to push the ball into a hole in the ground as few strikes as possible
. The aim of the game is to push the ball through six gates that are called hoops, using a special hammer.
Scottish Highland Games,
at which sports, including -
tossing the caber
putting the weight -
throwing the hammer
dancing competitions -
piping competitions,
attract large numbers of spectators from all over the world.
England was the first to hold sports swimming competitions. The English invented some new styles of swimming that bear English names now (for example "butterfly"). Yachting
became sport almost three centuries ago. King Charles III was the first English yachtsman. At first it was a sport of the rich, but some years ago it has become popular with common people too. More than 200,000 have personal yachts in England now and the harbors of English seaports are full of different types of yachts.
The English have a proverb, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." They do not think that play is more important than work; they think that "Jack" will do his work better if he plays as well, so he is encouraged to do both.
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