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The Beatles

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The Beatles
By Eddie W.
Band Members
• Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England on June
18,1942. He plays the guitar, harmonica, piano and he
• John Winston Lennon was born on October 9,1940. The
instruments he played were the guitar, harmonica, piano
and he also did vocals.
• George Harrison was born on February 25,1943 in
Liverpool, England. The instruments he played were
guitar, sitar, ukulele and the mandolin.
• Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) was born July 7,1940 in
Liverpool, England. The instruments he played were
drums, piano and vocals.
The Death of John Lennon
• On December 8,1980 John Lennon got
murdered by a deranged man named
Mark David Chapman. It was mourned all
around the United States and his fans
were really depressed.
Childhood events
• All Beatles were born in Liverpool,
• All Beatles loved to play instruments when
they were little.
• They loved guitars, drums, bass
instruments, and singing.
• Hold the most Gold Albums for a band – 41 in all.
• They’ve had more number one albums than any other
• They have a record, six, diamond selling albums.
• Had many awesome tours.
• The best selling musical group of all time. They had
over one billion discs and tapes sold worldwide.
• Set the concert record for attendance (55,600)
• They broke a TV record for viewers at one time. One
million people watched them on the Ed Sullivan show.
• Always chased by women
• Paul McCartney and John Lennon always
disagreed on songs
• Their manager Brian Epstein died in 1965
• Many band members pursued solo
careers, which had a negative impact on
the band
Beatles Questions
Why is this person famous? What were the important actions this person took?
They were famous because they made the Beatles, they sold millions of Cd’s and they
were the biggest rock band yet!!!!!
What are two or three challenges the band had to overcome? How did they overcome
those problems?
The band members disagreed on a lot of songs. Also, their manager died. They
overcame their problems by working together with the songs.
What do you admire or dislike about the band? Explain the thinking behind your
I admire the Beatles because of their musical genius. Also, they know how to use their
instruments really well.
How did this band have a lasting impact?
They changed the way people looked at music. They created a sound that no person
has heard before.
• Stark D. ,Steven. Meet the Beatles. New
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