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Discuss interm - V day questions

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Love is blind.’ What does this mean? Give examples. Do you agree?
What is Valentine’s Day?
What does it mean to you?
What are you planning to do on Valentine’s Day?
What is love? Work in group and try to come up with your own definition.
Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’? What is it?
What do infatuation and crush mean?
Do research and explain.
What is your idea of a romantic evening? Compare with others.
How and why do people fall in love?
Discuss in group.
Do you think Valentine’s Day has become too commercial? Explain.
What’s your favourite love song?
Do a class survey.
How do people celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country?
What kind of presents do people give each other on this day? Make a top-5.
What is the difference between love and being in love?
In how many languages can you say ‘I love you’? Make a list.
Would you want to get engaged or married on this day? Why (not)?
Can love really last forever?
How long is forever?
How and why do people fall out of love? Discuss in group.
How can singles spend this day?
Make a list of suggestions.
What’s your favourite romantic movie?
Letter writing competition
Write a love letter to an imaginary girlfriend or boyfriend. Make it as corny or silly as you can. Try to include the following words: heart, forever, always, love, crazy
My dearest ……………………………………,
Now read your letter to the class. The one that generates the hardest laughs, most tears and/or applause wins.
What is ‘puppy love’?
What does this mean ?
What could be in here?
What are these?
Why red roses?
‘Love is blind.’ People do not see the faults in their lovers. She can't see
his bad habits because love is blind. The old saying about love being blind truly describes romantic love. Many
who are in the midst of romantic love want to be with their lover all the time
and can overlook faults, conflict, and abuse.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
: strong feelings of attraction
towards, and affection for, another
adult, or great affection for a friend or
family member. (Cambridge)
ove at first sight’
: A strong and
immediate attraction to another person
based on physical attractiveness, sex
, physical arousal, or romantic
: a very strong but not
usually lasting feeling of love or
attraction for someone or something
a strong but temporary
attraction for someone
e.g. She has a crush on one of her
teachers at school.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
You could possibly assign this as homework or group work.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
Answers may vary.
What is ‘
puppy love’
Romantic love which a young person feels for someone
else, and which usually disappears as the young person becomes
Love me, love my dog.
(humorous saying)
Said to warn someone that if they want to be in a relationship with you, they must be willing
to accept everything about you
What are these?
Wedding rings.
Why red roses?
They are the symbol
of love.
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