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Discuss Low Int-Int - situations to discuss

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 Your friend wants to get
married. You think he is too
young. Tell him what you
think he should do. You are studying at a very
prestigious school. Your best
friend would like to transfer to
your school. Give your friend
pieces of advice what to do to
get accepted.
Your friend has been gaining
much weight. Tell him what
he should do about it. Complain to the manager of
your apartment building that
there is too much noise at
night and you can’t sleep. It’s two o’clock in the
morning. Your friend calls you
up because she is very upset.
You are living in US now. And you
want to fit in with the American
lifestyle. Your best friend wants
you to get a tattoo. You are afraid
to do this, but you don’t want your
friend to know it. What do you
say to your friend?
You are ordering some
flowers. Explain florist what
flowers you need and the
delivery address.
Ask your friend what things
frightens him. Ask him what
he does to overcome his fears.
Advise him on what he should
do to settle his problem. 
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