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Pop Music

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Pop Music
By Mary Lacine and Kaley Barak
How much do you know about pop
What is your definition of pop music?
When do you think pop music began?
Where did pop music come from?
What does pop music stand for?
Who are some famous pop artists from
different eras?
• If you could be any pop artist, who would
you want to be and why?
• Do you think that your parents listen to
pop music?
• When did pop charts start existing? And
what was the first country to have a pop
• 27.B.2 Identify and describe how the arts
communicate the similarities and differences
among various people, places and times.
• 27.B.3 Know and describe how artists and
their works shape culture and increase
understanding of societies, past and present.
Imagine that you have just
received a record deal. You
want to learn more about the
label that signed you, so you
are going to research some of
the other singers that have
been signed by that label.
• Students will be divided into groups of four.
• Each group member will be given a special
• Each group with create a PowerPoint about
pop music during a specific era.
• They will then present their research as a
team to the class.
Pop artist: This person is going to present the material, as if the
"spotlight" is on them
Manager: This person’s role is to keep the group on task and
keep everything organized.
Producer: This person is responsible for putting all the research
together. (typing research is powerpoint)
Writer: This person is responsible for recording the information
*All members in the group are responsible for finding
information to complete the PowerPoint.
Good job! You now know about pop music from different
eras. You can go home and talk to your parents about
what you learned since I am sure they listened to some
of the artists you learned about.
- draw a picture of what you think the song is about
based on the lyrics
- write their own song
- compare artists you learned about with other artists in
that era
- compare artist to how they relate to the history during
that time period
- write a biography on a specific artist from one of the
time periods we learned about
The end product will be the presentation of their
research in powerpoint.
Participation, teamwork and the amount of
researching done will be evaluated as well. The
more information you have the more interesting
your project will be.
References for further study
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